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What’s the strongest monster on the planet? Here’s a summary of the five monsters that are considered the strongest candidates

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The latest titles in the Monhan series are still being released and new monsters are still being born. Some monsters are easy to defeat, others are impossible to defeat no matter how many times you try, and so on.
Players who have played the Monster Hunter series will be able to answer the question, “Which monster is the strongest? You may have wondered, “What are the best monsters in the world?
So in this article, we’ve compiled a list of five monsters that are touted as the strongest candidates, taking into account their settings in the Monhan world.
If you want to know which monsters are the strongest, or if you’re thinking about taking them down, please take a look at this article as a reference.

An ancient dragon species often considered the strongest candidate

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When you hear of the strongest monster, isn’t the “old dragon species” the one that comes to mind? They are shrouded in mystery, and it is not unusual for them to be considered the strongest candidates because of their overwhelming ability to manipulate natural phenomena.
Among such ancient dragons, the forbidden monster is the one that boasts of its outstanding strength and is considered to be the strongest candidate.

A forbidden monster that reigns as a lusty or back-boss

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The following five monsters are known as forbidden monsters in the Monhan world. All of them stand in front of players in the game as the last boss or the back boss.

・Black Dragon Miraboreas
・Red Dragon Miraboreas
・Soryu Miraboreas
・Glittering Black Dragon Alatreon
・Brick Dragon Gran Milaos

Because they are treated as last bosses and back bosses, information about forbidden monsters is rarely released to the public. Official websites, strategy books, social networking sites, and all other media thoroughly restrict information about them. Even when their existence is hinted at, “? and the monster names are never revealed.
In a series that has lasted 15 years, only five forbidden monsters have appeared in this game. Combined with the lack of information, you can see how rare they are.

Setting up a forbidden monster worthy of the strongest

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The strength of the forbidden monsters in the game is perfect, as they appear as the last boss and the back boss.
However, forbidding monsters are not only touted as the strongest because of their in-game strength, but also because of their setting in the MonHun world. They are also considered the strongest monsters because of their overwhelming settings in the Monhan world.
The five settings are listed below, and they are more overwhelmingly powerful than the game itself.

Black Dragon Miraboreas

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The Kingdom of Shreid was renowned as a great power in the world of Monkhan. The Schreid Castle was built in the center of the country, and its civilization continued to prosper.
The Black Dragon, Miraboreas, attacked the Shreid Kingdom. In one night, Milaboreas burned down the Schreid Kingdom and wiped out the entire civilization.
After that, Schreid Castle became the lair of Miraboreas. It is said that no one who sets foot in the ruined castle will return alive, and many hunters have actually gone missing.
The power of Miraboreas to annihilate entire civilizations is so great that even Laoshanron, who is proud of his mountainous body, is afraid to flee.

Red Dragon Miraboreas

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Also known as Miravalcan. It is called the “Angry Evil Dragon” and is feared by people as a doomsday presence.
It is said to be a mutated form of Miraboleas, living deep in a volcano. In order to adapt to the volcanic environment, the Miraboreans have a distinctive red body.
They never present themselves to humans, but will attack anyone who enters their territory.
The Miravalcan’s roar can shake entire volcanoes and cause them to erupt. Perhaps irritated by the heat of the volcano, Miraboleus is even more aggressive than Miraboleus.

Soryu Miraboreas

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Commonly known as Miralroots. No more information has been revealed about them than the Miraboreas and Miralroots, and they are sometimes said to be illusory.
The Miraloot has many aliases, as shown below. It is said to be the beginning of all monsters.

・A legend among legends.
・The founder of all dragons.
・The Ancestor.
・The White King.

The Miraloot can control lightning, and when the Miraloot roars, countless lightning bolts rain down on the area.
Its glowing white body is not only vicious, but also divine. The Miraloot’s excessive power makes it a captivating monster.



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