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【Machikado Mazoku】The potential of the second season has been thoroughly examined! Discs and goods are both selling well

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Here’s a summary of the possibility of a second season of the summer 2019 Kirara anime Machikado Mazoku being produced!
Based on their current popularity and how it compares to the Kirara anime that had two seasons in the past, we thoroughly examine whether or not we’ll ever see Shamiko and her friends in action again in the anime!

She won the hearts of Yuri fans with “Shamiko is bad”! The unique line is also a hot topic!

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Machicado Mazoku was broadcast in the fall of 2018, “Animaale! It is the first Kirara anime since, and it aired in the summer of 2019.
It was the first time since the spring 2011 “A Channel” – winter 2012 “Kill Me Baby” that Kirara anime has not aired for two cool seasons.
It was a long awaited work for the daily life anime fans who had been starved for Kirara anime.

On the other hand, “K-On! The daily life anime boom that had been going on for a while after that has subsided, and although “Yurukan△” was a big hit, the opportunity for Kirara anime to be a hit is gradually decreasing.
Because of this background, Machi-Cadomazoku was selected in a pre-broadcast anticipation survey for the d-anime store “2019 summer anime, what do you want to watch? Number 26, Anime! Animation! What are your high expectations for summer 2019 anime? 18th, eb-i Xpress “Top 20 Overall Summer Anime Rankings for 2019” broadcast in eb-i Xpress “Top 20 Summer Anime Rankings for 2019” finished poorly outside the …… area.

This trend has not changed significantly since the broadcast began.
Episode 1 – Yuko’s Awakening! After the airing of “Family Affair, Today’s Demon Tribe”, there was praise for the original writer Ito Izumo-sensei’s tasteful dialogue, the good tempo of the dialogue, and Shamiko’s clunky cuteness, but the character of Momo Chiyoda was difficult to grasp at this point in time, and the direction of the literalization of onomatopoeias and shouting voices was not well received. I had the impression that it was “not bad” as far as I was concerned.
In fact, right after the first episode aired, the pre-orders for the Blu-ray and DVD (disc) started to be accepted, but at that time the pre-order situation was not so good.

After that, “After this episode, the situation changed drastically! Although there was no obvious turning point in the series, Shamiko’s cuteness became a hot topic on the internet as the series continued to air, and her reputation increased.
Also, the relationship between Shamiko and Momo became clearer around the third episode, and the portrayal of yuri fans began to increase, and the amount of fan art gradually increased.

As a result of the fan art that was posted, Momo’s line “Shamiko is bad” in the illustration became very popular.
It is a line that is never said in the work, but it became popular because it sounded like something Momo would say, and it became so popular that if you type in “Shamiko” in a Google search, “Shamiko is bad” came up in the search suggestions.

With this series of fads, the popularity of the series increased and the relationship between Shamiko and Momo deepened, which led to a great deal of excitement from the middle of the series, and especially in the last half of the series, the pre-order chart rose significantly every time there was a broadcast.
As a result, the first volume was sold out before it was even released.
Furthermore, because many people wanted to buy the original comics, it was also sold out at the stores, and by the time the last episode of the anime came around, there were “Shamiko losses” all over the country.

Discs and originals have been sold out! Break through the walls that stand in the way of Kirara anime!

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As mentioned above, the first round of discs for Machikado Mazoku was completely out of stock before its release, resulting in sales of approximately 3,300 copies in the first round.
It has since been successfully re-shipped, and as of February 2020, the number has grown to 5,700 copies.

Subsequent disc releases have also remained strong.
Like Volume 1, Volume 2, which included event ticket priority sales application tickets, as well as Volumes 3 and 4, which did not include an event ticket, did not lose much sales, with average sales exceeding 5,000 copies.

In recent years, due to the recession of the discs, the number of works that have sold 5000 copies has been decreasing, and if they have broken through that line, then they will be ready for a second season, or at least that’s what they are going to be able to do. …… The case of Kirara anime is a different story.
I’m not going to be able to say that I’m not going to be able to get a second season, but I’m not going to be able to say that I’m not going to be able to.

The top selling Kirara anime series of the first season (and what happened after that)

About 44,000 copies of K-On! (2nd season + movie version)
Approx. 14,000 copies Yuru-Can△ (2nd season + short anime + movie version)
Approximately 13,000 copies. Are you ordering a rabbit? (3 seasons + OVA)
About *9,000 sheets Hidamari Sketch (4th season + OVA)
Approx. *7,000 copies Golden Mosaic (2nd season + movie version)
Approx*6,000 copies NEW GAME!

Approx. *5,000 copies A channel (OVA)
Approx. *5,000 sheets GA Art Department Art Design Class (OVA)
Approx. *4,000 sheets Hanayamata
Approx*3,000 blends and S

Looking at the data from the past, the average number of copies sold was about 5,000, which means that an OVA was produced, but no second season was made.

Also, Yuyushiki averaged 3,000 copies at the time of the main broadcast, but the Blu-ray box released two years later sold over 4,000 sets, totaling about 7,000 copies.
Moreover, the OVA released in 2017 sold over 10,000 copies, but still no second season was made.
Similarly, Kill Me Baby, which sold 6,000 sets of Blu-ray boxes, has not been produced for a second season.

However, this is just a case of the past.
The second season of “NEW GAME!” was made even though it didn’t reach the low point of “Kinmoza” at the time, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the same thing happen to “Machikado Magic”.

In addition to the sales of the discs, there were several other positive results that will support the second season.

One of them is the impact on the original work.
The fact that “the hurdle is high for the second season of Kirara anime” can be rephrased as “Houbunsha (Kirara’s publisher) is setting the bar high for the second season.
Therefore, it can be said that how well the original work sold after the anime was aired is an important factor in predicting the second season.

Since the anime was made, the original Machikado Mazoku comics have been reprinted several times, but even so, there are still a lot of booksellers that are out of stock, and as of February 2020, there is still a shortage of copies available.
If the shortage hasn’t improved over the long term, I’d be tempted to guess that …… is planning a major reprint to coincide with the announcement of the second anime season.
That may be an oversimplification, but the fact that there is still a shortage of supply in relation to demand is a sign that the popularity of the anime is not just a passing fad due to its broadcast, but a sign that the number of fans is growing in earnest.

The fact that the number of followers on the official anime account has continued to grow even after the broadcast should not be overlooked.
The number of followers has increased from 30,000 on September 30, 2019, right after the broadcast ended, to 42,000 as of February 9, 2020.
‘Maybe this will sell better in the second season?’ It’s a growth that makes you think that this is a good thing.

Merchandise sales have also been extremely strong.
At the event held on November 16, 2019, all products in the merchandise section were sold out, and the Shamiko figure (crisis management form) sold by KOTOBUKIYA was so popular that it sold out instantly, and a second edition was already decided to be produced.

With things going so well on all fronts, there is no doubt that there will be calls for a continuation of the series.
Finally, a second season is becoming a reality!



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