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Blade of the Demon’s Destruction] Mushibashira, Shinobu Butterfly’s charm! [Quotes, endings, etc]


Name: Shinobu Butterfly
Class Insect Pillar
Birthday, February 24.
Height 151cm
Weight 37 kg
Birthplace Takinogawa Village, Toyotoshima County, Tokyo
Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Hobbies: Ghost Stories
Favorite food: Ginger tsukudani

A brief profile on her.
After looking at it, here’s a look at the Butterfly Shinobu’s
I’m going to close in on the appeal.

①It’s not what it looks like.

Butterflies and Shinobu is not what it looks like.
If you don’t watch cartoons or cartoons, the look of the picture
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

The first impression I think of in the photo is.
“A beautiful woman waiting for a butterfly.
Isn’t she ladylike and pretty?

Some people think this way.
I’m sure that’s not the least of it.

In fact, I’ve known someone who has never seen the Blades of Demon Destruction.
The answers I heard are the same as the ones I just heard.

What is her 00 here?
I think that’s what you’re wondering about.

She’s a 00.

She’s not as toxic as she looks!
What do I mean by that?
(There are a few spoilers for the lines that follow.)
If you don’t want to see it, go to charm two!

That’s why people don’t like me.
“I will torture your daughter for every man she kills.
Go to hell, you piece of shit.

All of the lines here are said by Shinobu Butterfly.

She’s such a woman, despite her appearance.
He is quite a popular character.


②Pillars of Insects

The next attraction is the pillar of mushrooms.

You’ve seen it so far.
What’s a pillar of worms?
I’m sure you thought of it this way.

So, about the demon killers and the pillars.
I’d like to tell you a little bit about it.

What is the demon killer team?
Oni-killer, a.k.a. Oni-killer swordsman.
It’s called.

A transcendent creature called an ogre.
To attack people and eat them.

The parent of all those demons, the demon Mai Tsuji Misery
And to destroy the demons.

As an organization, we specialize in killing demons.
It is said that he started the Onikiri-Tai.

That’s the demon killer squad.








There are ranks of demon killers.
I’m going to go above and beyond those 10 levels.

Class Readings.
1 Ki no E
2 Kioto
3 C C
4th Street
6 My name is Tsuchino-To
7 Geng
8 Shamisen Kano and
9 Mibu Mizunoe
10 k kegs of water
Conditions to become a pillar|Steps and floors

As such, there are ranks, more than one class.
The presence above is the pillar.


Pillar is not an easy rank to become a pillar.

To become a pillar, you have to have the right conditions.
Two things need to be met.

Those two are.
(1) Rank must be Ki no e.
(2) Defeat the Twelve Demon Moons or defeat 50 or more demons.

A pillar is one that meets these conditions.

Water Pillar, Tomioka Giyu
Insect Pillar and Butterfly Shinobu (Kocho Shinobu)
The Pillar of Flame, Purgatory Kyoujuro
Uzusu Tengen, the Pillar of Sound
Tokito Muichirou
Pillar of love, Kanroji Mitsuri
A pillar of rock.
Snake Pillar and Iguro Obanai
Shinazugawa Sanemi, Wind Pillar

There are these types of pillars people.

What is a pillar of mushrooms?
The upper ranks of the demon killers I mentioned earlier.
It is a pillar of mushrooms.

It is the only pillar that cannot drop the head of a demon.
But a sword technique that precisely hits the demon
I’ve developed another poison for the demons.

That’s the pillar of mushrooms, Butterfly Shinobu.
Maybe that’s why he’s so poisonous.
↑ This is something I am doing on my own.

This is why I use polly’s breath.
It is called a pillar of mushrooms because it is a pillar.

in her work.
What is the role?

Functional Restoration Training and Collaborative Drug Development with Zhu Shi.

This role will allow us to
When the demon killers are wounded, for example.
It’s a role that we really need to play.


You’re the best swordsman I’ve ever seen.
It’s at a commensurate level.
He’s a good commander.

The protagonist, Inosuke, Zenitsu, etc.
I’m very good at teaching people.
He also plays a role in mastering breathing techniques.

He is also well versed in medicine and pharmacology.
Someone who also treats injured demon killers and other wounded people.

We have contributed greatly to the back-up
She is an indispensable female swordsman for the Oni-katsu-sha.


Finally (spoiler alert)

If you don’t want spoilers, please quit here.
I’ll reveal it out of the blue.
Spoiler alert!
If you don’t want to see it, please quit right here!



I don’t die often in cartoons and cartoons.
I mean, he was alive.
There might be.

In the Blade of the Demon, she really does die.
And why does she die?

crescent moon
Inside the body of a Dooma.
It is absorbed and dies.

To the high-ranking Shangguan II.
If you want to win, you have to be careful
This was the only way.

And that way is.
It was a suicide trap.

Two of the strings will take her.
The information that we’re going to eat it, in advance.
The Shinobu that I had in my possession

You took in poison that was beneficial to the demon in your body.
By being eaten.
I was thinking about taking it down.

Over the course of about a year, Shinobu’s entire body.
A total of 37 kg of poison was planted.

The equivalent of 70 times the lethal dose of poison.
Even if it’s the two children of Shang-string that you ingested.
That poison couldn’t be resisted.

Your whole body collapsed into mush.
He couldn’t even stand.

And weakened by the poison, Dooma.
Kanawo and his men finally cornered him.
He was able to cut off the head.

I was able to beat the Shangguan II.
It’s because of Shinobu’s abandonment of his own body.
It means I was able to beat her.

She’s really attractive.
He is, after all, a precious character.

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