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【Dai’s Adventure】Is Hyunkel good-looking enough for men to like him? An in-depth look

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From “Dragon Quest: Dai no Dai no Daiboken,” which is also getting great reviews for its new animation, we’re featuring Hyunkel, one of Aban’s apostles!
He’s extremely popular among women and has always been at the top of popularity polls, but it seems that he’s also popular among men. Here’s a thorough examination of the reasons why!

Hunkel Character Profile

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A main character in Dragon Quest: Dai no Daiboken.
He is one of the apostles of the former hero Aban, and is the oldest of all the apostles.

He is from the continent of Holkia in the Kingdom of Papunika. He was picked up by the Knight of Hell Bartos when his home village was attacked by the Demon King’s army and isolated, and was raised by monsters.
He was picked up by the Knight of Hell, Bartos, and raised by monsters. Bartos died when Aban and his band of heroes defeated Hadler, and Aban thought he was the cause of the death, so he resented him.
He was picked up by Mistburn when he was dying, and joined the Demon Lord’s army, becoming the commander of the Immortal Horsemen despite being a human.

However, he is not tainted by the Demon Lord’s army, and the reason why he is hostile to humans is because he has come to hate humanity itself after the incident with Aban and his father.
He wanted to kill not only Aban but also his disciples, and after destroying the Kingdom of Papunika, he fought against Dai and the others, and although he showed an overwhelming difference in ability, he failed to kill them due to Crocodyne’s intervention, and was defeated by Dai in a rematch.
After that, he learned the truth about his father’s death and was mentally saved by Maam, which reformed him, and although he temporarily left the frontline, he came back and joined the heroic group.

In the beginning, he was equipped with the “Demon Sword of Armor” made by Ron Berk, which he received from the Great Demon King Byrne when he was a legion leader. He cannot accept any attack spells except for electric shocks, and he is more skilled than Dai in swordplay.
Since the complete disappearance of the Demon Sword of Armor, he has been equipped with the Demon Spear of Armor, which he inherited from his former nemesis and comrade-in-arms, Laharto, and uses the spear as his weapon of choice.
In addition, he has acquired the “light fighting spirit” from his training with Aban and the “dark fighting spirit” from Mistburn.

The most notable thing about him is his stubbornness and mental strength, and he has come back from the brink of death and the brink of collapse many times in the series.

The voice actor for the 2020 version is Yuuki Kaji.
The 1991 version was voiced by Hideyuki Hori.

Special Moves and Heroic Qualities to Imitate

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Since the beginning of the series, Hyukel’s popularity has been outstandingly high, and in the three official popularity polls that have been held, he has placed 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd, all in the top 3.
If I were to give one of the most convincing reasons for this, it would be “because he’s handsome”.
Even in the 1990s, when the ratio of male readers was higher than it is now in Weekly Shonen Jump, good-looking characters such as Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, Kaede Nagarekawa from SLAM DUNK, and Soushi Yonomori from Rurouni Kenshin were always at the top of the list.

Especially in the case of Dai Dai Dai, there is only one clear handsome guy among the main character group, Hyunkel.
Avan has a unique hairstyle, and since he doesn’t appear except in the beginning and end of the game, it’s hard to say that he’s a main character, and he almost monopolizes the demand for good-looking people.
Therefore, it is only natural that the female popularity is concentrated on him.

However, it is not the case that Hyunkel is a character specialized in female popularity.
In the first place, Dai Dai Dai is based on Dracula, which has an overwhelmingly male audience, so it is likely that there were more male fans than other Jump works of the same period.
The fact that it remained at the top of the popularity list suggests that it had a lot of support from male fans.

In fact, there are a number of factors that make Hyunkel popular among men.
One of them is his heroic nature.

Hyunkel has a special move called the “Bloody Slyde” that has become as popular as the main character Dai’s “Avant Strash”.
I’m sure there were quite a few kids at the time who imitated this form with their umbrellas.
In addition, he was a hero in many ways, rushing to the aid of Dai and Pop in times of crisis and breaking the ice.

Speaking of Dai Daigaku, Dai’s ability to defeat powerful enemies with his small body and Pop’s ability to become one of the strongest despite being a commoner were sympathetic to male fans, but in the case of Hyunkel, he was someone that boys at the time of the series admired.



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