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【Voice Actor】Announcing the top 10 characters played by Daisuke Ono! What is Ono D’s masterpiece?

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Daisuke Ono has been a popular voice actor for almost 20 years, and is still loved by many fans today.
From popular characters from his enduring masterpieces to characters that have gained overwhelming support from women, we have carefully selected the characters that everyone thinks of when they think of D. Ono as ……!


He is a character from “Minamike”, which had its first season in 2007.
He is handsome, tall, and muscular, and his appearance is impeccable, but he is also extremely eccentric and lives in a unique worldview.
He is in love with Haruka, the eldest of the three sisters of the Minami family, but is unable to talk to her, and monitors her every move, indulging in delusional and inexplicable behavior.

Although he is not a particularly important government office character in the career of Mr. Ono, who has played many leading roles and main characters, he is the most peculiar.
Perhaps due to his influence, Mr. Ono would go on to play numerous oddball characters.

No.9:Sato Jyun

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She is the main character of the third season of “WORKING! which aired for three seasons between 2010 and 2015, and is also the most popular female character in the series.
She is blond, smoker, tall, and blunt, which tends to give the impression that she is a delinquent, but in reality, she is very caring and has a very weak mentality.
He is a pure-hearted young man who has had a crush on Yachiyo Todoroki, who works at the same family restaurant, for many years, and kept his co-worker Soma and his fans on edge until he confessed his love to her.

He is a pure-hearted young man who has been annoying his coworkers and fans for a long time until he confesses his love to her. Although Mr. Ono has a strong impression of being a bit of an odd character, he also occasionally plays legitimately handsome guys like this Sato-kun.
This is the case with Kitakado Tomohisa from B-PROJECT.
In the sense that he is a handsome man with a subtle clunkiness, he also has something in common with Seishu Handa of “Barakamon”.

No.8:Heiwajima Shizuo

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A popular character from “Durarara”, which was broadcast in 2010 and has a sequel. which was broadcast in 2010 and for which a sequel was produced.
With his sunglasses and blond hair, he has the appearance of a delinquent, but he has many legends that make him “the one person in Ikebukuro you should never make enemies with.
However, he is usually quiet and dislikes talkative people, and is on bad terms with Rinya Orihara, who is one of the two most popular male characters in the series.

Rinya and Kami, who plays Soma in “WORKING! and Hiroshi Kamiya, who plays Rinya and Soma in WORKING!
In particular, the radio program “DearGirl: Stories by Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono” has been running for over 13 years.

No.7:Matuno Jyushimatu

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He is the fifth son of the six children of “Osomatsu-san,” which started airing in 2015 and created a huge boom.
He is the most eccentric and high-spirited baseball idiot among the sextuplets who are all full of individuality, and has done countless odd things in the series.
When he was in high school, he forced himself to be sharp, and when he fell in love with a girl, he became a pure-hearted boy.

Although Mr. Ono doesn’t have many opportunities to play gag characters, when he does, his acting is quite dramatic, as in the case of Nendo Riki in “Saiki Kusuo no Ψnan”.
When he does play a role, he does it with a lot of panache.

6位:Midorima Shintaro

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He is one of the members of the “Kiseki Generation” in “Kuroko no Basket”, which started its anime adaptation in 2012.
His position is SG (Shooting Guard), and at 195cm tall, he is the strongest shooter in the series, succeeding in almost every shot he takes from the outside.
He is pervertedly stoic and proud, and is also an officially recognized tsundere.

He is one of the perverted handsome guys that Mr. Ono specializes in.
He has had many opportunities to play men with glasses, including Fafnir in “Kobayashi-sanchi no maidragon”, Kyosuke Kishi in “Yozakura Quartet”, and Ushio Igarashi in “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches”.



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