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【If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die】Spoilers, voice actors and more anime information! 2020 winter anime.

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The long-awaited anime adaptation of the popular manga “If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die” with a slight yuri flavor, which is based on the theme of the “female otaku”! Everyone will be in love with the pure love comedy of Eri, a female fan who devotes her single-minded love to her idol Maina! In this article, we’ll give you information on the anime, including voice acting, while spoiling the film.

What do you mean【If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die】?

The popular manga series “If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die”, currently being serialized in Monthly COMIC Ryu, will be adapted into a long-awaited 2020 winter anime!
The author is Auri Hirao and the book is already published in 6 volumes (as of November 2019).
It is a popular work that has been ranked 12th in the “Kono manga ga wow! 2017” otoko edition and 11th in the comics category of the 3rd “Next Manga Awards”.

While the majority of female idol fans are male, the main character of this work is 20-year-old Eri, aka “Eri-Pyo”, who is a “female otaku”.
By the way, the “female otaku” are women who are fans of female idols.
It’s a bit of a “yuri-taste” work, where a woman falls for a woman, but the side being pushed and the side being pushed is very subdued: …… It’s frustrating to watch!

This work, which depicts the daily lives and emotions of fans who support underground idols with all their might, and the struggles and efforts of seemingly glamorous idols, is so precious that it may change the existing image of “otaku” and “idol” for the better!
In this article, we will give you spoilers about the main characters and voice actors of the “Otaku x Underground Idol” anime, “If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die”.

【If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die】Anime info! Major Characters & Voice Actors Summary!

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The main character of the film, a 20-year-old woman. A woman who is a fan of female idols, the so-called ‘female otaku’.
She becomes an enthusiastic fan of Maina, an underground idol she saw at an outdoor concert, ‘ChamJam’.
Her enthusiasm is evident in the fact that she spends all of her income on fan activities. However, it seems that Eri herself is not aware of the fact that she is so enthusiastic about her idols that it is difficult for other Maina fans to follow her.
Eri’s current concern is Maina’s saltiness: …….
‘I’d die if Maina went to the Budokan! I seriously believe that.

CV.Fileuse Ai

Maina Love’s intense Eri is voiced by Fairouzu’s Lovei Fairouzu, a rookie voice actress who is steadily building her career.
How many kilos of dumbbells can you carry? is also fresh in our minds as Hibiki Sakura, the main character in “How much can you hold with dumbbells?
She is 26 years old, the son of an Egyptian father and a Japanese mother.
She is one of the most remarkable new female voice actors who is expected to appear in more and more works in the future.


He is in his mid-thirties and looks like the embodiment of an otaku (he is overweight and wears glasses).
He is the top otaku of Reo of “ChamJam” and is also a member of the event committee for their birthday celebrations. He has been a fan of Reo since she was in another group.
She has been an idol otaku for a long time and knows a lot about fan manners and rules, which she shares with new otaku.
He was also the reason why Eri became a “ChamJam” fan.
She quit her job and is now a freelancer because she wants to be free to do fan activities.

CV. Tomoki Maeno

The role of Kumasa, a role model for idol geeks, is played by Tomoaki Maeno, one of the most successful voice actors!
His representative works include the role of Atsushi Dogami in “Library War” and Abe Seisai in “Grumpy Mononoke An”.
It will be interesting to see what kind of an idol otaku he will become.


He is a new otaku who is a fan of Sorane from “ChamJam”. He’s close to Eriya Kumasa.
She’s a ‘rear-love’ type of fan who seriously dreams of dating and marrying her favorite girl.
Her younger sister Reina is a beautiful girl who looks like Koraine and is a Maina fan.

CV.Yoshitaka Yamaya

The role of Motoki, an innocent twenty-something who dreams of dating an idol, is played by Sachio Yamatani!
His representative works include the role of Yuki Hase in “One Week Friends” and the role of Yuki Kawasumi in “Shield Hero Rise”. and as Yuki Kawasumi of “Shield Hero’s Rise”.
He plays the role of a dreamy young male otaku with a sweet voice that retains the atmosphere of a boy.

Maina Itii

She is a member of underground idol group ‘ChamJam’, and her member color is salmon pink; she is 17 years old.
She is the “recommended” idol of the main character, Eri.
She has the smallest number of fans in the group, but the main reason for this is probably Eri. However, she is shy and shy for an idol, and she doesn’t want to come forward.
She sincerely wants to get to know Eri, but her shyness, nervousness, and conflicted feelings of being an idol and having to keep her reasoning in check have led her to take her with a grain of salt.

CV.Hina Tatibana

Shy and shy idol Mina Ichii is played by Hina Tachibana, who is making her debut as a main character in this film.
She is one of the new voice actors with a lovely, beautiful voice, and her future is very promising.
As she plays the role of an idol, her singing ability is also worthy of attention.

Members of the underground idol group “ChamJam”

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ChamJam is a 7-member underground idol group based in Okayama, Japan. They care for their members as much as their fans do.
Their dream is to perform at the Budokan!

Maina Itii
See above.

Reo Igarashi
The leader of “ChamJam,” her men’s color is pink. At 22 years old, she’s the oldest member of the group, and her “recommended” idol, Kumasa’s trademark is her twin-tailed hair.
She is Kumasa’s “favorite” idol, and her trademark is her twin-tailed figure.
She used to be in another idol group and has a long career, so she is one of the most popular and talented idols in the group. Furthermore, she values the other members and is trusted by them.
On their first live performance after forming the group, they said “We’re going to Budokan! He declared to the members.

Sorane Matuyama
Her member color is blue, and she is 18 years old.
She is Motoi’s “favored” idol, and she is a fan-focused idol who can notice Motoi’s presence. She is the most popular in the group, but during the voting process, rumors of her having a boyfriend made her move to the back row.

Maki Hakata
She is 19 years old and her men color is yellow.
She is sexy and has a nice E cup body. She has a mutual love for a member, Yume-ri, and they have a very close relationship.

Yumeri Mizumori
Her men color is purple, and she is 18 years old.
She is well known for her singing and dancing abilities, but her quiet nature keeps her from coming to the fore. He is a very close friend of his wife.

Yuka Teramoto
She is the youngest member at 16 years old. She is 16 years old, the youngest member of the group.
She is the most cheerful member and has a very poor memory, but she is good at dancing. She has a very poor memory, but she is good at dancing, and although she is a KY, she is popular as a natural.

Aya Yokota
Men’s color is green, 18 years old.
Because of her petite and juvenile appearance, she is a younger sister character and a Lolita frame. However, in spite of her appearance, she has a strong core and is a hardworking person who doesn’t spare no effort. One drawback of this character is that she is a bit pushy.



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