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[The demon has entered! Iruma-kun] Strongest Character Ranking [Spoiler]

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I just entered the world of the Weekly Shonen Champion ‘Iruma-kun’.
Iruma-kun was also made into an anime in October 2019, and there are many very unique characters in the work.
In this article, we discussed who is the strongest among the students of the demon school Babirus in “Iruma-kun”.
Strength is determined not only by physical ability in battle, but also by the ability to influence and motivate others.
So who is the strongest among the Babils? See the rankings.
I’m coming in! There are many “powerful characters with unknown abilities” such as “The Demon King”, “The Three Masters”, “The Sixth Sensei”, and “The Teacher” in “Iruma-kun”, but they are not included in this game.

16位 “Kaim Kamuy”

Family Abilities: translation (Nakayoshi)
CV: Gakuto Kajiwara

Irima’s classmate.
He looks like a bird and can talk to animals, but he is a graceful, womanizing character.
He is a pervert and a brilliant gentleman, and is also known as the “Eromaestro”.
His family’s financial ability is translation, and he can communicate with all kinds of animals.
He can communicate with all kinds of animals, and has the ability to use various animals to his advantage, but in the game, he has become a subordinate of a female character who uses his abilities to her advantage.

15位 “Andro M. Jazz”

Family ability: stealing.
CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

Irima’s classmate. Also known as the “snake handler thief.
He is good at stealing and tricking people, and once stole Mr. Calgo’s notebook and misused it.
When he entered the school, he was transferred to the trouble class because of pickpocketing.
In spite of his bad looks, he has a personality that makes him hard to refuse when asked to do something.
He is not a good fighter, but he is good at interfering and tricking his opponents into believing he is the one to beat them.

14位 “Shax Reed”

Housekeeping ability: sensory robbery (controller)
CV: Yoshitaka Yamatani

Iruma’s classmate.
He is a gambler with a penchant for thrill-seeking and is a game player.
He has the ability to rob his opponents of their five senses, and by disrupting their sense of sight and hearing, he is able to play with giant monsters.
At a blind date, he has a tricky way of stealing his opponent’s taste buds and has been shot down.

13位 “Garp Goemon”

Housekeeping Ability: Wind Tathagata
CV: Genki Ookawa

Irima’s classmate.
He is a samurai character whose first person is “I am” and ends in “Gosu”.
He has a unique appearance like a straw man, but he has a kind heart and an ambition to make a hundred friends.
He has the ability to manipulate the wind blade, and his special move ‘Ikigoroshi’ is very powerful.

12位 “Agares Piquero”

Family Abilities: bedding
CV: Takuto Yoshinaga

Irima’s classmate.
She always wears her pajamas and carries a pillow in her arms. When he takes off his eye mask, he is actually a beautiful boy, a character that is very popular with girls.
She has the ability to manipulate all types of terrain as her own bed, and is accompanied by a cloud-like messenger named “Shishou”.
In battle, he can change the terrain to his advantage.
Although it does not have high fighting ability on its own, it is a type of character that shows its power by teaming up with other characters.

11位 “Ix Elisabetta”

Family Abilities: likeability full love gauge
CV: Kaede Hondo

Irima’s classmate.
She has the ability to turn every game to her advantage by maximizing her favorability toward herself.
She also uses this ability to win a gambling match against her teacher.
While it is very powerful in battle against male opponents, it has a few restrictions on its activation and declares that it will not be used against favored lords.

10位”Orobus Koko”

Family Ability: Trauma

He is a character with the characteristic of continuously coming in second place in everything.

Although she doesn’t appear in the story that often, her ability to create traumatic hallucinations for her targets is very powerful, and even Irima once almost lost due to the trauma of her parents.

9位 “Ronoway-Romier”

Family magic: attention (charisma)

Chairman of the Public Morals Division. Iruma’s senior classmate.
He is a narcissist who loves to be noticed, and is aiming for the position of student council president, a position that will draw the attention of all students.
His ability to steal the attention of everyone and everything is useful in battle, and when civilians are targeted by monsters, he has successfully deflected their attacks by drawing their attention to himself.
Although he is a handsome man, he is treated as a third character because of his disgustingly high tension.

8位 “Muddy brothers”

Family Ability: Reverse scale (Switch)

They were brothers who broke the law and stayed in the northern battlefield.
His brother’s name is Androafres Icilo and his brother is Androafres Nilo.
The two have always worked in tandem, and are known as the Brother of Movement and the Brother of Brains.
They have the ability to rile up any target and have schemed to anger Asmodeus within the “no student to student attacks” rule.



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