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【Jojo】What makes Bucharati a huge fan favorite? Verification summary

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We got to know the secret to the popularity of Brono Bucharati, the most fan-favorite character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Parte 5: Golden Wind!
We thoroughly examine the reasons why he’s won the hearts of JoJo fans so far, from a variety of perspectives!

Brono Bucharati Character Overview

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A male character in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Parte 5: Golden Wind”.
He has a distinctive dark-haired bobbed head.
He wears a suit with many zippers.

When he was 12 years old, he murdered a gangster to protect his father who was in trouble with drugs.
To escape retribution against himself and his father, he pledged his allegiance to the Paschone gang, which controlled the Italian city of Neapolis, and joined the gang.

He went on to steadily build up his achievements as a gangster in Neapolis, gaining trusted subordinates such as Panacotta Hugo, Narancha Gilga, Leone Abacchio and Guido Mista to form a team.
At the age of 20, while working for Polpo, the executive, he meets the film’s protagonist, Giorno Giovana, in the capacity of an enemy, and is defeated in battle.

Because he had long been conflicted by Paccione’s drug trafficking, which he detested, he sympathized with Giorno’s dream of defeating the boss of Paccione, taking over his organization, and eradicating the gangsters who sell drugs to children, so he recruited him into the team and thereafter turned against Paccione and the boss in secret.

After being fatally wounded in a direct confrontation with the boss, Giorno’s “Gold Experience” gives him a chance to survive, but his body is dead and his will remains intact, leaving him in a zombie-like state.
Nevertheless, he remains true to his beliefs and leads his team to the final battle, and in the end, he leaves everything to Jonno and is taken up to heaven.

While he has lived as a gangster for a long time, he still has the warmth of heart that he had since he was a boy, and he is a young man with a ruthless and chivalrous spirit.
He has a clear mind and always sees the big picture, and he always uses his wits in battle to keep his cool in the face of any powerful enemy.

His stand is the close-range power type “Sticky Fingers”.
A zipper is attached to the object you touch, and can be opened and closed to sever or join torn parts.
It is also possible to create a separate space inside the object, allowing the user to enter and exit through the zipper and hide or store objects.

The voice actor in charge of the game is Yuichi Nakamura.
In the past, Takahiro Sakurai and Noriaki Sugiyama have also performed in the game.

JoJo’s most popular character

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In his first appearance, Bucharati was a creepy antagonist character who flaunted his ability to detect lies in the sweat of his opponents.
His behavior is noticeably different from his current image of himself, as he shows off his bizarre behavior of licking the sweat off of Jonno’s face directly and threatening him with a gangster-like tone of voice from Mitsushita.
It’s a common pattern in JoJo, where the character isn’t set in stone when he first appears.

However, such small moves are only the first time, and after joining JoJo’s team, Bucharati has always been a charismatic leader of the team.
Hugo, Narancha, Avacchio, and Mistah have always trusted Bucharati, and the town’s inhabitants have spoken openly to the gangster and even approached him for advice.

His popularity is the greatest among all Jojo characters.
He’s a different type of charismatic character than DIO, and although he’s a dark hero in terms of his standing, he’s a rather unusual type of character who appears to be a righteous hero from the reader/viewer’s perspective.

His popularity was not limited to the work, but even in the 1990s when the original work was serialized, he was recognized as one of the most popular characters in the 5th part of the series.
There is no official poll of his popularity, but even before “Jojo-stand” became a buzzword on the internet, he was being asked “Are you ready? I’m done.” “Nauseating ‘evil’! It can be seen from the fact that his quotes such as “I’m the best in the world,” and “I’m the best in the world,” were picked up in various places, that his popularity was assured.

However, I have the impression that he was not one of the best in the entire Jojo series.
There are so many popular characters in the Jojo series, from the main character in part 3, Jotaro Kujo, to past JoJoos such as Jonathan, Joseph, and Josuke, to friends such as Caesar and Polnareff, to characters such as Kishibe Rohan, a character who looks like Hirohiko Araki himself, to the final bosses such as DIO and Kira Yoshikage….
Even in the 5th part, not only the Bucharati team, but also the assassination team, such as the Prosciutto brother, have received tremendous support from fans, and it seems that Bucharati was not the most popular of them all.

However, in 2013, when a campaign was held prior to the release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, a surprising revelation was made when a substantial popularity poll was held.
In this poll, which was open to characters from up to 8 parts of the game, Bucharati was ranked fourth overall.
She was ranked even higher than Jotaro.

At that time, the 1st and 2nd parts had just been made into an anime and there was no anime compensation.
Despite this, Bucharati showed that he was one of the most popular Jojo characters.

And in the fall of 2018, after Part 5 made its long-awaited anime adaptation, its popularity heated up even more.
Bucharati’s appearances, the times he appeared, his death struggle with Prosciutto & Pesci, his confrontation with the boss, and his beautiful and sad end… he always scratched the number one trend at every milestone.

It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s now a popular character, comparable to Jotaro and DIO.



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