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Here’s a roundup of the 2020 animated movie release dates! What movies have been postponed due to Corona?

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新We’ve put together the latest release dates for the 2020 animated film, which has been delayed a lot due to the type corona!
A general check of the current status of the films, including their production status and content. We hope you will find it useful for your future movie-going pleas

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s New Dinosaur

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The release date has been postponed from Friday, March 6, 2020 to [Friday, August 7, 2020].

It is the 40th film of the Doraemon movie series and the 50th anniversary of the original series.
It is a completely original work that focuses on the dinosaurs.

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Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]』III.spring song

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Official PV (Image Credit: “Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] III.spring song” official website

The release date has been postponed from March 28, 2020 (Saturday) to April 25, 2020 (Saturday) to [undecided].

This is the third and final part of the film series that adapts “Fate/stay night”‘s Makiri Sakura route “Heaven’s Feel” to film.


Princess Principal Crown Handler Chapter 1

出典 : © Princess Principal Film Project : 『プリンセス・プリンシパル Crown Handler』公式サイト

The release date has been postponed from Friday, April 10, 2020 to [TBD].

This is a sequel to the original anime Princess Principal, which aired in the summer of 2017.
It consists of six chapters, and this is the first chapter of the film.
The voice actor for the main character, Angel, has been changed to Aoi Koga, following the retirement of Ayaka Imamura (Ayaka Imamura).

The release date of the Princess Principal Official Setting Documents Spy and Seek has also been postponed from June 26, 2020 (Friday) to August 28, 2020 (Friday).

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Detective Conan the Movie: Scarlet Bullet

出典 : Ⓒ青山剛昌/名探偵コナン製作委員会 : 劇場版『名探偵コナン 緋色の弾丸』

The release date has been pushed back from Friday, April 17, 2020 to [April 2021].

This is the 24th film in the Conan the Movie series.
It has been announced that the story will focus on Shuichi Akai (Shuichi Akai).

Official PV

Crayon Shin-chan Gekijima! Lakuga Kingdom and Almost Four Brave Men

出典 : Ⓒ臼井義人/双葉社・シンエイ・テレビ朝日・ADK 2020 : 『映画クレヨンしんちゃん 激突!ラクガキングダムとほぼ四人の勇者』公式サイト

The release date has been postponed from April 24, 2020 (Friday) to [undecided].

This is the 28th film in the Crayon Shin-chan movie series and is the 30th anniversary film of Crayon Shinshin’s birth.
‘Love Live! Director Naohiko Kyogoku, known for the series, will be at the helm.

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Violet Evergarden The Movie

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The release date has been pushed back from Friday, January 10, 2020 to Friday, April 24, 2020 to [Friday, September 18, 2019].

This is a new story of Violet trying to re-find the meaning of Commander Gilbert’s will, “I love you,” which she didn’t fully understand in the TV series.
Despite the tragic events of 2019 and the new corona forcing the show to be postponed twice, a survey conducted by Neterabot Research Team, “What is your favorite Kyoto animation film? The fan enthusiasm is alive and well, with Violet Evergarden taking first place in

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I’ll figure it out

出典 : ©志村貴子/太田出版・「どうにかなる日々」製作委員会 : 「どうにかなる日々」アニメ公式サイト

The release date has been postponed from May 8, 2020 (Friday) to [undecided].

The film is based on an omnibus romance short story that was serialized between 2002 and 2004 by the manga artist Shimura Takako, who is known for her work on “Wandering Son” and “Blue Flower”.
There are four parts to the film: “Eko-chan and Aya-san”, a story between women, “Sawa-sensei and Yagasaki-kun”, a story between men, “Shin-chan and Sayoko”, a story between cousins, and “Mika-chan and Shin-chan”, the continuation of the story.

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Looking for an apprentice witch

出典 : ©東映・東映アニメーション : 映画『魔女見習いをさがして』公式サイト

The release date has been postponed from May 15, 2020 (Friday) to [Fall 2020].

It is the 20th anniversary film of “Doromi” and is a story about three women who watched “Doromi” when they were children.
The reason for the postponement is not due to the new corona, but due to production reasons.

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Words spring up like cider

The release date has been postponed from May 15, 2020 (Friday) to [undecided].

It is the 10th anniversary work of the anime music label “Flying Dog” to which Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura belong.
It is a coming-of-age story about the interaction between Cherry, a boy who is not good at socializing, and Smile, a masked girl who streams videos.

Official PV

The Movie Givens

出典 : © キヅナツキ・新書館/ギヴン製作委員会 : TOP | 映画 ギヴン

The release date has been postponed from May 16, 2020 (Saturday) to [TBD].

The story will be a sequel to the 2019 summer TV anime about BL in the band.
The main production crew will be the same as the TV version.

Official PV



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