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【Super HxEros】How did Kirara Hoshino (Exe Yellow) become number one in the popularity poll? Thorough examination

出典 : ©きただりょうま/集英社・ド級編隊エグゼロス製作委員会 ©きただりょうま/集英社 : TVアニメ「ド級編隊エグゼロス」公式サイト

From the summer 2020 broadcast of the anime “Super HxEros”, the main heroine Kirara Hoshino is featured!
We thoroughly examine the appeal of her and her ‘black mica’, which has been immensely popular with her fans, including being ranked first in the official popularity poll!

Kirara Hoshino Character Overview

出典 : ©きただりょうま/集英社・ド級編隊エグゼロス製作委員会 ©きただりょうま/集英社 : TVアニメ「ド級編隊エグゼロス」公式サイト

She is a female character in “Super HxEros” and is the main heroine of the film.
She is a childhood friend of the main character, Raito Enjo.

Her three sizes are 88-60-82 and she has quite large breasts.
She has short orange hair and wears a hair ornament with a glittery mark.

She was an uninhibited girl who toyed with Hayato until she was in the upper grades of elementary school, but when she was attacked by Kisei Mushi, she absorbed H Energi (the source of people’s eroticism), which changed her into a girl who hates vulgarity to the extreme.
After that, she became estranged from Hayato for a while, and called him by his nickname, but one day when she was in high school, she was again attacked by the Kisei bugs, and that’s when she made up with him.
In the process, he found out that he had the makings of a hero “Exe Zerous” who fights to protect the Earth from the invading bugs, so he joined the Sci-Tama branch of the Earth Defense Force, to which Hayato belongs, and became an Exe Yellow.

His motivation for joining Exe Yellow was to help Rokujin.
She has been faintly in love with him since she was a child, and it seems that her feelings for him remain unchanged even after her personality has changed.

She is voiced by Ai Kakuma.

It won the official popularity poll! The main heroine in both name and reality

出典 :

Two months after “To LOVE-Ru Darkness”, a smash hit that had been leading JUMP Square since 2010, was completed after six and a half years of serialization, a new work began serialization at JUMP Square to take its place.
That’s “Super HxEros”.

The author is Kita Tarioma-sensei, who had “μ&i Myuandai” serialized in the same magazine until 2016.
The previous work was also full of sexy elements, but the harem and hero action “Super HxEros” has even more erotic elements.
It became a hot topic among male manga readers as a manga with a high level of exposure, and finally became an anime.

In 2019, to celebrate the second anniversary of the series and the release of the seventh volume of comics, that dokkyu battalion Exelos will hold an official character popularity poll in 2019.
There was a fierce battle to determine the top of the line among a total of 56 characters, and the final result was this.

・1st Official Popularity Voting Results for Super HxEross

No.1 7520 votes Kirara Hoshino.
No.2 6717votes Sora Tenkuji
No.3 3051votes Shou Yoituki
No.4 2724votes Moena Wakakusa
No.5 2617votes Maihime Shirayuki
No.6 2401votes Momoka Momozono
No.7 2329votes Shiko Murasame
No.8 1572votes Retto Enjyou
No.9 1164votes Torigoe
No.10 1027votes Jyou Anno

No.13 *625票 Childhood Kirara
No.14 *615票 Black Kirara

Kirara took first place with aplomb.
It was a close race since the second place Tenkuji Hiro (Exe Blue) is also quite a popular character, but considering the fact that Unmother of Childhood and Black Unmother, which will be discussed later, were also ranked in 13th and 14th places, respectively, and the votes were dispersed, Unmother can be called a complete victory.

It is not unusual for a harem romantic comedy with many heroines like this work to have a main heroine not be able to win first place.
In “To LOVE-ru”, Lara won the first place, but in “Niseko Koy”, Chisato came in second place after the first round of voting, and in “Bokutachi wa Gakudanga Dannai”, the main heroines were overwhelmed by Mafuyu.
While the main heroine has a lot of opportunities, she also has a strong reputation, and in recent years, with more and more people using a point deduction system to evaluate her, she may be at a disadvantage.

In spite of that, Unmou won the first place because she has some charm that can compensate for the fact that she does not have any flaws.
Let’s go down to the bottom of the list to find out more about its charms.

Boys are not good at steel virgins(Iron Maiden)

出典 : ©きただりょうま/集英社・ド級編隊エグゼロス製作委員会 ©きただりょうま/集英社 : TVアニメ「ド級編隊エグゼロス」公式サイト

In her childhood, Unmou was a little devilish personality, and she was a silly girl who did some pretty daring things, such as practicing and teaching Akito the art of lover’s connection, offering a competition to compete for the fastest heartbeat and making Akito touch her breasts, and making her breasts stick to her chest.

The reason for this seems to be the extraordinary amount of H-nergie inside her.
Specifically, the amount was several dozen times higher than that of an ordinary person, and it was at the level where Kisei Mushi who tried to inhale it would overheat and explode.
In short, Unmo was originally “a girl dozens of times more erotic than an ordinary girl”.

Faced with this fact, and also with the fact that Takeru was listening to the explanation with her, Unmou’s sense of shame exploded, and from then on, she decided to discipline herself.
She dislikes eroticism to excess and dislikes boys as well, and as a result, she has become known as the “Iron Maiden” by those around her.

Having locked herself up in her own mind and enforced erotic regulations, Unmother has become a high school girl like a public morals officer, not touching boys, or even anything they touch with her bare hands, and when she discovers a boy looking at an erotic book, she wears gloves and crushes them in her glove after cursing them to the utmost.

This fastidiousness is only lifted for the protagonist after Exelos, and as a result, she becomes a heroine who tickles men’s minds by saying that she usually hates men, but only the hero.
This is probably the greatest appeal of Unmother.



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