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【22/7】The character designs are superb! A New Idol Anime Is Born【2020 Winter Anime】

出典 : ©ANIME 22/7 : TVアニメ「22/7(ナナブンノニジュウニ)」

Here’s a recap of the idol anime 22/7, which will air in the winter of 2020!
In addition to what kind of project it is and what kind of idols it will feature, we’ll also have a lot more information about the film, including an introduction to the super-stellar crew and cast!

Animated digital idol group project!

出典 :

The TV anime 22/7 is an anime adaptation of the digital idol group 22/7, which is produced overall by Yasushi Akimoto and is a joint effort between Aniplex and Sony Music Records.
The project was announced in 2016, with 11 voice actors selected from a pool of 10325 people to play the idol characters, as well as real live performances and other group activities.
The project was born on December 24 of the same year, and initially only eight characters were revealed in advance to be cast, with the remaining three being announced on September 20, 2018.

Their activities include releasing a CD, participating in real live shows and events, and appearing on radio and live TV shows, including the crowned variety show “22/7 Calculating”.
The abbreviation (nickname) of the title is “Nananiji”.

A key feature of the show is that each character reflects some of the cast’s personalities and profiles, with American-born voice actors playing American-born idols and having the same interests.
This makes the characters and cast more in sync with each other, and that’s what makes it so different from other idol projects.

The anime adaptation was announced at the first live event on July 22, 2017, and two and a half years later, the anime will finally begin airing in January 2020, the third anniversary of its debut.

Beautiful new voice actors! The character designers are all big names

出典 :

As of November 2019, the eight people who have been confirmed to appear in the anime 22/7 are the eight people who were announced at birth.

The idol portrayed in the anime’s key visuals and given top credit is Miu Takigawa.
She is a shy and shy girl and is good at dancing.
She is 16 years old and has no particular motto.

She is voiced by Saijo Nagomi, who is the voice of the character.
Her character design is based on the series “K-On! Yukiko Horiguchi of “Tamako Market” is in charge of this project.

Sakura Fujima, who was the first to explain the YouTube channel to the group, is a returnee who grew up in Los Angeles.
She has a free-spirited personality and is fluent in English, but as a grandmother, her tastes are a little bit old-fashioned.
She is 16 years old and her motto is “Con pan y vino se anda el camino” (I can go on with bread and wine).

The character is voiced by Sally Amaki.
Her character design is from “The Hentai Prince and the Cat That Doesn’t Smile. and “The Glass Flower and the Breaking World” by Kantoku.

Kono Miyako, the talkative girl of Naniwa, is the mood maker of the group.
She is the eldest of seven siblings and has a cheerful and energetic personality.
She is 17 years old and her motto is “Good fortune comes to those who laugh”.

She is voiced by Mizumae Kuraoka.
Character design is by Mieko Hosoi, who has worked on “Ashes and Illusions of Grimgar” and “Aura”.

The leader of 22/7, Reika Sato, is an honor student who hates to be bent.
She has a serious personality and has a strong sense of being a “decent” woman, but she is suspected of being a clunker.
She is 17 years old and her motto is “If your words change, your mind will change”.

She is voiced by Chiharu Hofukaze, who is in charge of character design.
The character design is by Hirokazu Koyama, a TYPE-MOON staff member who worked on “WITCH ON THE HOLY NIGHT”.

Toda Jun, the youngest member of the team, is a hard-working person.
She is an outstandingly bright and free-spirited girl.
She is 15 years old and her motto is “Life is an amusement park. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s your loss.

She is voiced by Ruri Umino.
Her character design is based on “Your Name”. Ano Hana” (Ano Hana) is in charge of the character design.

The glasses-wearing Akane Maruyama is a calm and rationalist than any of the other members.
It seems that people think she is like a robot.
She is 16 years old and her motto is “The only one who survives is the one who can change”.

She is voiced by Kanae Shirasawa.
The character design is done by Tometa Obara of QP:flapper, who is known for “Girlfriends (kari)”.

Tachikawa Ayaka (Tachikawa Ayaka), the sexy girl in charge of the character, has a big sisterly position among the members.
She is strong-minded but attentive at the same time.
She is 17 years old and her motto is “Other people are other people, I am what I am”.

She is voiced by Miyase Reina.
The character is designed by QP:flapper’s Sakura Koharu.

The group’s ace, Nicole Saito (Saito Nicole), is a stoic and hardworking person.
She is strict with herself and others, and works hard every day to achieve the ideal idol image she has in mind.
She is 16 years old and her motto is “Talent is only given to those who can work hard”.

She is voiced by Mei Hanakawa, who is the voice of the character.
The character design is by Kureuto Fukasaki (Saenai na Kanojo no Ikuraikata).

Although not yet confirmed, there is a good chance that the remaining three will also be appearing in the anime.

Kamiki Mikami is a girl from Kyoto.
She is a soft-hearted and self-paced girl.
She is 15 years old and her motto is “3 years on a bird”.

She is voiced by Moe Suzuhana, the voice actor in charge of the character.
Character designer is Kurohoshi Kohaku, who worked on “Kino’s Journey” and “Princess Principal”.

Yuki Tojo (Toujou Yuki) is a soccer girl who hates to lose.
She has a backwards and sober personality, so much so that she has been called the “main character of a shonen manga”.
She is 16 years old and her motto is “Anything can come true if you wish for it”.

She is voiced by Ura Takatsuji, the voice of the character.
The character is designed by Watanabe Akio Watanabe, the creator of the “Story” series and the “Grisaia” series.

Hiiragi Tsubomi is a self-proclaimed gal from Shibuya and grew up in Harajuku.
However, it seems that she wants to change the image of gyaru.
She is 17 years old and her motto is “All I want is to die.

She is voiced by Takeda Aina.
Character design is done by Kishida Melu of “Atelier Series” and “Hanasaku Iroha”.



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