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【Cautious Hero】 A thorough examination of the possibility of a second season! Is the key to foreign popularity?

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We examined the possibility of a second season of Cautious Hero, the first anime adaptation of a serialized work by Kakuyom, which has captured the hearts of many people!
We’re going to give you a thorough prediction of the film’s next commercial development in terms of distribution & international popularity, which has been key to the anime sequel in recent years!

Kakuyom’s first anime adaptation

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The novel submission site “KakuYom” run by KADOKAWA started its service in 2016.
It was started with great expectations that it would become a web novel site to follow in the footsteps of “Let’s Become a Novelist,” which at the time was gaining readers at a frenzied pace, and it became a hot topic of conversation, with many works uploaded not only by amateurs but also by professionals who had worked for the Kadokawa group labels, such as Minoru Kawakami’s “Horizon on the Edge of the Boundary NEXT BOX”.

One of the top 3 most popular titles on Kakuyom is “Careful Hero”.
By the way, the title of the original work is “This hero is too cautious for my TUEE,” so you won’t find it even if you search for “Careful Hero”.

The series started in June 2016, right after Kakuyom started.
It became a popular work right after it started, and in February 2017 it was published in book form by Kadokawa BOOKS, inviting Toyota Shotakiori-sensei known for the “Legend of the Legendary Heroes” series as the illustrator.

The book version was also well received, and in 2018 the manga will be serialized in DRAGON AGE and made into a TV anime produced by WHITE FOX.
Being able to announce both the comic book and anime adaptation at the same time is something that only KADOKAWA, which is strong in media mixes, can do.

However, the fact that Cautious Hero was able to make it into an anime within two years of its submission is a testament to the power of the work.

The main characters in this work are “Lista”, or Lista, the goddess of healing, and the hero, Ryuguin Seiya, who was summoned by her.
If you just look at this part of the story, you might think it is a typical otherworldly summoning story of the “naruu-kei” type, but strictly speaking, this story is different because the main character, Lista, is the one who summoned the goddess, and the story proceeds in her first person.
This “story from the goddess’ point of view” is very important, and works in conjunction with a major device lurking in the film.

The basic structure of Cautious Hero’s story is “Seiya, who always has to prepare excessively to feel comfortable, watches the many bizarre acts and warriors that he does in a serious manner, while Lista, who is in love with the handsome man, tweaks him.
Therefore, it is a comedy with a strong gag tone.

However, there was an extremely serious reason for Seiya’s overly cautious attitude.
He had been summoned by another goddess in the past to save another world, and he was in love with Princess Tiana, a member of Lista’s previous life, who was a member of his party, and even gave birth to a child in her belly.

At the time, Seiya was more of an outgoing character than a cautious one, but after a hard fight, he and his friends defeated the last boss, the Demon King.
However, the Demon King was actually alive, and the party was caught off guard.
Princess Tiana and her children were killed, and Seiya was forced to return to his home world, where he survived, but lost his memory.

Later, Princess Tiana was reincarnated as the goddess Lista.
She had no memory of her life, and summoned Seiya, who she saw by chance, to save the other world.
Before Seiya lost his memory, he secretly left behind a property (an inherent property): “Be cautious, even cautious. Whether you are disliked or hated, stick to it. And this time, I will definitely save the world, my friends, and the people I care about,” and he abides by his own statement, carefully He became too brave.

This dual-structured story, “comedy from Lista’s point of view and serious from Seiya’s point of view,” was highly accomplished and was praised by many readers.
It was this reputation that led to an anime and other media mixes.

海外で大人気! 配信でヒットを記録

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The anime aired in the fall of 2019 under the title “Prudent Hero – This Hero is Too Cautious for Ore TUEEE,” and sales of the Blu-ray and DVD (discs) did not increase much, resulting in less than 1,000 copies.
In contrast, however, it did very well in distribution.
It ranked a respectable ninth in Netflix’s 2019 annual ranking in the animation category, and Chinese video sharing The site Bilibiri Video has recorded 120 million views.

As a comparison, if we look at the data for the Naro anime “The World’s Strongest in Common Profession”, which will also air in 2019 and is set for a second season, this one ranks 10th on Netflix for the year and just over 80 million on Biri Biri Video.
Both are surpassed by Cautious Hero.

Disc sales are significantly higher than Marechure, so I wouldn’t say that this result alone is enough to give it a strong second season.
However, in recent years, sequels are often produced for works that are well distributed, so the possibility that the second season of Cautious Hero will be produced is great.

Whether or not the second season of Cautious Hero, which has become a major work, will be made or not will be an important point in predicting the future of KakuYom, and this will be a positive factor in supporting the second season.

Enough of the original stock! But…..

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The anime “Prudent Hero” was aired in a single cool episode, and even the first part, the “Salvation Difficulty S. Geerblande” version, was made into a video.
That’s up to volume 2 of the book version.

Currently, the book version of Cautious Hero has been released to volume 7, and the third part, “Salvation Difficulty S+ Geerblande” chapter has been completed.
The fourth part, “Salvation Difficulty SS+ Twisted Ixploria” is being serialized on Kakuyom.

If a second season is to be produced, it will be an anime of the second part “Salvation Difficulty SS Ixploria” that was included in the book version volume 3 to 5.
Therefore, there is no problem at all in terms of stock.

However, the manga version is currently only published up to volume 2, and the serialization is finally at the beginning of the first part as of March 2020.
Since the anime adaptation and comicalization were announced at the same time, the manga version can’t help but be delayed, but at this pace, the first part will likely be finished around 2021.

Of course, if the stock of the original work is available, it is possible to make an anime regardless of the progress of the manga version, but the manga version, which is drawn by Kooyuki-sensei, has sold well and has been reprinted multiple times, so if possible, it would be nice to have it in line with the rest of the series.
In addition, WHITE FOX is preparing to produce the 2nd season of Rizero and the 2nd season of Mere Old Man, so there may be some time between the two seasons even if they are produced.



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