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【 Nisekoi】Why is Onodera Kosaki loved by everyone? Five of her charms

Nisekoi is a romantic comedy manga that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2011 to 2016.
The original author is Naoshi Furumi, and the comic has a total of 25 volumes. It has been made into an anime twice, and even into a live-action movie starring Kento Nakajima and Ayami Nakajo.
In this article, I would like to introduce the charm of Kosaki Onodera, one of the main heroines of Nisekoi.

Profile of Kosaki Onodera

Onodera Kosaki is one of the main heroines who goes to school while helping out at her family’s Japanese sweets shop “Onodera” with her younger sister Haru.
Her birthday is June 15th, her height is 157cm, her weight is 43kg, and her blood type is O. Her favorite foods are potatoes and Japanese sweets, and her least favorite food is konjac.
Onodera has been in love with Raku since junior high school, and although he is not very smart, he tried his best to take the entrance exam to a mediocre high school and passed as a substitute. And he was able to attend the same school as Raku.
He also has a heart-shaped key, which is important in the story, and has met Raku and the others ten years ago.

Five of Onodera Kosaki’s cute charms

Unfortunately, in the third edition of Weekly Shonen Jump’s popularity poll, she was narrowly beaten by another heroine, Chitoge, and came in second place, but in the first and second editions, she came in first place with flying colors.
Here we will introduce the charm of Kosaki Onodera, who has a huge following among Nisekoi fans.


So much girlishness to represent the purists

The first charm of Onodera Kosaki is her girlishness that represents the purist school.
Onodera is so girlish that it would not be an exaggeration to say that girlish is a word created for Onodera. This girlishness is also the biggest reason why Raku, the main character, fell in love with Onodera.
For example, when she is injured, she takes out an adhesive bandage from her bag and applies it gently as a matter of course.
She doesn’t do this with an ulterior motive, such as only doing it for someone she likes or only for boys, but she does it as a matter of course.
It is this simple kindness that is liked by both men and women in the class.
This girlishness that gives us a glimpse of her high level of girl power is one of Onodera’s charms.

one’s heart’s desire

The second thing that makes Onodera attractive is her single-mindedness for one person.
As I mentioned above, Onodera’s girlishness has the power to captivate all the boys in her class. Therefore, there is no doubt that she is popular with many people.
However, despite her popularity, Onodera has had feelings for Raku since middle school. Or, to put it another way, he has been in love with the same person for more than ten years, since Raku was his first love ten years ago.
She was always reclusive and reserved, so it was hard for her to confess her feelings.
In the end, Raku and Chitoge ended up together, but since Onodera and Raku had both had feelings for each other since middle school, if she had confessed her feelings to him earlier, Onodera might have been the one who ended up with Raku.
However, no matter what the outcome was, I think Onodera’s single-mindedness is one of his charms, as he has been in love with one person for over 10 years.

Unexpected boldness from his personality and face

The third attraction of Onodera is his boldness.
Onodera is known to be reserved and pure, but sometimes he acts boldly.
For example, he tried to confess his love to Raku at school, and he even told Raku that he liked her when they were alone together during a test of courage.
However, Onodera’s daring actions were always timed badly, with baseballs breaking windows and Raku falling asleep.
Onodera’s courageous actions always fail to bear fruit, but we can catch a glimpse of Onodera’s cute side as he blushes alone when he remembers his actions.
This daring side of Onodera is probably one of the things that makes him so cute.

She’s a natural at it

Onodera’s fourth charm is that he is ditsy and natural.
There is a famous scene in the beginning of the story that has captivated the fans.
It is the scene where Onodera, who was meeting Raku at a coffee shop on his day off, hurriedly came to the front of the store and smiled as he checked his appearance in the show window before entering the store.
Raku, who came one step ahead of Onodera, saw the whole scene right in front of Onodera, but Onodera didn’t notice it until the end.
Then, when he is about to enter the restaurant after practicing his smile, he meets Raku’s eyes and his face turns red and sweat like it’s on fire.
In this scene, Onodera’s girlishness that she cares about her appearance before meeting the person she loves is attractive, but it is Onodera’s naturalness that she doesn’t notice Raku until the very end that has won the hearts of fans.
This kind of naturalness is one of Onodera’s charms.

A rich expression like a hundred faces that everyone understands

The fifth attraction of Onodera is the clarity of her facial expressions.
Onodera has very rich facial expressions, which is unusual for a purist heroine. When she is happy, she rejoices with all her might, when she is sad, she has a heartbreaking expression, and when she is upset, she has an expression that loses the original form of her cute face.
As a result, Onodera’s facial expressions change from one moment to the next, so much so that if you were to play Bubba, you would instantly know which one was the Joker.
However, just like Raku did in real life, everyone would pull the mule themselves if they saw Onodera’s cute expression.
This easy to understand emotion with a hundred facial expressions is what makes Onodera even more attractive.


I have introduced the Nisekoi main heroine, Kosaki Onodera.
The girlishness that represents the purist school
A pure, single-minded girl who has been in love with one person for over ten years.
Unexpected boldness
A natural personality that makes everyone around her want to tsk tsk.
Rich facial expressions like a hundred faces.
These are the charms of Onodera.

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