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【Bloom Into You】Second season is in range! The completion of the original story will boost your spirits!

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We thoroughly examine the possibility of producing a second season of the hugely popular anime “Bloom Into You”, which has sold exceptionally well for a yuri work!
With the original reaching its grand finale, and the film’s popularity not waning after the last episode, with various projects in the pipeline, we’ll find out if a second season is realistically in the cards!

Because We’re These Two, a different kind of yuri

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The TV anime “Bloom Into You” aired in the fall of 2018 and received a lot of support from fans of the original work as well.
It has also demonstrated its presence in the 2018 fall school season, which has seen a rare bumper crop of works in recent years, including “Zombieland Saga,” “SSSS.GRIDMAN,” “Seishun Buta Bastard,” and “Tensei Shitaita Slyme Kono Ka,” and won the Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) 2020 Anime of the Year category “Everybody’s Choice, It received high praise from anime fans, ranking second in the “Best 100” television category and fourth in the Best Anime Rankings 2018, as selected by the people of 5 channels.

After the anime ended, Yaga-kun gained even more fans, and the final episode was successfully published in the November 2019 issue of Dengeki Daioh, which was released in September 2019.
The issue containing the final issue was billed as the “Grand Finale Issue of ‘Bloom Into You'” and ended with an unbeatable treatment, including a cover and center color, a special feature article at the beginning of the issue, and the inclusion of an appendix to celebrate the happy ending of Yu Koito and Nanami Toko.
It’s a good indication of how much this work was loved.

The reason this work was so well supported was in an interview the author, Grebe Nakatani-sensei, gave after the last issue.

When Nakatani-sensei was starting this work, Kusunoki-san, the editor, told him that “yuri means a secret love”, and he decided to make the story about a love between women, which is the basis of most yuri works, by replacing it with “it’s a love between women, so it has to be kept secret”, which is the reason why it has to be kept secret.
By doing this, the relationship between Yuu and Toko is not solely based on yuri, but rather a pure and twisted relationship between Yuu, who “can’t fall in love with others” and Toko, who “can’t open her heart to anyone who falls in love with her”, which makes it a story that delves deeper into human nature as well as romantic feelings.

Yuri is a genre that has a strong personality of “love between women”, and many works tend to focus on the existing format, but this is not necessarily the case with Yagakun, as it has male characters and they are involved in the story to some extent.
Nevertheless, the reason why the work was so popular with yuri fans is because the yuri is a flat form of romance in this work, and it did not waver from the perspective of the male characters.
Because it is a work that focuses on the emotions and relationships of each character, it has a different perspective on yuri than other works and is different from other yuri works in the industry.

Also, the director of the anime, Kato Makoto, mentioned in an interview that he had no connection to the yuri genre, and I think this was a positive thing.
The anime version of Yagakun also focused more on expressing and directing the emotions of each person rather than focusing on the yuri, and it fit well with the style of the work.
The OP image in particular was quite meaningful and was a great image that stimulated the viewer’s imagination.

One of the best achievements in pure yuri anime

Yagakun, which has a different appeal from other yuri works, showed its wide fan base and sold an average of 3800 copies on Blu-ray and DVD (discs), which was very high for this genre.
One of the most popular yuri anime is “YuruYuri”, but this work has a strong daily comedy aspect, and it may be said that Hayagakun is the best seller of all the yuri anime works.

In addition, it should be noted that all 4 volumes of the discs sold at about the same rate.
It shows that it was a good anime with almost no defectors.

It also contributed greatly to the sales of the comics.
The total number of copies sold at the time of the anime adaptation was 500,000, but after the anime was broadcasted, all volumes were reprinted multiple times, and by the time the eighth and final volume was released, the number of copies exceeded 1 million.
It is unusual for an yuri manga to break 1 million copies, and it can be said that it is one of the top class results in this genre in terms of both disc sales and sales.

With such a record, the second season is assured……..I would like to say, but unfortunately it is not a definite thing.
In these days of the disk recession, if it sells nearly 4,000 disks, a second season is on the horizon, but it seems to be on the edge of the line as producer Yamashita Shinpei said “It’s selling well, but it’s not going to be a second season just yet” during the talk event “To the End of Station” that was held in February 2019.

After that, the original work ended without any announcement of a second season, it may seem that the possibility is far off… but in reality, it can be said that the momentum for a second season has increased with the completion of the work.
It seems that the endgame was very satisfying for the fans, and with a rather spectacular final episode, the final volume had the highest comic book sales ever.
Even among fans, “I want it to be animated to the end! Perhaps because of this, the number of people waiting for the second season is increasing.

The enthusiasm of the fans is likely to push the realization of the second season of Yagakun.



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