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A long-awaited new work for the Mon Han series! What are the new elements of Monster Hunter World! What?

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“Monster Hunter Series” is the latest work In 2018 “Monster Hunter series” is the latest work, released on January 26, 2018, it is a huge hit game that has already shipped over 6 million copies worldwide.

1.The protagonist-level monster of this work

Speaking of the attraction of Monhan it is still a variety of monsters.

Many new monsters are appearing in this work as well. Several traditional monsters are reprinted.

The monster you want to pay attention to here is Nerugi Gunte which is on the cover of the game package.

There are several things in common in Miraboleas (Black Dragon) that appeared in past works, the design that is reminiscent of that figure and the setting that existence feared by old dragon * makes me feel regression.

* Generic name of monsters that draw a line with others with very long life and unique ability.



2.New field and world view

This time especially the image is felt very real, it is wonderful.

New fields such as wasteland of ancient forests and great ant mounds, plateau of coral reefs, valley of ivy are added, and depiction of nature such as depiction of nature is quite excellent drawing for each field.

The transparency of the water flowing in the sea or puddle, dimness of the monster’s nest, etc. are very real.

Also, the ecosystems of monsters are drawn realistically. Scenes of Rioleus and the new monster Anjanah fierce battle are powerful full marks!



This time there are real depictions of nature depictions and monster ecosystems,
It makes it easy for you to enter the story as you can taste the feeling that you are entering the monster hunter world.
In the story, it is a story that we will elucidate the mystery of “Old dragon crossing” occurring in the New World.


4.Wealth of weapons and armor

Hunter fights using 14 kinds of weapons. In this time, the long-distance type of heavy bogan, light bow gun and bow etc. are stronger than before.

Even if we use proximity weapons and long range weapons we are balanced well so as not to feel uncomfortable. There are many types of weapons and armor, and it is very abundant. I think that you can also enjoy collecting all the weapons and all the armor with the inconvenience.


5.Evolved character creation system

In addition, although character creation has a limited default face type, it is possible to finely select hairstyle and face parts,
Since the image is very beautiful as it is called PS4 now, you can make your favorite character.
I made a character for about an hour, but some people told me that they were taking more time to do it all day.

Since the character creation element was not substantial enough up to the previous work, I want to start the main part quickly, so I think that there were more people who finish properly, but this work is very evolving and I was surprised.




The system aspect has also evolved, so that collection actions to take items in the field disappeared and it was possible to collect it very quickly.
Personally I was very happy to be able to collect quickly comfortably while walking while running.

In this way, the monster hunter world of this time was very evolving picture, setting and system aspect.
I think that it has become a content that can be enjoyed easily even by those who did previous work as well as those who did not play before.

I would like you to do it by all means not yet played!


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