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[Log Horizon] A miraculous third season is set! From Desperate Situation to Great Victory

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A miraculous third season of the popular anime “Log Horizon”, based on the original novel by Naro, has been realized, and we summarize the past and current status of the show!
We’ll look back at the impact of this film’s subsequent impact and stagnation on Loghora’s journey so far, as well as an update on the third season!

Narou’s first hit anime

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Log Horizon” is a web novel that has been serialized in 2010 on Let’s Become a Novelist.
It is a story about the adventures and bonds of the guild “Log Horizon” formed by the main character Shiroe and her friends, who are one of the tens of thousands of players trapped in the world of “Seldesia”, a popular online game “Elder Tail”.
It is an unusual type of story that focuses on city management such as self-governance and negotiations set in the adventurer’s city “Akiba” rather than battles.

The author is Tomono Mamare, who posted “Maoyu Maou Yuu Yuusha” on 2Chan (now 5Chan) and it was well received.
He was discovered by game designer Shoji Masuda, who worked on “Tengai Makyo II Manjimaru” and “Ore no Kaito wo Koide wo Yuke”, and in 2011 it was published in book form following “Maoyu”.

At the time, “Sword Art Online” and “Magic High School’s Inferior Students” were gaining a lot of readers, and online novels were starting to become popular.
On the other hand, inter-world reincarnation/transference, which has become synonymous with today’s narrow narratives, was still in vogue, and while there were a large number of novels in which characters temporarily dive into the game world due to the success of SAO, it was rare to see a story in which the characters were completely transferred to another world similar to the one in the game.

The book version, which was illustrated by Haraka Kazuhiro and Mochichi Hashimoto (in charge of monster design), had a circulation of more than 250,000 copies as of the fifth volume, the conclusion of the first part.
It was nicknamed “Loghora” and was made into a TV anime in 2013.

Moreover, it was broadcasted on NHK, which is unusual for an anime based on a light novel.
The readership of this anime, which was broadcasted for two seasons each, grew rapidly, and by 2014, when volume 8 was released, it became a bestseller, selling over 1 million copies.

After the success of this work, novels dealing with otherworldly reincarnation/transference were released one after another on novel submission sites such as Narou, Overlord, Bless This Wonderful World! This led to a series of hits such as “Re: Zero to ZERO to Start a New World Life”.
This led to an unprecedented boom in the otherworldly world, and Loghora was highly regarded as a pioneer in this field, with a circulation of 1.6 millionc

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The series continued steadily and there was a good chance of a third anime season for Loghora, but in April 2015, an unexpected situation was discovered.
M2ladeJAM, the copyright management company established by Touro Sensei, was accused of tax evasion by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau.
Due to the impact of the subsequent indictment and conviction, Loghora’s book publishing was halted for a while after volume 10, which was released in September 2015.

This news was widely reported and its shocking nature has led some to assume that not a few people think that Loghora is no longer sustainable in 2015.
If this work was a manga serialized in a magazine, it would have been unavoidable to discontinue it.
However, this work is a style of book based on the content posted on Narrowrow, and the posting itself can be done even on probation, so the serialization itself was not delayed, and even after the incident was uncovered, it was still going on, albeit irregularly.

Also in March 2018, he released his first new book in two and a half years, volume 11, Krusty Tycoon Road.
It seemed to be restarting in earnest…….but after that March 2018, the serialization on Narrow was also stopped.

Nevertheless, with the publication of this volume 11, Loghora-related activities became more and more active, we held a character popularity poll on Nico Nico Stillga and held an illustration exhibition.
Then, on September 30, 2019, an announcement will be made to release volume 12, “Round Table Collapse,” on September 30, 2019.
However, this new book won’t be in stores on the scheduled release date, and the sales pages have been removed from all the mail order sites without announcing a new release date.

Although it was still on the website of the animate mail order site, it was still listed as “release undecided but postponed” for a long time, so fans were wondering if it was really going to be released or not, and the voices of anxiety were increasing day by day.

At this point, there was a mixture of anticipation that a new Loghora project was in the works and a sense of stagnation that it was going to remain stagnant.

Some fans took it as a positive sign that there was a big project going on behind the scenes that was taking up the author’s time, and that the new book was still in the process of figuring out the release date for that project. Some fans lamented that this was not the case.

In fact, when the release of volume 12 was postponed, there was no official announcement of the postponement from the publisher, and it is hard to deny that this may have caused some anxiety.
Nevertheless, Masuda-san, who is in a producer-like position for Log Horror, continues to describe the “LOG HORIZON (eb!) project as “continuing” on his account, and the game app “Log Horizon: The Land of New Adventures” and the official website of Tomono-sensei continued to operate, so there is still hope There were many fans who continued to believe that there would be

With that in mind, a Blu-ray Box Compact Edition of the first and second series of the anime will be released on January 24, 2020.
However, the box release of the past series is not necessarily a flag for a sequel production.
In fact, there have been plenty of animations in the past where a sequel was expected but never materialized.

Even so, fans continued to believe and wait.
And on January 22, 2020, their prayers will suddenly come true.
The news of the new anime, the first one in 5 years, that is, the 3rd season will be broadcasted, was announced in a big way.

There were many voices on Twitter celebrating the third season of Loghora, and “Loghora” became a trending topic, and despite it being the first time in a long time that the anime has been made into an anime, there was a great deal of excitement.



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