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【Voice Actor】The top 10 characters played by Akari Kito! Many popular characters besides Priestess!

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A special feature on Akari Kito, the voice actress who has become one of the most popular young actors in Japan, winning one lead role or main heroine after another!
We have picked up 10 of the most popular characters that Ms. Kito has played so far, and compiled them in a ranking format!

No.10:Yuzaki Tukasa

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She is the main heroine of the anime “Fly Me to the Moon” which will air in the fall of 2020.
She saves Nasa, the main character, from a car accident with her mysterious powers, which leads to her marriage.
She becomes Nasa’s companion and leads a sweet newlywed life.

At first glance, she seems to be a cool and mysterious beautiful girl, but she also has a rather worldly side and is full of curiosity.
She is embarrassed by Nasa’s passionate expressions of affection, but at the same time, she is deeply in love with Nasa herself, and they have become a loving couple that people envy.

Ms. Kito is a young voice actress born in 1994, and at the young age of 25, she was chosen to play a married woman.
Tsukasa is the first character who has been married since the beginning of the story, but since Siluca in “Grancrest Senki” was eventually married, it is difficult to say if she is the first married woman to play the role.

No.9:Adachi Sakura

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One of the main characters in “Adachi to Shimamura,” which will air in the fall of 2020.
A girl who frequently skipped classes and was treated as a delinquent by those around her.
Later, she gets to know Shimamura Hogetsu, who is also a habitual ditcher, and begins to feel more than friendship for her.

At first, she seems clumsy and a bit cold, but gradually, her love for Shimamura becomes so deep that she only thinks about him, and her jealous side comes out strongly.
She has had trouble getting along with her mother since she was a child, and is not good at socializing and struggles with relationships, but it seems that she is slowly improving.
However, her dependence on Shimamura seems to be getting stronger at the same time.

No.8:Horikita Suzune

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She is the heroine of Welcome to the Classroom of Competence Supremacy, which aired in the summer of 2017.
She belongs to Class D, the same class as the protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, and although her academic abilities are perfect, she has a problem with her humanity, as she lacks consideration for others.
She avoids interacting with her classmates in order to move up to A class, but through her relationship with Kiyotaka, she develops some interest in group activities and unity.

Kito-san made his voice acting debut in 2014, but at that time he was still a member of the training school of the voice acting agency Pro Fit, and after graduating from the training school in 2015 he became an associate member of Pro Fit.
She only became a full-time member in April 2019, so this Horikita is a character she played while she was a semi-affiliate.
In 2016, I had more opportunities to play main characters such as Karen in “Time Bokan 24” and Hiromi in “Bokudake ga Inai Machi”, and this Horikita role I played in 2017 made me more famous.


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She is one of the Uma Musume who attend Tresen Gakuen in “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” broadcasted in spring 2018.
She is a classmate and rival of the main character, Special Week.
She is a troublesome and slow-paced Uma Musume, but when it comes to racing, she is quite competitive.

Her motif racehorse, Seiunsukai, is a great horse that excels at running away from the field and can adapt to various strategies, and has won the Satsuki and Kikka Sho championships.
Naturally, this trait is reflected in her as well.

She also appears in “Uma Yon,” which was animated in the summer of 2020.
In the anime, she was active as “Blue Sky” in episode 8.

No.6:Honsyo Al

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She is the main character in the anime Hitori Bocchi no XX Seikatsu, which aired in spring 2019.
She is the second female student to become friends with the main character, Hitori Bocchi (一里ボッチ), who has the goal of making all of her classmates her friends.
She is cheerful, shy, and popular in the class, but in reality, she is a disappointing girl who makes small mistakes in her daily life.

She wants to overcome her disappointment, but her daily efforts do not seem to bear fruit.
He is a reliable classmate for Bocchi, but on the other hand, he has a lot of pride and gets angry when someone calls him “you” and tries to jump up and head-butt him.
She and her first friend, Sunao Nako, have a relationship that is “so close that they fight.

She is a popular character among anime fans and was supported by many people during the broadcast.



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