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[Defense] Maple is the strongest in the works! Here’s a roundup of information on a beautiful girl called The Walking Fortress!

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I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to concentrate all my energy on defense. I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to put all my strength into my defense. This time, I picked up the main character, Maple, from “Obi-Wielding” and summarized the information!

Basic Information about Maple

The story of “Bofuri” starts when the main character, Kaede Honjo, who has never played a game before, can’t refuse her best friend’s request and starts a VR MMO called “NewWorld Online”.

And Honjo Kaede started the game by choosing the profession “Great Shield” which has the highest defensive power, just because she doesn’t want to be in pain, and giving her avatar the name “Maple”. From there, Maple surprisingly became addicted to NewWorld Online, and she grew at an amazing rate. First, let’s take a look at some basic information about Maple.

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What is Maple?

Maple, a.k.a. Honjo Kaede, is a beautiful girl with a petite height of 145cm and dark hair and eyes. Her avatar name, Maple, is an English word for her real name, Kaede. The stupid hair on the top of her head is her charm. Because of her ignorance of the game, and because she didn’t want to be in pain, all of her status points are set to VIT. He is a specialized player who trains his avatar in the so-called “extreme swing”. Therefore, all of his stats, except for his Defense, are below average. When he walks in the game’s streets, he is slow to the point where other players are rapidly passing him.

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Maple’s character

Maple’s personality is like a normal, kind girl. She has been described as a good girl by other players in NewWorld Online. She is very particular about what she wears in the game, and she even makes custom-made equipment. He is a genius who is smart enough to solve the game’s gimmicks and special skills with his own ideas. He enjoys playing games at his own pace, and his play style is to go in whatever direction he thinks is interesting. By the way, he doesn’t have many likes and dislikes for food, but he has a childish taste for food.

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Maple’s Ability

The maple has an unusual defensive stance and a lot of unusual skills, but what kind of abilities does it have? The following is a compilation of information on the maple’s abilities such as equipment and skills.

Skill “Bad Food”

Evil Food is a skill that Maple acquired by defeating a boss called the Poisonous Dragon (Hydra) alone. With a low MP status, Maple uses the MP absorbed by “Evil Food” to use a powerful skill.

Skill “Poison Dragon”

Poisonous Dragon (Hydra) is also a skill obtained under the same conditions as Evil Food. It’s a large firepower skill to use after you absorb MP from ‘Evil Food’. It spreads instantaneous poison around you. Enemies swallowed by it will be killed instantly. By the way, the remaining poison pools are also effective on the user, but Maple uses the “Poison Disable” skill to disable them.

Is Maple the strongest in the works?

Is Maple, who is considered a monster even by other players, really the strongest character in the game? Next, we’ve compiled a list of episodes that made Maple the strongest character in the game.

Only intact in the first event

The first event was an in-game event that was open to all players. The top finishers were rewarded by the management and were joined by gamers from previous battles. The content of the first event was a simple battle royale. The players competed for position based on the number of players they defeated within the time limit and the amount of damage they took.

In that event, Maple, who was a newcomer to the game, came in third place. Although she came in third place, she could have come in first if she hadn’t been drawing on the ground at the beginning of the event, according to spectators. It’s not an exaggeration to say that at this point in time, there are only two players who have a chance of beating Maple. However, seeing as they weren’t even in a fight with the enemy, it’s not surprising that they’re the strongest in the game.

Get attention from management

After showing tremendous strength in the first event, Maple was noticed by the management. Due to the cheat-like skills of “Bad Food” and “Poisonous Dragon”, the game was updated to pinpoint the maple as a countermeasure. This put a limit on the number of times Maple can “eat badly” and also added a non-defensible “penetration” to the game system. This also gives Maple a weakness. However, Maple is still probably the strongest of all players in one-on-one combat.



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