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Four reasons why 【 My hero academia】is supported

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“My hero academia” is a very popular manga from Weekly Shonen Jump that has been made into a live-action movie in Hollywood.
This time, we focused on the story and characters and summarized the reasons why Hiroaka is so popular!

Attraction 1: Easy to tell right from wrong! Heroic Manga

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The heroes protect the people and the enemies (villains) harm the people.
Enemies have their own philosophies and circumstances, but their rivalry is as easy to understand as the children’s shows “Anpanman” and “Ultraman”. By easy to understand, I mean that there is a wide range of people, both children and adults, who can understand the worldview. The more people who can understand it, the more people will find it appealing.

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Attraction 2: The American hero style that is so popular today

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Marvel, known for “The Avengers” and “Spider-Man”, has been consistently airing movies, and “American heroes” have become popular.
Moreover, readers were becoming immune to “American comics-style works made by the Japanese” due to the success of the 2011 anime “Tiger & Bunny”, whose drawings were completely American comics in nature, which aired in 2011. Therefore, I guess that the fact that it was able to get off to a good start with little rejection was a big part of it.

Normally you’re an ordinary person, but when you put on a hero costume, you’re a hero! It’s easy to get into the story because it reminds me of “Spider-Man” or “Badman”, isn’t it?
Above all, the fact that the hero suit of the “symbol of peace” All Might is completely “Superman” is playful and hard to resist!

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Attraction 3: The characters are insanely attractive

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As is the case with all popular works, the characters in my hero academia are also very unique and attractive.
Here’s a roundup of the main characters that are particularly popular.
Even the characters that are often thought to be common or common are actually…! I find the duality of the I’ve summarized the duality part of the story.

Izuki Midoriya Main character

He admired All Might, the symbol of peace, and aspired to be a hero, but his dream was shattered at an early age because he had no personality.
However, he was recognized by All Might, who saw how he fought back against his enemies despite his lack of personality, and he was able to inherit All Might’s personality and become a hero.
Because he has no personality to begin with, he understands the feelings of the weak, and he tries his best to make his unique personality a reality, which makes you want to support him.

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He’s actually insanely talented and a cheat.
He seems to be getting stronger with the help of those around him, but he only actually has the help of professional heroes like All Might, and he works with his classmates! and, in fact, there are almost no situations where you need help. Although they seem to cooperate, they only cooperate in the process of going into battle, and the actual battles are often fought individually. Moreover, he even fights a strong enemy alone and wins.
He has a strong sense of justice, is smart, and has a personality that he inherited from the No. 1 hero. An unquestionable cheat.
But he doesn’t leave a strong impression because of his humble nature and the impact of the first volume, where he was bullied and had no personality.
It’s said that first impressions last three years, and this is a character that has proven to be adaptable in manga.

Katuki Bakugou

Talented man who can do anything. He is a competitive and strong-minded bully.
His personality is so bad that people call him “a big mouth with a personality like a sewer,” but he has a strong personality called “Explosion” and is the third smartest person in his grade, can cook and play the drums, and has a quick wittedness in battle. He can do most things without any effort. He also won first place in the gym.
He is very belligerent and has many enemies, but he also has a group of friends he always hangs out with, the “Detonation Faction”.

In fact, he’s a complex.
He was shocked to learn that his childhood friend Deku (Midoriya Idehisa), who bullied him since he was a child, was chosen as the successor of his idol, All Might, and he broke the school rules to challenge him to a duel, and when he found out that Todoroki had a rival in mind for Deku instead of him, he turned the tables on him and got into a fight with him. gets hurt and causes a lot of trouble for those around him. People who are confident and can afford it don’t do that, so they are surprisingly always in a hurry and living with a last-minute mentality.
They have a surprisingly loose teardrop gland, so they often get teary-eyed when they are defeated or feel frustrated.
This duality may be what grabs the hearts of women, but he is very popular among women, and he has been ranked number one in successive polls.

Syouto Todoroki

He is a strong thoroughbred with a heavy past and a strong personality.
His father is the current number one hero, Endeavor. Because he was number 2 all the time when All Might was around, he was born through an individuality marriage (political marriage) in an attempt to make his child surpass All Might. Because of this, his father only wanted to make Todoroki the number one hero since he was a child, and he received unusually spartan training. When his mother tried to stop him, she became mentally and physically exhausted and was admitted to a mental hospital, but the burns on Todoroki’s face were caused by his mother’s boiling water at the time. The family environment is very heavy like that. He has one older sister and two older brothers, and the only older brother who hasn’t yet been mentioned in the film seems to have some sort of a history.
However, he was born that far, and his personality is what made the author say, “A bakémon! He is so strong that he was recommended to attend Yuei High School and is one of the best in the world. He is sometimes referred to as “Bakugo” because of his outstanding strength.
He is naturally very popular because he is a strong and cool character with a heavy past.

Purely cultured natural. He is a rebellious boy who does not like his father.

Until the school festival, he was a cool boy with a dark side, but after Midoriya helped him forget about his past, his naturalness with a monk’s temperament stands out.
He has the strongest combo of handsome, strong, and natural, making him a character full of moe elements.
His father, Endeavor, who is supposed to have a feud, seems to have a cute son who is the best of the best, and lately he’s been more “Jiaozo ooohhhh!” than his past Spartanism. He plays the role of a poor father who is conspicuous for his part in shouting at his parents, and his son is quick to hang up on him. It’s become like a cheery, heartwarming family of rebellious high school students, and now and then when the serious Todoroki family comes into play, it’s like, “Oh yeah! And the reader shudders.

As you can see, the characters in My Hero Academia are generally strong! Another great popularity is that it shines a spotlight on the supporting characters, so you can get to know more and more of the different characters.




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