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A quietly handsome man who bears death! Water Pillar: 5 Attractions of Yoshiyuu Tomioka!

The zawdryness of the comic “Blades of Onimatsu” anime series doesn’t stop.
This time, we pick up the appeal of one of the pillars of the Onimator Squad, Yoshiyu Tomioka, and tell you about it.


Name: Yoshiyu Tomioka
Grade: Pillar
Birthday:February 8th
Age: 19 to 21 years old when he first appeared.
Height: 176cm
Birthplace:Nogata-mura, Toyotama-gun, Tokyo (currently Nogata, Nakano-ku, Tokyo)
Favorite food:salmon and radish

One of the most handsome characters in “Blades of Demise” that female fans would like to see in real life is Yoshiyu Tomioka.
He appeared in the first episode when he was 19 years old and he will appear again 2 years later when he is 21 years old. His character is handsome, intelligent and athletic. The character in the shadow of the

of the main character, Sanjiro, who trained under the fostering of the breath of water, Rin Taki Sakonji, after his sister was killed by a demon. Brothers and sisters. He says that he passed the final battle of the Onikiri Squad separately thanks to the death of his best friend Rusty Rabbit, who appears as a ghost in the anime. He has a guilty conscience, but it becomes a springboard for his physical ability to fight It is a very good example of the way of the story.
The key point of the story is the connection between the main character, Sanjiro, and Sakonji Rinpaki. It is not too much to say that the Blade of the Demise cannot start without him. There is none.

Long hair that moves, plus extra charm.

Even if he’s handsome, are you a musician or a painter? or maybe even the hairdresser is a bit lazy and stretched out, but not many people look at it coldly There is none.
But Yoshio Tomioka must be one of the rare handsome men who are allowed to have long hair. I jumped up and cut the basa, hair basa.
“More than a sword basa, a hair basa, one more time, one more time.” Is this request scary?
And what doubles the appeal of her hair is her small face and blue eyes with blue pupils that are hidden from view.
The movement of his heart is expressed by his beautiful eyebrows, which can only be drawn in animation.
In episode 22, the profile of Tomioka seen by Sumijiro, who cried when the letter from Sakonji Rinotaki was read out, was wonderful. I would like to pay attention to the hair and the eyes. This is when he confronted Rui to help him, “All Concentration, Water Breathing, Picking up the Water Breathing, Ichi no Kata, Calm”.
After this declaration, the opponent is very upset, but Tomioka is hardly moving.
The only thing moving is his hair. This is the charm of Tomioka’s hair, which is unique to the anime.
If his hair stops here, it’s less than in the comic. I think her hair is really attractive like this.


Running on the wind like a column of water

Yoshiyu Tomioka’s running scene is always a sight to behold. First of all, the first scene of the first episode. I don’t know where he saw it from, or he felt the presence of the demon, and he rescued Sumijiro who is covered up by Priestess and attacked. Run for your life.
The sound of my footsteps are not needed here. The sad background music that seems to fly through the snow, and blue eyes that are tinged with melancholy. Everyone is able to watch the running which is not shaky of a physical feeling. It doubles the appeal of the scene where she lands on the ground afterwards.
At the beginning of episode 18, Shinobu butterfly and Nada spider mountain’s first mission, they run from “Let’s go”. The forward leaning juxtaposition is pleasant to watch. I can’t get enough of the momentum of the back legs kicking up. And here’s the sound of footsteps.
The scene in episode 18 where he helps Inosuke. Shakin from tattata-tattata, zattata-tattata. Shakin’ from the shaking ground.
Without this prelude, that shakin’ scene would just end up being Inosuke’s fall from the bassa and The same sad background music as in episode 1 fades in and out during the rescue of Sumijiro in episode 20, no sound A few steps of the run of the Jaqin from the subsequent jump.
A few steps would be essential for the climactic water column fight scene that follows.

The appeal of a handsome man with a shady side

Just a good-looking guy can’t really grab a girl’s heart.
He’s a mysterious man, or an aura who wants to help them. It’s an undeniable fact that a guy can’t become popular until he’s got those things in mind.
Even people of the same sex who think a handsome guy is an enemy will be attracted to him and support him because of his backstory. . Yoshio Tomioka must be the man behind the scenes.
He doesn’t smile at all. This is an absolute requirement.
Although there is a gap between his appearance and mine, he is at the level of “the man who doesn’t smile”. And then there’s the pause between the lines.
There’s a word or two in the dialogue, and there’s an expression on his face that isn’t bright enough to get him to say something. It’s this flow that creates a shadow. In the pause between the words, everyone is drawn in by the melancholy blue eyes. An ordinary handsome man cannot create this melancholy atmosphere.
It’s the pause that’s important. The other charm of the film is that most of the dialogues are calmly and unconcernedly short narratives.
At the beginning of episode 19, in a moment of divine grace, he hangs Inosuke in a tree and turns away As he left, he said to his audience, “Anyone who doesn’t know the extent of their injuries doesn’t belong in a fight.

This also doubled the appeal of the shadows. Including why I tied it up, “Why did you say this? Inoske, he can’t hear you. Riddle? It was thought-provoking and even more enigmatic and fascinating.

Meh, he has a profound kindness.

I started with the direct attraction from the visuals and motion, but there is some introduction from the attraction of the shadow I was, but the human attraction. You can’t miss it here.
With this, even if he wasn’t handsome, slow and shadowy, he’d still be one of the pillars of charm.
His sister and best friend were killed by a demon, and he’s straight to the task of defeating the demon with justice, but his demon sister, Priestess. I understand the same situation with regard to Sumijiro Kabau, and do my best to protect him beyond the contradictions. This is essential to the important personal ideology of Yoshiyu Tomioka and storyline.
The more I get to know this “strong kindness” from the handsome man of no expression, the more I am drawn in.
In the scene in episode 21 where he holds down Shinobu and protects Sumijiro, which reminds me of Munekyuun, this is the kindness I wanted to express.
It has impact. It makes me think that everyone with a shadow has a quiet kindness.


Battle scene! It’s not just swords, it’s god-awful, unbelievably fast

The quickness of Yoshio Tomioka is one of the charms of this episode.
In the first episode, the first time he discovers that Sumijiro has taken a knee and defended a Priestess, and the second time he defends a Priestess by divine action. Capture. Is it a technique? Is it footwork?
Fast! I don’t know if Inosuke’s listening or not, but he’s been moving his hands in an instant. Then Inosuke is wrapped up in a circle. That was the moment you thought, “Bundle up the cardboard box with me.
And then, in episode 20, after the demon’s bullshit, a quick sword shear, the demon’s head falls off, and after taking three steps, he doesn’t look back and shouts behind his sword.
I can’t get enough of that. It’s a “thank God I didn’t miss it” shot. You can’t say, “You don’t need to shout after you cut him.
You can’t say, “You don’t need to shuffle after you cut it. It’s easy to understand when you see it.
In the last episode, Shuu as he leaves to give his last words of encouragement to Sumijiro. It’s gone up in the sky. He wasn’t surprised anymore, was he?



There are more charms of Yoshio Tomioka. It is “indescribable”. Still, I told you as much as I could.
The relationship between Mushibashira and Shinobu Butterfly, and the fight against the last boss, Onimayu Tsuji Nushu, what will happen now? I’d love to see it in the anime!
Let’s wait and see!

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