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Can Amamiya Sakura surpass Shinguji Sakura in the new Sakura Wars?

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We’ve put together a summary of the main character of the TV anime “Shin Sakura Wars”, which is scheduled to be broadcast from April 2020, and the main character of the anime, Sakura Amamiya!
We thoroughly examine her from various perspectives to see if she will be able to surpass Sakura Shinguji, who is her admiration and absolute presence!

Introducing Sakura Amamiya

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She is a female character in “Sakura Wars: The New Sakura Wars” and one of the heroines of the title.
She was saved by Shinguji Sakura, who saved her life as a child and admired her so much that she joined the Imperial Assault Force.

She wears her black hair all the way down her back and wears a cherry blossom-colored ribbon on the left side of her head.
She wears her mother Hinata’s sword, the Amamiya Kunisada, and usually wears a sky-blue kimono and wine-red hakama.
Her trademark color is cherry blossom, and she wears a cherry blossom ornament on her left breast and a sleeve of her kimono, making cherry blossoms in full bloom a trademark of hers.

She dreamed of working alongside Shinguji Sakura in the Huagaidan and opera company, but the former Imperial Huagaidan disappeared 10 years ago due to the Demon War, and Shinguji Sakura was missing.
The new “Imperial Assault Force, Hanagumi” was reorganized as the successor to the former Imperial Assault Force, but it is a weak group with only new members, including Sakura herself, and the budget is tight.
The budget is tight, and the mood of the group seems to be stagnant, but she still wants to rebuild the group, but she has no concrete plan to do so.

She has a cheerful and vivacious personality.
She is cheerful and cheerful and strives to pursue her dreams, and her influence on the members of the Hanagumi is so great that she is regarded by all of them as the core of the group.

On the other hand, her strong beliefs often lead to a lack of vision and she is inflexible, unable to control her emotions and hurling offensive words at her friends.
Once she becomes depressed, she becomes so shut down in her own world that she can’t hear anyone’s words, and she has a troublesome personality.

She is voiced by Sakura Ayane.

Thick wall that stands in the way

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The relationship between Sakura Amamiya (Sakura) and Sakura Shinguji is not straightforward.
The relationship between Sakura Amamiya and Sakura Shinguji is not straightforward, as they no longer just yearn for each other.

They met in 1930.
Going back 10 years to the start of the new Sakura Wars, when Amamiya Sakura, who was 7 years old at the time, was attacked by a demon, she was saved by Shinguji Sakura who was on a mission.

Incidentally, the first Sakura Wars was set in 1923, and it was around this time that Sakura Shinguji joined the Imperial Assault Force.
Seven years had passed since then, and Shinguji Sakura was already a hero who saved the Imperial Capital and Japan many times, and was the top star of the Hanagumi, a force to be reckoned with.

It was impossible not to admire the fact that her life was saved by such a person, and they even share the same name.
At that moment, Sakura’s dream was fixed on “chasing after Sakura Shinguji”, and her goal was the Imperial Chinese Fire Brigade, to which she belonged.

However, shortly after Sakura’s rescue, Shinguji Sakura participated in the Two Cities Operation, which was carried out in the Imperial Capital in order to bring the Fallen Demon War to an end, and in exchange for the seal of the Fallen Demon Emperor, she and the rest of her friends became targets of the seal and disappeared from the Imperial Capital.
With the exception of Kanzaki Sumire, who had already retired at the time, the Imperial Assault Force disappeared, losing all of its members.
After a gap of 10 years, in 1940, when Sakura was 17 years old, the same age as Sakura Shinguji’s when she enlisted in the army, the new Imperial Huagaidan was re-formed and Sakura was able to enlist.

For a while, the group was in a difficult situation, with only new recruits and a low budget that could not even maintain the reiko fighters, but when Seijuro was appointed captain and Anastasia Palma, a star who traveled from one theatre company to another, the Hanagumi began to fight back.
In the “World War of the Flower Brigade”, in which the various troupes compete with each other, the troupe repeatedly beats their superior opponents, and Sakura’s theatrical talent blossoms under Anastasia’s tutelage, and she steadily grows closer to her idol.

Then Sakura is shocked to see Yasha, a senior demon who has often attacked the Imperial Capital.
Although she wears a mask, she is exactly the same as Shinguji Sakura, whom she still admires to this day.

Sakura is saddened by the fact that her dream and goal might have fallen into the descent of a demon that leads to the destruction of the Imperial Capital, and she closes her heart in disappointment.
This series of scenes was extremely painful, with some users pointing out the weakness of her heart.
Nevertheless, if the person you’ve been thinking about for ten years has become an enemy of humanity, you can’t help but feel a little bit heartbroken.

After that, there were fears that Sakura might not be able to recover, but with the desperate persuasion of her friends, she made a comeback.

She renewed her resolve that if Sakura Shinguji had fallen into evil, it was her role to bring her back, and she was able to face her former benefactor once again.



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