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Who is the most popular heroine of the famous works?

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A lot of anime are being created every season, but the amount of anime characters that are created are so many cute ones.
So, we’ve compiled a ranking of the top 50 female characters who are known to be particularly cute in popular and famous works, based on our own judgment and prejudice!

No. 50: Maple (Kaede Honjo)

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He is the protagonist of the Narrow VRMMO anime “I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to focus on defense. She is the strongest player in the world, and the protagonist of the VRMMO anime “I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to pretend my defense is the best.
She is the only female protagonist in the anime world who is treated as a Demon King by those around her.
However, she is an extraordinary character who is cute in both appearance and personality, and is a natural type of girl.

The voice actor in charge of this character is Hondo Kaede.

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49位:五十嵐れお(いがらし れお)

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She is the leader of the idol group “ChamJam” from the idol anime “If the Oshishi Goes to Budokan, I’m Dead”, and is the oldest twin-tailed girl in the group.
She has outstanding popularity and ability as an idol with a humble attitude, and her support for the group has shaken the hearts of many real fans.

Her voice actor is Hondo Kaede.

No. 48: Reichi Ochako (Uraraka Ochako)

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One of the proud heroines of the heroic anime “Boku no Hero Academia”, she is a natural weightless girl.
Her outspoken personality has captured the hearts of fans, and in the 5th official poll, she has regained the number one position among women, overtaking Yao Yorozu Momo, who had been overtaken by her in the past.

The voice actor in charge is Sakura Ayane.

No. 47: Kaosu-sensei (Kaoruko Moda)

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He is the protagonist of the manga artist’s daily life anime “Kokkugirls”, and is an absolutely popular character who carries the title of this work.
His ability as a manga artist is the lowest among the regulars, and he has a mentally weak and negative character, but he is a very serious and good kid, and above all, his attitude of not being downhearted and not giving up has made many anime fans become emotionally involved with him.
Her mysterious scream of “Ababa Baba” also became a topic of conversation, making her a memorable character.

The voice actor in charge of the character is Hikaru Akao.

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No. 46: Satanya (Kurumisawa-Satanikia-McDowell)

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He is the main character in the angel and demon comedy anime Gavril Dropout, and is the most clumsy character in the series.
All of her demonic moves were shoddy, and she suffered a disastrous defeat every time she was defeated by Gavril, a bad angel, but she still didn’t let that stop her from living her life as a high-tension, confident, self-proclaimed great demon that left many anime fans in the dust.
During the airing of the show, she seemed to be as popular as Vine, but after the show aired, she became the face of the work.

The voice actor in charge is Naomi Ozora.

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No. 45: Sora Ginko

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Shogi anime “Ryoo no Oshiji! She is the heroine of
She is the older sister and protégé of the main character, Kuzuzuryu Yaichi, and is sometimes referred to as the “older sister” by the anime fans.
She is stubborn, competitive, and single-minded, and after the anime, she became the main heroine.

She is voiced by Kanemoto Hisako.

No. 44: Ms. Takagi

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She is the heroine of the romantic comedy anime “Ms. Takagi, who is good at teasing”, a solo heroine.
As the title says, she is a good tease, but her embarrassment when Nishikata hits back at her is very cute.
She is one of the top heroines with her forehead in the world.

She is voiced by Rie Takahashi.

No. 43: Erina Nagiri

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The main heroine of the cooking anime “Shokugeki no Soma”.
She is as high-handed as her appearance suggests, but at the same time she is stubborn and lonely.
She is now a rare breed of tsundere heroine, but her charisma is on display in more and more scenes, and she has won the first place in the official popularity poll.

The voice actor in charge is Kanemoto Hisako.

No. 42: Akira Ohno

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She is one of the proud W heroines of the game and romantic comedy anime “High Score Girl” and the main heroine of the series.
She stands out among the many silent characters, and has reached the last episode of the series without saying a single word.
The other heroine, Kodaka Koharu was also extremely popular, but Akira was slightly more popular in the work and in real life.

She was voiced by Suzushiro Sayumi.

No. 41: Serval

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She is the main character in the animal animation “Kemono Friends” and is the sidekick of the main character, Kaban.
She is bright and energetic and “awesome! I love it! What is this? He left many great lines such as
People around her seem to see her as a troublemaker, but she was a good friend of Kaban who took care of him till the end.

She is voiced by Ozaki Yuka.

No. 40: Shiro

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She is the heroine of the game fantasy anime “No Game, No Life”, and the sister-in-law of the main character Sora.
Although she is only 11 years old, she was isolated because she was too much of a genius, but after moving to another world where everything is determined by the game, she and her brother-in-law have become very active.
She’s a younger sister heroine with an innocent braconess.

Her voice actor is Ai Kayano.

No. 39: Yue

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She is the main heroine of the wandering inter-world transfer anime “The World’s Strongest in a Commonplace Occupation”.
She looks like a girl, and her age is 323 years old, she is a typical Lolibaba, and her coup de grace and vampirism are also the basics of a Lolibaba.
She is also known as a crotch smasher.

Her voice actor is Yuki Kuwahara.

No. 38: RenChon (Renge Miyauchi)

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She is one of the main characters in the Nichijo anime “Nonnonnon Biyori” and is the main character of this work.
There are other popular characters in Nonnonnon, such as Komarin and Hotaru, but she is the most famous and popular one, who took the world by storm with “Nyanpasu”.
She is a cute first grade girl who seems innocent and sensitive to people’s hearts, and is self-paced and lonely.

She is voiced by Koiwai Kotori.

No. 37: Akeno Himejima

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She is one of the heroines of the erotic fantasy anime “High School DxD”.
She is half fallen angel and half human, and she is an older sister of the “Oh my god” type, but she is a douchebag character.
It seems that there are a lot of fans who have been won over by this gap.

The voice actor in charge of this character is Ito Shizuka.

No. 36: Yatogami Toka

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She is the main heroine of the battle fantasy and romantic comedy anime Date a Live.
She’s a natural beauty who knows very little about human society because she’s a pure spirit, and she’s a natural beauty.
Because of this, you can watch her change and grow as you follow the story.

The voice actor in charge of the character is Marina Inoue (Inoue Marina).



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