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【Voice actor】Announcing the top 10 characters played by Mikako Komatsu! From legitimate protagonists to male daughter characters, there’s plenty to choose from!

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Mikako Komatsu, who is well known not only for her acting as a female character but also for her acting as a male character, has announced the top 10 most popular and well-known characters she has played!
With her marriage to fellow actress Tomoaki Maeno announced, Mikako is in the midst of a very fulfilling period in both her personal and professional life, so which role is her masterpiece?

No.10:Maruyama Saki

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She is a member of the Oarai Girls’ Academy Usagi-san team in “Girls und Panzer”, which started in 2012.
She doesn’t appear very often and has very few lines, but she stands out strangely because she’s always in a daze and looking in the opposite direction.
In the last episode of the TV series, he muttered “shells …… to throw away ……”, which was his first line and caused a bit of an uproar among anime fans, saying “He finally spoke! It caused a bit of a commotion among anime fans.

Another “character played by Mr. Komatsu who left an impact despite being a supporting character” is Susamaru from “Onimei no Blade”.
His brutality and his fierce end left a strong impression on many viewers.


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A party character in the 2015 game “Tales of Zestiria”, she is a member of the merchant guild Sekirei no Hane.
Her true identity is the chieftain of the assassination organization “Bones of the Wind”.
She has a fast-paced and unflappable personality, and despite being an assassin, she is officially introduced as pure …….

He is a controversial character in many ways due to his treatment and dialogues in the work.
It is also famous for being the cause of the “N-ho~” copy and paste seen on the Internet.
In the anime version, the problematic points have been improved, and the character’s charm can finally be seen by the fans.

Mr. Komatsu often plays characters that are disliked quite a bit, and other characters such as Ito Ryono from “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live,” Neko from “K,” and Tsumugi Shiragin from “New Danganronpa V3” include the word “dislike” in their predicted words when searched.
However, these characters, including Roze, are not unilaterally disliked; they are also popular characters with quite a few fans.

No.8:Simidome Miuna

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A character in the 2013-2014 broadcast of Nagi no Asukara, she is a third grader in the first part of the series.
In Part 2, which picks up five years later, she becomes an important character in the main character’s position.
She has a mature personality for her age, and becomes an important character for the main character in Part 2, which is about five years later.

Ms. Komatsu, who often plays cool or boyish girls, does not have many opportunities to play a damsel in love, but she has played several characters who have a crush on the main character, such as Amifumi Inko in “Aldnoah Zero.


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One of the main characters in the 2017 broadcast of “Gem Country”.
He has the powerful and dangerous ability to “manipulate an inexhaustible supply of poisonous liquid from his own body.” Since his control of the poisonous liquid is incomplete, he doesn’t work with the other jewels, and instead works as a quiet patrolman at night when the moon people don’t appear.
She is resigned to the fact that she is treated as a fetus, and at first she treats the main character, Foss, with a harsh attitude, but inside she is the most gentle and beautiful jewel of all.

The jewels in this work have no gender, and most of them are neutral characters, and Sinsha is one of them.
The voice and acting of Ms. Komatsu, who is good at portraying boyish girls, is a perfect match for her, and many fans praised the anime for confirming Sinsha’s cuteness once again.

No.6:Kaguya Madoka /Cure Selene

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She is a Pretty Cure who will appear in the 2019-2020 broadcast of “Star Twinkle Pretty Cure”.
She is a 14-year-old junior high school girl, a cool and beautiful young lady who serves as the student council president of Kansei Junior High School.
At first glance, she appears to be a perfect superhuman, but in reality, she is the type of person who works hard behind the scenes to act the part of a “perfect young lady,” and she also has a worldly side, showing an interest in cute things and UMA.

Although Ms. Komatsu does not have an image of a young lady, she has actually played quite a few characters of noble status, such as Ulla, a princess in “Kamisama no inai sunday” and Sasha, one of the seven warrior princesses in “Ma-dan no o to Senki”.



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