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NETFLIX launches with Nakazawa Kazuaki Director & Production I. G Climb animation “B: The Beginning” (Be the Beginning) finally opened! It’s fun to watch and go through to the end at once!


Starting from the online DVD rental in the United States, the video streaming distribution company NETFLIX, a momentum streaming birds that fly now, is focusing on creating original content, especially in recent years.

In collaboration with a domestic production company, DEVILMAN crybaby “and” Akumajo Dracula – Castle vania – “, expressions difficult to realize in past Japanese animation, a hard scenario, delicate depiction full of liveliness Has announced works of quality that can animate domestic and foreign fans of animation.

As soon as production is announced, “B: The Beginning” is also produced by Production IG who produces the world’s most popular “Ghost in the Shell” and “Psychopath” series and director Nakazawa Kazuo Attention paid attention to the tag.

Director Nakazawa Kazuo is also famous for being the director of the animation part of the movie “Kill Bill” as Production I. G.



A bold story in which adults are active

The main character Keith · Flick (CV: Hiroaki Hirata) was a genius investigator who was active in the Royal Police Special Crime Investigation Division.
Keith is a continuous killer who aims at only violent criminals, a boy with the power to change into a heteromorphic person, Kuroba (CV: Hiroki Kaji) and a big conspiracy swallowing swiftly following the so-called “Killer B” .

Although it seems to be an American criminal action, it is a sophisticated action work of the first-class item, with addition of situation-oriented director Nakazawa Kazuo skilled director, superior screenwriter, speedy feeling unique to animation.
And above all, the depictions of adults are cool.

Why “Killer B” leaves the message “B” on the scene? What is the organization that manipulates the power of a mystery? What is Keith’s past?
A story in which each is complicatedly intertwined is a must-see.


A hard world view with things in mind that it is a work that is accepted in the world

The story is developed in this fictional work “B: The Beginning” in a fictional archipelago nation “Cremona”, but the production drawing and mechanics full of reality and a thoughtful thought of the characters intertwine with each other, And a violent action that does not breathe. Its appeal has been fully demonstrated this time as well.

Somewhere nostalgic streets of the archipelago “Cremona”, which is reminiscent of Italy from the early 20th century to the 1950s. (It seems that the real Italian Cremona and the city of Cuba are models of the world view)
From the subtitled paintings and the delicate appearance of the character, the cool and dangerous charm of the work is fully conveyed.
Especially in the early stage, elements of psycho-thriller are introduced abundantly, and it is conscious that it is delivered around the world.

Lighting and background art pursue reality

It is like Italy, and it is based on art that has been sticking to anything that makes persuasive power to a stateless world view somewhere.
Especially in this work, the elegance of the building and the room, a little retro beauty is appearing in the front, but the depiction of the furniture placed in the room and the camera work full of reality reflecting the actual lens effect Is a specialty in Production IG) as well as being committed to directing the brightness of the interior lighting.
The Royal Police Special Criminal Investigation Division etc is a little dark, the depiction where the light and dark are depicted by the shape of the light bulb and the position of the light source is not a certain brightness anywhere in the room is exactly reminiscent of the overseas drama, serious The mood is coming along.

This depiction of this story is an art director seen also in “psychopaths” and others.


With attractive adults reminiscent of overseas dramas, balance of Keren taste unique to Japanese animation

Both of the hero side are ordinary people, and superhuman powers are not basic.
Keith alone has superhuman reasoning power and brain, but physical abilities are popular. Rather it is not good at exercise and falls well ….
Both characters are excellent people, but it is a realistic style that resolves incidents with wisdom and steady investigation.
There is a past each, there is a place to think, the figure that is being maddened by fate has a thickness reminiscent of overseas dramas.

Heroic actions and characters unique to Japanese animation works are blended well there, creating a wonderful synergistic effect.
There is a considerable divergence in the character image full of the reality of the main character Keith and the fantasic character image of the terrorist organization and market makers who make the mysterious boys Kuroba and “to produce madness” as motto, and at first sight I feel a sense of incongruity in the world view Although it is about, a thorough scenario with a sense of speed is fusing the two together well.

It is a masterpiece that live-action character and Keren tasteful characters are involved in a mystery without collapse.



Marty Friedman participates in all songs as a producer and guitarist

In addition, Mr. Marty Friedman, former Megadeth guitarist, now participates in all songs as a producer.
Of course, you can also enjoy transcendental guitar, furthermore luxury that Jean-Ken Johnny, KenKen also participates in the theme song “The Perfect World”. It is also an essential feature in music. Since the image album of the work has just been released from Avex · Entertainment Co., Ltd. on 3/7, that is also noticeable!

The NETFLIX work is a style in which all stories are delivered at once, so this work that will forget the time and watch it all at once.
Prepare potatoes and koala, please stand carefully and watch how!

<B: The Beginning Official Website>


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