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【Mayfly Project】Marie is the Medusa who will determine where the story goes! Here’s a summary of the “queen” of snakes!

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Despite her cute appearance, Marie in “Mayfly Project” is a character with a “monster” aspect that holds the key to the story. Here is a summary of Marie’s past, her abilities, and her activities in different media.

Who is Marie, a girl with “monster” blood in her veins?

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Marie has white fluffy hair, pink eyes, and an apron dress that makes her look like she came out of a fairy tale.
Her real name is Mari Kozakura, and she was born to a human male and Theon, who is half Medusa and half human. She is the quarter of a Medusa and a human. She looks like a girl, but her real age is about 140 years old.

She is very shy, but she is also very self-paced and full of curiosity. Even if she gets separated from people at the amusement park, she goes around the attractions by herself and is not afraid of screaming machines or insects, she is a girl with a lot of heart.
On the other hand, she is a clumsy girl and good at knitting, and she has a girlish side that makes her want to protect others.

After meeting Set, the second member of the Mekakushi group, she joined the Mekakushi group, where members with red eyes gather.

The innate ability to make eye contact

Marie was born with the ability to make eye contact, which is derived from Medusa’s blood. The medusa, Azami, was able to petrify humans who made eye contact with her due to this ability. However, Theon’s body is unable to withstand the use of his ability, perhaps because his blood has been diluted, and Marie’s ability itself seems to have been weakened, and she can only stop the movement of her eye contact target for a certain amount of time.

Life in the woods with my mother

Since her birth, Marie has lived deep in the forest for over 100 years. Her human father died when she was very young, and she spent a lot of time with her mother, and she grew up being told by her mother that she must never go outside.

However, even though she knew from a young age that she, her mother and her grandmother were “monsters”, she still had a longing for the outside world, and so one day she broke her mother’s advice and went out into the world. There she was attacked by humans, probably because of her Medusa’s appearance, and was protected by Theon, who came to her aid, but he was too late and she and Theon were beaten to death.

The heart of the story! The ability to control all the “snakes”

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Azami, the Medusa, is the controller of the ten abilities (snakes) such as ‘Hide the Eyes’, ‘Steal the Eyes’ and ‘Deceive the Eyes’, and has the power to create and even rewind the world.

When Azami retreated into the Mayfly Days, a world she created that would never end, after her daughter Theon and grandson Marie were killed, she ordered the Mayfly Days to “drag a dead person into the world”.

Of the snake’s power to take the place of life, the only thing that fits them both is the ability to “merge their eyes”, the ability to control all snakes. Marie was given over to Theon and received the serpent and was brought back to life.

In other words, Marie currently has two types of abilities: “Eye Matching” and “Eye Combining”. Marie keeps getting her friends killed by the plot of the mastermind “bright-eyed” snake, and each time she uses the latter’s ability to “rewind” the world …… That’s how the loop in “Kagepro” works.

The serpent that is taking the place of life manifests as an ability of its host, but when the host dies, the serpent returns to Marie, allowing her to use that ability.

How did you meet Set?

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After her mother died and was separated from her, Marie was so frightened of the outside world that had taken away her precious existence and her ability to “look them in the eye and turn them to stone” that she never left her home and spent decades alone.

It was Set who recognized the voice that Marie carried deep inside her that said “I’m lonely” and “Help me out” and took her out into the outside world. Marie’s world changed forever when she met him, who told her not to be afraid of the world.

Of course Marie loves her friends, but Set seems to be the first person who found her, and in the manga, music videos, and anime, there are many scenes where she sees him being hurt and becomes enraged and desperate.

Marie’s feelings, starting with her appreciation for Set, are straightforward and noble. I highly recommend reading the novel, especially since it depicts Set’s feelings for Marie and Marie’s feelings for Set in volume 8.



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