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[No Shortcuts to Exercise] Summary of RingFit Adventure Quotes [Strike your muscles while they’re hot]

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Ring Fit Adventure is a very popular game that allows you to lose weight while playing the game.
It has a reputation for having surprising scenarios, but when you play it, you’ll say, “Oh? There are many wise words and wise sayings that appear in the game that make you think, “What is this?

This time, we’ve compiled a list of quotes that appear in the game.

Quotes from the protagonist’s partner, “The Ring”
Muscles are buddies for life

These are the words on the side of the box, the first place every person who buys RingFit Adventure will always see them, the first place they are written.
There will be many more “muscle quotes” throughout the game from now on, but it all started here.

It’s a great quote that will motivate anyone who is about to start a ring-fit adventure.

Meeting and training can be anywhere

This is what the protagonist’s partner, the Ring, says to him when he first meets him.
You’re going to have many adventures with Ring, and he always has something to say to you to raise your motivation.

When you’re about to lose heart because of a hard training session during a game, he’ll say to you, “Good! Halfway there! Kick ass! You’re glowing! He is a reliable source of encouragement with positive words.

Strike your muscles while they’re hot

Early in the story, the player is tricked into breaking the seal of the bad guy (Drago).
Drago escapes into the distance with a high smile on his face.
This is what Ring says to him.
I guess it means something similar to “It’s a good day when you think of it”.
I don’t know what it means, but for some reason it makes me feel passionate about it.

In fact, this word is also what Ring will say at the end of the story.
If you hear it after a long story, it might sound different.

There’s no exercise that doesn’t make sense

This is a line Ring told me when I was forced to take a detour for an objective in the game.
It made me realize that all the tedious errands and leveling up in this game are important to me as training.

It doesn’t change the fact that the errands are tedious, but it’s a little more motivating to know that every action you take is connected to your muscle training.

Muscle is not for people

When a similar stage followed, the ring agitatedly said, “Here we go again…you don’t think you’re here…do you? ‘Muscles are not for people!’ There’s a scene where he says, “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do that.
It’s a strange word that doesn’t have a deep meaning, but it’s a strange word that seems to be pushed aside by the positive vibe and somehow compelling.

There’s no place or time for physical activity

That’s the line he said to me when I came to the stage in the rain.

Did you think, “Well, it’s raining, I guess I’m off to exercise?
How could you not have such indulgent feelings for [player] only!

The ring is a smiling and agitated one.
In real life, when the weather is bad, I tend to use that as an excuse to skip training, but in this game, they don’t seem to forgive me.

No tears, no sweat, absolutely not!

Ring is a man who agitates his players at every turn, but in fact, he is a very passionate man (?) It’s a good word that comes from a passionate feeling that you can’t leave someone weak and you have to help them.
It’s a good word that comes from the passionate feeling that you can’t leave someone weak and that you have to help them, but I don’t think it’s necessary to get involved in the muscle story at least as much as the decisive line.

However, there’s no doubt that this passionate attitude will motivate players.

I need to do whatever it takes to free him from the aura of darkness!

This is a memorable scene where Ring talks about his passionate feelings for Drago as he continues to run amok.
This was the only time he was talking seriously, shutting down the muscle stuff.

Drago, the last boss of the game, used to be friends with Ring.
Drago was struggling with his weakness, and Ring had taught him how to train.
As he trained, an aura of darkness attached itself to Drago’s mind as he continued his quest for a stronger body, and he ended up looking like the Demon King he is today.

Although drawn in a comical design and worldview, everyone has a weakness in their heart that makes them unable to face their complexes and turn to the power of darkness.

Perhaps Ring felt responsible for the fact that the muscle training he taught her to save such a weak mind was rather the cause of her fall into darkness.



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