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【Attack on Titan】What is the secret of Levi and Mikasa’s strength? The Ackerman Clan Explained!

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Mikasa and Levi are two of the strongest characters in “Attack on Titan”. They are both members of the “Ackerman” clan, and the secret of their strength is related to their blood. I’ll explain what the Ackerman clan is all about, including spoilers!

The Ackerman Family, a Byproduct of Titan Science

The Erdian people, whose ancestor is Ymir, a girl who made a contract with the Devil of the Earth, are a race of people who turn into giants by ingesting the spinal fluid of giants. Also known as “Ymir’s people,” they have been conducting research on giants for a long time.

As a result, the Ackerman clan was created by accident. They are able to draw out some of the power of the Titans while maintaining their human form.

The Ackermans who have awakened to their power not only have their physical abilities enhanced to the extreme, but they have also gained the combat experience of the Ackermann clans of the past through the “path” that connects all Eldarians.
This is the reason why Mikasa and Levi know “what to do and how to do it” in battle.

Ackerman’s habit

The Ackermann clan was originally designed to protect the king of the Erdian Empire, the land of the Erdians. As a result, the descendants of the Ackerman clan can only show their true value when they recognize someone as their master. It seems that the Ackerman instinct to protect his master is awakened when various conditions are met, such as listening to a third party’s command in the face of death.

However, Ackerman’s fidelity to blood and himself are two different things. Therefore, when his true self subconsciously feels resistance to being forced to guard his master, he may experience sudden headaches.

History of Ackerman
A change from a warrior in the king’s entourage

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During the time of the Eldar Empire, the Ackermann clan, as it was designed, served as the king’s aides. However, when the Eldar Empire was defeated by the Mare Nation and moved within the walls of Paradis Island with many Eldar people, the Ackermans parted company with the royal family.

The reason for this was that Ackermann was a member of a family that was not able to access the power of the “Founder Titan”. The “Founder’s Titan,” which is said to be able to control all Titans, is able to control the Eldarians and even falsify their memories. The king within the walls, the king of the Eldian Empire who had escaped, used his power to implant a false memory that the human race outside the walls had been destroyed by an unidentified Titan.

However, the non-Erdian bloodlines are unable to communicate with the power of the Founder, so they will voluntarily keep the truth to themselves. The royal family has been silencing such bloodlines by giving them power.
One such bloodline that disagreed with the king’s ideology and abandoned their position was Ackerman. Ackermann, who was originally supposed to be an Erudite, somehow seems to have fallen out of the category of “Erudite,” and is a bloodline that the power of the “Founder” does not extend to.

As mentioned earlier, he is connected to the “path” that the Eldians are connected to, so it may not be possible to say that he is not an Eldian at all, but the details have not been clarified.

History of Persecution

The monarchy will not leave Ackerman alone, as he knows the truth about the past and could spread it within the walls. Ackerman will be persecuted by the monarchy.

Ackermann’s head was executed, offering his life for the survival of his family, but the persecution continued. Those who knew the secret outside the walls did not pass it on to their descendants to keep them from the king’s purge. Nevertheless, several Ackermans, both main and branch families, were driven to the brink of extermination.

However, the long persecution of Ackermann came to an end when Kenny, a survivor of the original family, surrendered to the king.



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