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30 supernatural and xenophilic anime! We’ve compiled a list of the most popular titles with special abilities and cross-genre battles

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We’ve handpicked 30 of the best anime based on supernatural and other powers!
We have compiled a list of works that are different from everyday life anime due to their special abilities, and works that are unusual battle anime due to their unique different abilities!


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This battle action and mystery is scheduled to begin airing in April 2020.
It is a battle piece involving people with the “transformation ability”, but the horror and mystery is more in the foreground than the fighting.
The main feature of the work is the novel setting of the different ability to transform into a stuffed animal suit.

Darwin’s Game

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Suspense action aired in the winter of 2020.
It tells the story of a group of people who participate in the mysterious app Darwin’s Game, a death game in which they defeat other aliens.
The main character, Sudou Kaname, uses a telekinetic embodied ability called ‘Hinokagutsuchi’, which allows her to generate vessels from her knowledge, and a number of other different abilities appear in the series.

Hina Festival

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A science fiction gag anime that aired in the spring of 2018.
It is a slapstick drama that revolves around Hina, a girl with supernatural abilities who has been sent from the future, and a young yakuza (Nitta Yoshifumi) who has been sent to support her in a desperate attempt to help her.
Other than Hina, superpowered girls such as Anzu and Mao appear, but the abilities themselves are the essence of the work, and although they are not superpowered, there may be more characters that are more crazy than them.

Sakurada reset

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This school fantasy aired from spring to summer 2017.
Set in the town of Sakurada, where the gifted live, this work has a strong mystery element, depicting the daily life of the main character, Kei Asai (Asai Kei), who belongs to the Service Club, an organization that manages gifted people, and the incidents he is involved in.
Kay’s ability “Memory Retention” is an unassuming ability that allows her to completely recall her own experiences, but when combined with the “Reset” ability of the heroine of this work, Harusaki Misora, who has the ability to rewind the world for up to three days, an interesting chemical reaction occurs.

Alice and Sukeroku

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A science fiction fantasy that will air in spring 2017.
Set in a world where a supernatural being called “Alice’s Dream” has appeared, the story focuses on the encounter and interaction between the main character Sana Kashimura, who has the ability to “rewrite all physical phenomena within the scope of her own imagination”, and the elderly man Zoroku Kashimura.
The supernatural power in this work is called “Trump”, and in addition to Sana’s ability, there are other incredible powers such as “being able to use the abilities of the maid character from the anime” and “being able to take away people’s imagination and give orders”.


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This action and romantic comedy aired between 2016 and 2017.
The story follows the protagonist Tennoji Kotaro and his club members in the occult research group as they try to solve the mysteries of various bizarre phenomena happening around them.
The original game version follows the route of several heroines, but the anime version is mainly about Gokudaro and Bonfire.

Mob Psycho 100

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The series began in 2016 with a coming-of-age comedy and battle.
It depicts the coming of age and growth of Mobu, a psychic who has no other traits but is able to manipulate telekinetic powers that allow him to exert substandard powers.
It is characterized by battles using supernatural abilities rather than the types of unusual abilities often seen in battle stories.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

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A sci-fi gag that started the series in 2016.
The story focuses on the hilarious school life of the natural-born psychic, Kusuo Saiki, who has a psychic ability.
Kusuo is able to use all kinds of superpowers on a terrific scale, from the basic ones like ‘teleportation’, ‘telepathy’ and ‘psychokinesis’ to the super-powerful ones like ‘mind control’ which can expand to a global scale and ‘restoration ability’ which can rewind the time of the target for a day.

Boku no Hero Academia

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The school action series started in 2016.
Set in a world where about 80% of the total population has come to have supernatural abilities “Individuality”, the series mainly focuses on the activities of the main character Deku, who yearns to be a hero who cracks down on the enemy “Villain” who abuses his personality.
Deku’s “One for All” and various other abilities appear in the story.

Bungo Stray Dogs

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The battle action series began in 2016.
In this work, literary giants such as Osamu Dazai (Dazai Osamu), who has been transformed into a character as a handsome character, fight each other using their different abilities.
The main character, Atsushi Nakajima’s “Moonlight Beast” and other great writers’ works are named after their abilities.

Dandelion in the Castle Town

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This Kirara-type home comedy aired in the summer of 2015.
It is a story about the Sakurada family, a royal family, all of whom have special abilities, competing harmoniously in an election to determine the next king.
The main character Akane’s special ability, “Control gravity of oneself and everything one touches”, and other fairly powerful abilities appear in the story.


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This comedy-drama aired in the summer of 2015.
It is set in a world where only a small percentage of children who have reached puberty are equipped with special abilities, and it depicts the story of the main character Otosaka Yu (Otosaka Yu), who misuses his abilities, who unintentionally helps the student council activities and then follows a fate of epic proportions.
There is not much of a battle, and the main focus of the story is to challenge everyday life and incidents with one’s ability.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

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This romantic comedy aired in the spring of 2015.
The story centers around the interaction between the main character, Yamada Ryu, who has the ability to “copy the abilities of the witches he kisses” and a group of girls with a variety of abilities.
It is characterized by the fact that it is triggered by a kiss, such as “telepathy with the person you kissed” and “future prediction from the point of view of the person you kissed”.

The cross-genre battles are in the everyday system.

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A school romantic comedy that aired in the fall of 2014.
It depicts the romance and daily life of the main character, Ando Jurai, who has acquired the Ska ability “Black and Dark”, which allows him to control low temperature flames with no lethal force, while the students in the literature club suddenly awaken to their different abilities.
His other aliases are extremely powerful, such as time control and the ability to manipulate wind, fire, water, earth, and light.

Tokyo ESP

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This sci-fi action series aired in the summer of 2014.
It is set in Tokyo and depicts the battles and human interactions of a boy and girl who have been able to use ESP.
As the title includes ESP, the subject matter is ESP, and various abilities such as “physical penetration” used by the main character, Urushiba Rinca (Urushiba Rinca), appear in some parts of the story.



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