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【PSYCHO-PASS】How did Mr. Gino (Nobuchika Ginoza) become a popular character? Verification summary

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This is a summary of Gino-san, aka Nobuchika Ginoza, who has become the most popular character leading the series and is trending in “PSYCHO-PASS3” every time it airs!
We’re going to find out why he’s become such a popular character!

Outline of Nobuchika Ginoza Character

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He is a male character in “PSYCHO-PASS: Psycho-Pass”.
He was 27 years old at the time of the first season and was working as a surveillance officer in the Criminal Investigation Section of the Public Safety Bureau.
He is the son of Tomomi Masaoka, an officer of the same section.

Although he is 183cm tall, he is slim and slender, with a handsome face, long hair that hangs down the middle and glasses.
His call sign was “Shepard 1” and he was the leader of the gang.

Although he is often given a cool impression from his appearance, in reality, he is a passionate person.
He has anger towards Seiriku, with whom he has a feud, even in front of other people, and is unable to hide his frustration when things go wrong.

He has known former Watch Commander and then Executive Officer, Shinya Kogami since their school days.
During his time as a surveillance officer, they were partners in various cases, but after he became an executioner, they became boss and subordinate, unable to communicate with each other.

Despite his superior abilities, he is mentally distressed by the label of “son of a latent criminal” derived from Seiriku’s past as a latent criminal, and by the fear that he might become one too, since his partner, Sakigami, became a latent criminal, which left him mentally distressed.
In addition to this background, he is also very nervous about the increase in the crime coefficient due to his earnest nature.
He believes that the relationship between the warden and the enforcer should be dry, and repeatedly warns his junior warden, Akane Tsunemori, about it.

Towards the end of the first season, Seiriku died defending himself and was unable to stop the murder of Makishima Seigo (Makishima Shogo) by Kakigami, and his mental state worsened and his crime coefficient increased when he left him.
This makes him a potential criminal as well, and he has to live with it as an enforcer.

Two years later, in his second term, he no longer wears glasses and his bangs have been shortened to give him a crisp appearance.
Although he is no longer a watchman, he has grown up mentally after his father’s death, and as a good friend of Zhu’s, he shows more strength to the core than before.
In addition, perhaps because she has more opportunities to stand on the front lines as an executioner, her body seems to be more robust than in her first term.

His coiled feelings towards Seiriku are gone, and the tense feeling is gone.
He has changed his call sign to Seiriku’s “Hound 1” and is wearing a coat similar in design to the one he used to wear, indicating that he is no longer rebelling against his father.

After the movie version, he grows his hair back and wears it in a bunched up ponytail.
She has had many opportunities to work with Mika Shimotsuki, who joined the team as an inspector after the second season, and she seems to be trying to guide her in the right direction, while being good to her immature and arrogant self.

She is called “Gino” by Kakugami and “Gino-san” by her former subordinate, Shusei Kagari, and fans use these nicknames as well.

His voice actor is Kenji Nojima.



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