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【 Attack on Titan】Eren’s ability to turn out? Nine giants’ abilities and inheritors collectively described!【Spoilers】

Finally, Eren’s “Attack on Titan” abilities have been revealed, and the manga “Attack on Titan” has become a hot topic. In this article, we will introduce the abilities of the Titans in “Attack on Titan”, as well as the inheritors that have been revealed in the manga, with spoilers.

The origins of giants

The “Titan” is the core character of “Attack on Titan”. In the beginning, they were a threat to humanity and a mysterious presence, but as the story moves from Paradis Island to Male, and further back in time, their secrets are gradually revealed.
Before explaining the innocent giants and the nine giants, I will first explain where the giants came from and how they came to be.

Contract with the Devil

About 1,800 years before the story of Eren, Yumir Fritz, a woman who would later be called the “Founder of the Eldians,” made a pact with an earth demon and gained the power of a giant. It is said that Yumir used her giant’s power to enrich the country and bring wealth to the Eldians. After her death, she divided her soul into nine parts, and her nine descendants, who inherited her power, became the Nine Giants, destroying the great nation of Male and becoming the rulers of the continent.

The Decline of Eldia

The Eldians, who ruled the continent, continued to increase the number of descendants, or “people of Yumir,” who would inherit the power of Yumir through ethnic cleansing. However, they were rapidly weakened by the conflict between the nine giants (Titan Wars) and internal maneuvering by Male. Seven of the nine giants were owned by Male and one by the island of Paradis, led by the Fritz royal family.

Where are the nine giants?

On Paradis Island, the Wraiths, the true royal family, have secretly inherited the “Original Giants” and have ruled over humanity within the walls. The Mare, on the other hand, has passed down the seven giants to the “Mare Warriors,” who use their power to wage a series of wars on the continent. The remaining one, the “Marching Giants,” appears to be owned by the Eldia Restoration Faction, which is made up of the remnants of the royal family that remained on the continent.

Ignorance Giant / Immaculate Giant

The identity of the ignorant giant

There are two main types of Titans: the Ignorant Titans (= innocent Titans) and the Intelligent Titans (= nine Titans).
The true identity of the Ignorant Titans that the Scout Regiment has been fighting against since the beginning of the story is the Eldians who have been infused with Titan spinal fluid. In Male, the Eldians, the descendants of a family that once destroyed their country, are the “revenge” themselves. Those Eldians who could not flee to Paradis and remained in Male, were persecuted and denigrated as “demons”. Those Eldians who committed crimes within Male were “sent to paradise” and transformed into innocent giants on the island of Palladi.

The Ecology of Ignorance Giants

Ignorant Titans are unable to communicate with humans and will only repeat the act of preying on humans that catch their eye. Some individuals are called “normal” and some are “eccentric”, but both have the same goal: to prey on humans. In Mare, this trait is sometimes used by the Mare to use ignorant giants as weapons of mass destruction in wars against other nations.

Zeke’s spinal fluid infused giant

During the battle at Castle Utgard, the innocent giants, who were not supposed to be active at night, were active and behaved differently from other giants, such as following the words of the beast giants. It was later revealed that this was “due to being injected with Sieg Jager’s spinal fluid”.
With royal blood, Sieg’s spinal fluid is unique in that it does not transform immediately after being injected with spinal fluid, which means that it can be turned into a giant at any time with Sieg’s “cry.



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