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【Dead by Daylight】 The secret story of the birth of the killer! Early killer 6 body story summary #DeadbyDaylight

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“Dead by Daylight” is because the online matchup is the main content, there is no story of the main game title. However, each killer has a story to become a murderer.
This time I compiled the stories of how six killers that can be used from the beginning in PS 4 version became murderers.


出展 :

Real name Evan Macmillan.
In the wake of his father’s getting mad, he himself starts to break and becomes a murderer who is afraid of being crazy by riches and power from people.

I was helping my father who I admire

Evan was helping the work of an asset-oriented father, Archie McMillan. I respected my father’s ability as an asset, and pledged absolutely obedience to orders. “McMillan Estate” operated by McMillan parents continues growing to the right, making it famous.

Father’s mental state deteriorates

Although he succeeded in getting enormous wealth and rights, his father who drowned in his power began to become unstable in the mental state, so that a group trying to rob the skill and deprive his property also appears.
While protecting his father from such a group, Evan will support spiritual support in hopes of recovery. Unfortunately, however, my father has fallen into a state of confusion and the spirit completely collapses.

To the murderer by command of the father

The command that my father in a state of confusion made to Evan is the explosion of the tunnel where the workers remain. Obviously a funny command, Evan swearing absolutely obedience will do this. As a result, more than 100 workers are sacrificed. Starting with this incident Evan transforms into a murderer and ultimately kills even his father.
Massive slaughter with the command of the father, the father who is the commander also murdered, it changed to a murderer.


Real name Philippe Ojjomo.
Philippe who worked seriously will walk the homicide demon after the occurrence in the workplace. It is an unfaithful person whose life has changed in a bad direction.

Employment at a scrap factory by working at work

Philip decided to go to another country to change his life. His heart filled with hiring for the scrap factory was safe and full of hope.
The factory was used as a place of crime such as a back deal, but Philip ignores this and continues to work seriously because there is no harm to himself and the police officer does not investigate.

A boss’s word to a murderer

As Philip pressed the car as usual, I found blood flowing out. Interrupting the work, checking the inside of the car, the man who is tied to the trunk.
Philip tried to escape the male and try to escape, but the boss killed the man. My boss told Philippe, “I was killing people by scraps before” “I hired a Philippe who knows nothing as an executor”.
Philip, who was told the shocking fact, was unable to suppress his emotions and killed his boss on the press with a press machine. No one knows where Phillip will be afterwards.


Hillbilly who could not give his real name.
I will drown in the pleasure that I gained with revenge on my parents who oppress myself and will walk the way of the murderer.

Childhood that kept being denied existence

Born between wealthy landowners Max Thompson and Evelyn Thompson, they never got a name because they were unwanted births.
Moreover, it is not an appearance that can be put out to society as a landowner’s child, but it is infested in the basement to sever the relationship with society.
With no affection from parents, meals are only provided between the walls and grow in harsh environments.

From revenge to the way of murderer

Hillbilly, who ran out of the cellar and ran from the basement, killed his parents as revenge. I will start living on the farm that my parents owned. You can not forget the pleasure at the time of the killing, continue to kill living things such as domestic animals on the farm, sometimes to kill passersby.
After that, the farm will be investigated by the police, but the human body was not found, only the corpse of the livestock was discovered.
The police will abolish the farm, but Hillbilly will not be charged. Continue to live in the remaining house while hiding the face of the murderer.



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