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【Adachi and Shimamura】Was Hogetsu Shimamura aware of Adachi’s feelings? An in-depth investigation

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From the anime “Adachi and Shimamura,” which will air in the fall of 2020, we’ll be featuring one of the main characters, Hogetsu Shimamura!
Whether she’s aware of Adachi’s “I like you” rays or not, we’ll thoroughly examine why she chose to “go out” with him after treating him as a friend at her own pace!

Character profile of Shimamura Hogetsu

A female character in Adachi and Shimamura, and one of the two main characters.
She is a first-year high school student with dyed chestnut-colored hair, and is referred to in hiragana as “Shimamura” in the manga.
Because of the color of his hair and the fact that he often skips class, he is perceived as a delinquent by those around him.

While skipping class on the second floor of the gymnasium, he meets a girl from the same grade, Sakura Adachi, and they hit it off.
From then on, he spends a lot of time with her.

Her personality is described as “natural,” but it does not mean that she is naive, but rather that she is a natural in the sense that she takes things at her own pace.
She may have a bit of natural gigolo in her.
In addition to Adachi, she has established friendships with Akira Hino and Taeko Nagafuji, and is able to interact with others as usual.

On the other hand, he finds socializing itself troublesome, and he is not very attached to things.
They seldom talk about themselves, even to their closest friends.
However, she is not careless about herself and spends as much time on her makeup as anyone else.

She thinks Adachi is more beautiful than her, and she doesn’t seem to take his compliments seriously.
She is said to be the poster child for the Shimamura fashion center because of her name, but she doesn’t seem to use Shimamura very often.

Since entering her second year, she has stopped dyeing her hair and has returned to her natural hair color.

Her voice actress is Miku Ito.

What is Adachi’s position?

出典 :

Shimamura has a rather elusive personality.
She doesn’t have many emotional ups and downs, and is basically a pain in the ass.
Even though she is a girl, she gives the impression of a so-called “yarashii-kei” protagonist.

She herself is aware of her lack of attachment, and often mentions it in her monologue.
She doesn’t play alone at all, plays games only when she has someone to play with, doesn’t read or watch movies, and even goes shopping to buy clothes.
She doesn’t read, watch movies, or even go shopping to buy clothes. On her days off, she often spends her time in a daze.

However, if you ask her if she is indifferent to everything, she is actually not.
At least with Adachi, she treats him in a strange way, as if he is indifferent, but he is never indifferent.

Adachi loves Shimamura, and it becomes more and more obvious as time goes by. At first, Adachi treats Shimamura coolly, but as his love for her becomes too strong, his inner feelings gradually start to show, and he starts to behave strangely and almost eccentrically.

Shimamura’s reaction to this is basically calm.
She calmly analyzes Adachi’s behavior and tries to come up with an answer.

For example, in “Adachi Question” in volume 1, Adachi’s feelings get so excited inside him that he almost confesses to her unintentionally, and he runs away from her before he gets out of control.
In the next episode after that, “Isosceles Triangle,” Shimamura remembers the entirety of Adachi’s actions exactly, and attempts to analyze them.
However, she is unable to come to any conclusions, so she tries to get an answer by sending Adachi an email.

However, Adachi doesn’t respond, nor does he respond to Shimamura’s email asking if he can go to his house.
Shimamura analyzes the reason why Adachi doesn’t respond, and concludes that he is unaware of the mail, and forces him to come to her house.
And her guess was right on the money.

What we can see from this series of Shimamura’s actions is her solid interest in Adachi.
She has memorized Adachi’s words and deeds, and has always kept her character and personality in mind.

However, it would be a bit premature to simply conclude that Shimamura also likes Adachi.
Perhaps because Shimamura has a younger sister who is very shy, she is very caring despite her indifferent personality, and it can be interpreted that this caring nature is also shown towards Adachi.

In “Strange☆Adachi,” which is included in volume 2, she is also sensitive to the changes in Adachi’s attitude toward her.
She notices details such as the increase in the number of times she feels his gaze, the movement of his shoulders and lips, and guesses that he has something to say.
Even after that, she understands that Adachi is the type of person who is quick to express his moods and emotions, and she takes great care in dealing with him.

It is reasonable to think that Shimamura’s treatment of Adachi is a function of both Adachi’s personality and Shimamura’s own nature.
To Shimamura, Adachi is “the most difficult friend to deal with”, and his position is clearly different from Hino and Nagato.
In the first place, Hino and Nagato have known each other since kindergarten, and Shimamura, who got to know them after entering high school, has a certain sense of distance from them, as she feels that she cannot get in between them.

However, when it comes to a relationship that goes beyond that, i.e. whether Shimamura, like Adachi, has romantic feelings instead of friendship, there are no monologues or reactions that actively affirm this, at least until volume 5.
It feels like she consistently wants to do what Adachi wants, and nothing more.
For Shimamura, Adachi’s position as “a friend close to her family (her sister)” is most appropriate.



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