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20 Animated Animals! There are many soothing works that can comfort animals!

We’ve put together a list of animal cartoons that have been on the rise in recent years!
From works with lots of cute animals to works with anthropomorphized animals and beautiful girls, we have selected 20 popular anime titles for you to enjoy.
The “Mofumofu-Degree” to show the intensity of the animal feeling and the “Hokkori-Degree” to show the degree of healing are included!

Crowd control! Seaton School

A school comedy based on the manga, airing in the winter of 2020.
It is an anthropomorphic/bishoujo type of animal animation, which visualizes the lively daily life of a private school, Seaton, where various anthropomorphic animal characters, such as wolves and koalas, gather.

Kinmoza, My Neighborhood Vampire, and Endoro! The work is moderately loose and has a good tempo, which is typical of Studio Gogumi, which has a reputation for loose animation, such as
The work has received high praise from many viewers for the incorporation of animals in many places.



This is an everyday comedy based on the game, airing in the winter of 2020.
Chocolat and Vanilla, and other anthropomorphic cats, help out the main character who runs a cake shop as a pastry chef, and spend their days in a carefree manner.

The original game has some elements that are not allowed to be used in the game, but the anime version does not have any of these elements, and it is an anime that takes the cuteness of the cats and girls and puts it all into moe.
For those who want to be healed by the cuteness, watching this work will be a blissful moment.


うちタマ?! ~うちのタマ知りませんか?~

The character content “Tama & Friends, don’t you know our Tama?” will be broadcast in winter 2020. This is an everyday comedy based on the novel
Tama and his friends, who are familiar as characters from the learning drill, are personified as human boys and girls.

It is not unusual for character content to be made into anime, but it is a novel attempt to personify the mascot characters that are already well known.
In the future, anthropomorphic animations of Kitty and Pokemon might be born?



A historical comedy based on the manga, airing in the winter of 2020.
Set in the present day, it amusingly depicts the animal life of warlords such as Oda Nobunaga and Date Masamune, who have been reincarnated as dogs.

Since all of the men in the film are famous warlords, their appearance in the past is sometimes depicted in an exaggerated manner, and the gap between their adorable appearance and that of today is a major feature.
The cast is also quite gorgeous, especially the veterans, and this is an anime where you can enjoy the serious antics of the talented voice actors.


African businessman

This is a corporate comedy based on a manga that aired in the fall of 2019.
It is a black humor line that comically depicts the life of a lion, toucan, and lizard working for a major African company as an office worker with gag depictions and social satire.

There are many anthropomorphic animal works, but this work is the opposite type of anime that “animalizes humans”.
The sadness and hardships of a salaryman are made milder by animalizing him, and the work has gained sympathy from many viewers who work at a company.



This human drama based on the manga aired in the fall of 2019.
The character design is anthropomorphic but with a pretty strong sense of animalism.

However, the content is quite unique for an animal anime.
Set at Cherryton School where herbivores and carnivores coexist, this is an ensemble drama that depicts Legosi, a grey wolf who struggles with his own instincts, Rui, a red deer who stands alone against the weakness of his predators, and Haru, a rabbit who is shaken by the way of life of the weak.
It has a strong theme, so it is the opposite of a healing anime, but the behavior of Legosi and the dance in the opening scene are very heartwarming.

The second season is scheduled to air in 2020.



This comedy based on the manga aired in the fall of 2019.
It is a gag main story about a professional wrestler who is filled with a love of kemono and transitions to a different world where there are beastmen.

Although the main character is an incomparable lover of beastmen, it is not a healing type of work, but an anime that enjoys the situations and the conversations, because it is a story where he performs professional wrestling techniques against the beastmen.
The beastmen include both beautiful girls and residents with a strong feeling of being a beast, so it is a work that has a lot of scope for chemists.


The caring fox, Sen Fox.

This comedy based on the manga aired in the spring of 2019.
It is a story about a protagonist who works for a black company and is constantly being healed every day by Senko, an 800-year-old divine fox in the form of a young girl.

Although the protagonist is exhausted, there are almost no events in the story that cause him to become stressed out, and the anime is all about watching Senkou’s fluffy and cute struggles.
In addition to her, there is also a divine fox named Shiro who appears in the series.

After the main story, there is a “Super Senkousan Time” where Senkousan speaks directly to the characters, making it a healing anime.


Uma Musume Pretty Derby

A horse racing anime based on a game for smartphones, which aired in the spring of 2018.
However, the original game did not begin service during the anime’s broadcast, and due to repeated delays, no start date has been announced as of January 2020.

It is an anime in which “Uma Musume”, who are beautiful girls based on racehorses, challenge themselves to a race, and there is also a sporadic element to it.
You don’t have to know anything about horse racing to enjoy it, but it is an anime that can be enjoyed by horse racing fans because the characteristics of the racehorses modeled after them are reflected in each character.


Killing Bites

Battle action based on the manga, which aired in the winter of 2018.
It’s a rather hot piece of work that depicts a betting match called “Killing Bites” between beastmen who have both human brains and beast fangs.

Although the beastmen look close to humans, each beast has its own unique characteristics and external characteristics, which are also used in the battles.
It can be said that this is a unique work for an animal animation.





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