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【Osomatsu-san】 A thorough review of the possibility of the third season! How do you rate the movie version?

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The third season of “Osomatsu-san,” which was a mega-hit in its first season and became a social phenomenon, is likely to be produced!
Based on the sales and content of the second season and the theatrical version, current popularity, and remakes of past Akatsuka films, we’ll thoroughly examine whether or not a third season will be made in the future!

The first season was a historic hit, the second season that saw the end of the Feast

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When considering the possibility of a third season of “Osomatsu-san” airing, it’s hard not to mention the heat up of the first season and the cool down of the second season.
Both of these events were unprecedented in the history of the anime.

The broadcast of the anime Osomatsu-san was announced in July 2015.
Reports at the time said, “The legendary six kids are back as adults! The director is Yoichi Fujita of Gintama.” In addition, comments from each of the six children were announced.

However, the content of the comments were not yet fixed, such as Osomatsu’s first person is “me” and 14 pine tree saying “we”.
More than anything else, the teaser visual shows all six children looking exactly like each other, a visual that is very different from the current version of Osomatsu-san. (Although the current visual of the six children was depicted on the official website)
So, “Those six kids have personality! Immediately after the decision to air the show, it could not be said that it was attracting much attention from the public.

However, after that, the situation changed drastically when the cast of the six children was announced.

Takahiro Sakurai, Yuichi Nakamura, Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono and Miyu Irino, all voice actors supported by many female fans, gathered together, and the level of attention increased dramatically.
It is not the type of anime that would normally attract the attention of female fans, but it was ranked 4th in the “2015 Autumn Anime What to Watch Survey” conducted by Animate tv right before the broadcast.
There were pretty high expectations for it.

The rapid progress that followed is no longer necessary to talk about.
After the first episode, which was highly praised and buzzed about on the internet due to the handsome 6 kids and a storm of parodies, it spread like a pandemic among anime fans, shifting from attention to buzz, from buzz to buzz, and from popularity to dominance at a furious pace.
The first volume of the Blu-ray/DVD (disc) sold over 110,000 copies, and not only the discs but also the related goods sold like wildfire, making it a huge hit on a scale no one could have predicted.

After those days of feasting, in April 2017, one year after the end of the first season’s broadcast, the news of the decision to produce a second anime season arrived.
Naturally, fans were very excited.
It was an announcement that symbolized the tremendous popularity of the first season, with the names of all six children as well as the title in the trending rankings.

In spite of this, the average disc sales for the second season ended up being less than 1/5th of the first season, at 10,000 copies.
Normally, an anime that sells 10,000 copies is considered to be a big hit, but compared to the first season, which was a tremendous success, the rate of decline is noteworthy.
As a result, the second season of “Osomatsu-san” is considered to be a failure among anime fans.

Reasons for the first season’s success include “use of popular voice actors”, “topicality of the first episode”, “the character setting was addictive”, “easy to create a second story”, and “psychology of paying tribute to a bad guy”.
On the other hand, the reasons for the failure of the second season included “too much time had passed by the second season and they were bored” and “other female fans of “Yuri! on ICE” and “it lost its freshness as a gag anime”.
All of these have a point, but I wouldn’t say they are definitive reasons.

Then, after exploding without understanding and taking a dive without understanding, Osomatsu-san welcomed the release of the film version of Eiga no Osomatsu-san in March 2019.

Will the movie be spared? Or is it a passing phase?

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Eiga no Osomatsu-san earned between 600 and 700 million yen at the box office.
With 127 screens, this number is a fine line, not quite a success, but not quite a failure either.
The official website’s “66666666 Delivered to the People! Campaign” did not achieve its goal either, as the final number of mobilization stopped at 535269 people.

However, the fact that the second season of the film was a great success, and the fact that the film was able to attract more than 500,000 people a year later, the anime fans have a rather high opinion of the film, and some people say that it was a good fight.
In addition, many people gave high scores to the movie on movie review sites, and it became a movie that was rated high enough by fans.

What is depicted in “Eiga no Osomatsu-san” is the past of the six children.
The story is told in bits and pieces about the six children’s high school days that were not told in the film, and how they gained their completely different personalities.

Graduation is also an important keyword.
The film begins with the introduction of the six children going back in time to the day before they graduate from high school.

Another, and most important, is the presence of the girl who wrote the letter to the sextuplets, Nozomi Takahashi.
This humble and unassuming girl has gone far away after graduation and is only a memory.

Many fans will have seen the film and taken it as a gift to fans who have graduated or will eventually graduate from Osomatsu-san.
It’s only natural to assume that Nozomi Takahashi is the embodiment of the character of Nozomi Takahashi, as it has been suggested in interviews with director Fujita that she is the embodiment of the fan.

This work is not a conclusion, and it is not the last episode of the story, so it cannot be seen as a “concluding chapter of Osomatsu-san”.
However, there is no doubt that this is a farewell to the fans who have graduated from the series and a milestone in the series for those who still remain.



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