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【Attack on Titan】Eren’s abilities revealed? The Nine Titans’ Abilities and Inheritors Explained in Summary! 【Spoiler】

The manga “Attack on Titan” has become a hot topic after Eren’s “Attack on Titan” ability was finally revealed. In this article, we will introduce the abilities of the Titans in the manga, as well as the inheritors of the Titans that have been revealed in the manga.

The origins of the giants

The Titans are the core characters of “Attack on Titan”. In the beginning, the Titans were a threat to humanity and a mystery, but as the story moves from Paradis Island to Male, and further into the past, their secrets are gradually revealed.
Before explaining about the Immaculate Titan and the Nine Giants, we will first explain where they came from and how they came to be.

Contract with the Devil

About 1,800 years ago from Eren’s story, Yumir Fritz, the woman who would later be called the “Founder of the Eldians,” made a contract with an earth demon and obtained the power of the Titans. Ymir is said to have enriched her country with the power of giants and brought wealth to the Eldians. After her death, she divided her soul into nine parts, and the nine descendants who inherited her power became the “Nine Giants” who destroyed the great nation of Mare and became the rulers of the continent.

The Decline of Eldia

The Eldarians, who ruled the continent, continued to increase the number of descendants who inherited Ymir’s power, or “Ymir’s people,” through ethnic cleansing. However, they were rapidly weakened by the struggles between the nine Titans (the Titan Wars) and internal manipulations by Male. Of the nine Titans, seven are now owned by Male and one by Paradis Island, led by the royal family of Fritz.

What happened to the Nine Giants?

On Paradis Island, the Wraith family, the true royal family, has secretly inherited the “Founder’s Titans” and has been ruling the human race within the walls. In contrast, Mare has had the seven Titans passed down to the Mare Warriors, who use their power to wage war on the continent. One of the remaining Titans, the “Attack on Titan,” seems to have been owned by the “Erdia Restoration Faction,” which is made up of the remnants of the royal family that stayed on the continent.

Unintelligent Titan/Innocent Titan

The true identity of the Ignorant Titan

There are two main types of Titans: the “Unintelligent Titan (= innocent Titan)” and the “Intelligent Titan (= nine Titans)”.
The unintelligent Titans that the Scout Regiment has been fighting since the beginning of the story are actually “Eldarians who have been injected with Titan spinal fluid. In Male, the Eldarians, the descendants of the family that once destroyed their country, are “revenge” itself. Those Eldarians who could not flee to Paradis Island and remained in Male were called “demons” and persecuted. The Eldarians who committed crimes in Male were sent to Paradise and transformed into innocent giants on Paradis Island.

The biology of the mindless giants

Unintelligent Titans are unable to communicate with humans, and simply prey on humans that catch their eyes. Depending on the individual, there are “normal species” and “odd species,” but there is no major difference in the purpose of both, which is to prey on humans. MAHLE uses this characteristic to its advantage, and sometimes uses the mindless giants as weapons of mass slaughter in wars with other countries.

The Titan that was injected with Zeke’s spinal fluid

During the battle at Uthgard Castle, there were scenes where the innocent Titans, who were supposed to be inactive at night, were active and behaved differently from the other Titans, such as following the words of the Beast Titan. It was later revealed that this was because he was “injected with Sieg Jaeger’s spinal fluid.
The spinal fluid of Zeke, who has royal blood, is special in that he doesn’t turn into a Titan immediately after being injected with spinal fluid, which means that he can turn into a Titan at any time by “screaming”.



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