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10 music anime cartoons! Listen to their songs and performances!

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Pick up 10 selected works from classical, band, jazz, chorus, brass band, and other animations with the theme of “music”!
About masterpiece frown music anime particularly popular works, I tried summarizing the music that is being handled in the work!

Nodame Cantabile

出展 :

TV anime produced by J.C.STAFF, which was broadcasted in winter – spring 2007, 1st term, 2nd term in fall 2008, 3rd term in 2010 winter.

Mr. Kenichi Ksai for the first term and Ms. Chiaki Kon for the second and third term serve as directors.
Original is Tomoko Ninonomiya ‘s manga work of the same name which Kiss and serialized until 2010.

It is a classical music themed work, a love comedy mainly composed of piano’s genius but metamorphic, mood Megumi Noda and a conductor of the Maiko system, Shinichi Chiaki .

The first period is set at the music university where they go, and it is drawn mainly about the performance of S orchestra formed by Strasseman, a world conductor. From the second period onwards, two growers who have studied abroad in France and fluttered to the world It is getting.
As a genre is “classical music anime”.

Songs used in the process are classical music songs such as Beethoven ‘Symphony No. 7 A major, Mozart’ Oboe Concerto in C major, ‘Tchaikovsky’ Violin Concerto in D major ‘, Rachmaninoff’ Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor ‘ Centered.

A classic boom arrived in Japan due to the hits of this work, and CDs announced in the plan to make S orches reality make a social phenomenon, such as recording a huge hit.

Prior to animation, in live action as a month 9 drama starring Juri Ueno and Hiroshi Tamaki in 2006.

Although this live-action version was broadcasted earlier, and since it recorded a high viewing rate, it is an animated version that tends to hide inevitably by the shadow, but it is definitely an animated version who can taste the original atmosphere.
Although it is an old work that has been more than 10 years since the start of broadcasting, there is no animation that appears right to the point that we can learn about classical music casually.


出展 :

Two phases were broadcasted in the spring of 2009, spring 2010 – summer 2010, directed by Naoko Yamada Director · TV animation produced by Kyoto animation.

The original is a manga work of the same name that Mr. Kakifly who was doing serialized until 2012 by the comic time Kirara etc.
In 2011 it will be theatrical version “Movie Kioni! “Has been released.

Hirasawa Yui , base Akiyama Mio, Drum’s Tainaka Ritsu , who is in charge of guitar & vocal who joined the Sakuragaoka High School Nobuo section as a new member by graduating all members of the staff It is an everyday music animation depicting a relaxed calm activity by the keyboard Kotobuki Tsumugi , and the guitar Azusa Nakano who entered as one of their junior.

The genre is “Girls band music anime”.
Guitar ‘s favorite guitar “Gee – Ta” Gibson’ s Les Paul Standard recorded unusual sales at the time of broadcasting and was in a state of short supply.

Especially, “U & I” which Yui made a lyrics to the feelings of younger sister’s lyrics, “I touched an angel!” Made for Azusa who will have only one graduation after graduation, 1st period ED “Don ‘t say “lazy” “, the second term ED” NO, Thank You! “is popular, and in recent years the second term OP OP” GO! GO! MANIAC “also seems to be often sung at karaoke.

Furthermore, since July 2018, the characters were renewed with comic time Kirara “K-on! Shuffle “is serialized.

Apollon of slope

出展 :

Broadcast in the spring of 2012, Watanabe Shinichiro Director · TV Anime by MAPPA and Tezuka Production Production.

The original is Manga works of the same name that Professor Yuki Kodama serialized in the monthly flowers until 2016.
A live-action movie is also released in 2018.

Set in Sasebo in Nagasaki prefecture, this work is drawn on the theme of “Jazz”.

Kaoru Nishimi who is naive and weak at socializing is attracted to the appeal of jazz which is improvised and harmonious music through drummer Kawabuchi Sentaro at half of Japan and America …… That is the story.
It is “Jazz music anime” as well as genre.

Like “Nodame”, I use many masterpieces from the past in the works.
Especially “Moanin ‘” “But not for me” “My Favorite Things” is used in an impressive scene of the work, the masterpieces are more shining.

Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe who gathered extensive support at “Cowboy Bebop” was the commander of this work.
This piece is famous for handling a variety of genres of music with an extremely highly acclaimed anime in music, but the impression of jazz is particularly strong, and it is also a part of the musical aspect of “the slope of Apollon” It is put to use.

And Yoko Kanno who formed a combination with Watanabe in “Cowboy Bebop” is also in charge of music for this work.

Mr. Kanno who is recognized as a representative musician in Japan now is familiar with every genre, but its songwriting is highly appreciated even in jazz.



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