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【Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear】Pros and cons! I’ve put together a list of reasons to like or dislike it, and some of the highlights! [Spoiler]

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As of 2019, there are 23 movies in the long-running Detective Conan film series that have been made into movies. The twelfth of these films is this “Score of Fear (Full Score)”.
Unusually for the “Detective Conan” film series, which enjoys a certain level of popularity, this is a film that is divided into pros and cons, with those who like it very much liking it and those who don’t like it very much not being interested in it.
Compared to the other films in the series, “What! There are many parts of the film that are unique.
Let’s take a look at the highlights, with some spoilers.

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Highlight 1: Voice actor is Houo Kuwashima! After all, the original character, Reiko Akiba, is too good to be true!

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In the past, the original main characters of Conan + Shonen Tanteidan or Conan + The Phantom Thief Kid have played an active role, and the original film version’s original characters have often been criminals or candidates for criminals, but in “Sheet Music of Fear”, the original film version’s “Reiko Akiba” is in a semi-major role after Conan, and she appears for most of the time of the film’s release.
She appears in many scenes with Conan and has become a great character, appearing in more scenes than any of the other main characters in the series, both in terms of number of appearances and dialogue.
The person who brings out the charm of Reiko Akiba is the voice actor, Houko Kuwashima. She is a veteran with over 20 years of acting experience and is not only known for her acting skills, but also has many fans in the same industry for her performance.
She gives a wonderful performance as Reiko Akiba, who has a complicated inner world of her own, such as the strong-looking, but unresolved feelings for her lover who has been murdered.
The character of Reiko Akiba alone is enough to make “Score of Fear” worth watching.

Highlight 2: Conan is famous for being tone-deaf, but he actually has an absolute sense of pitch! A surprising skill is revealed

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Conan Edogawa Conan is famous for his tone deafness, but in this film, it is revealed that he actually has an absolute sense of pitch.
In the scene where Conan sings with his classmates, only the professional singer Reiko Akiba and Conan noticed that the piano sounded strange, and at the end of the story, Reiko Akiba and Conan also noticed that the piano used by the professionals at the end of the story by the Domoto Music Orchestra had a strange sound.
It turns out that she has a pretty good ear.
This sense of absolute pitch plays a huge role in the last half of the story, and it’s probably the most cheesy scene in Conan’s history. Probably because of this scene, it was a rare piece of work that was controversial and controversial. It was such a great scene.

Highlight 3: Pros and cons! Conan and Reiko Akiba’s way out of their abduction is to make a voice call!

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Reiko Akiba, whose life was constantly being threatened wherever she went, and Conan, who continued to protect Reiko Akiba. However, towards the end of the story, they are finally kidnapped by the criminals and left in a boat floating on a lake.
Reiko’s opera is about to start, and they are in a bind.
Conan’s escape strategy is to hit the telephone on a pillar in the distance with a soccer ball, remove the receiver, make it ready to talk, and then use his absolute sense of pitch to sing the exact sound of the 110 number.
Recreating 110 with their voices!
Moreover, this is a one-shot operation that requires the correct sound to be made the moment the handset is removed. In spite of this, the strategy succeeds and Conan and Reiko Akiba escape safely.
This is the biggest sticking point of the film!
I really like the way this place is going, because it’s so blown up! and those who say, “No way. It’s too unlikely. The biggest characteristic of “Shivering Score” is that it is divided into two groups: those who say, “It’s impossible,” and those who say, “It’s too unreasonable,” and those who say, “I’ve lost my temper.
Which do you think you are?

Highlight 4: Reiko Akiba’s voice is a professional opera singer! Amazing Grace is too beautiful!

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In the work, Reiko Akiba is considered to have an overwhelming presence and singing ability among professional opera singers when she sings. Reiko Akiba’s Amazing Grace, which appears several times in the work, is so beautiful that people who don’t usually listen to opera don’t hear it.
One of the most important but unassuming aspects of “Sheet Music of Fear” is that you can only hear her voice in concert.



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