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【DS】20 Recommended RPGs

The Nintendo DS (DS) is a portable game console released by Nintendo and launched in Japan on December 2, 2004. Unlike conventional handheld game consoles, the DS has two screens, one on the top and one on the bottom, and allows touch pen input on the bottom screen, which was revolutionary and became very popular upon its release.

It has sold over 150 million units worldwide, and a total of 1,840 titles of various genres have been released in Japan. In this article, we will focus on the RPG genre, and introduce 20 of the most recommended masterpieces from the simulation, dungeon, and rogue genres.

Mario & Luigi RPG3

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This is the third game in the Mario & Luigi RPG series, in which you control two of Nintendo’s most popular characters, Mario and his brother Luigi, on their adventures.

In this game, Mario and Luigi are swallowed by Bowser and go on an adventure inside his body. In this game, Mario and Luigi are swallowed by Bowser and go on an adventure inside his body, but they can also move Bowser in the outside world, so they can enjoy the story from both sides, Mario’s side and Bowser’s side, linking the two worlds.

While it is a command RPG, attacks and defenses in battle proceed in real time, and the action elements are high. The battles are unique and require unique controls for each character.
Bowser is usually a villain, but he also has subordinates and family members, and this is a valuable game that shows a surprising side to him.

Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

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This title is a remake of “Pokémon Gold and Silver”. The game is a remake of “Pokémon Gold and Silver”, with new battle balance and scenarios, and a revised system that makes it easier to play.

The main objective of the game is to collect Pokémon and complete your Pokémon library while adventuring in the Johto region, and to defeat the leaders at gyms around the country to win the Pokémon League.

Not only can you get Pokémon, but you can also battle them. 256 Pokémon with various characteristics such as fire and water appear in the game. There are 256 Pokémon with various characteristics such as fire and water, and only 6 of them can be taken into battle. Of course, you can also play against other players, so there are plenty of challenging elements to consider, such as compatibility and the combination of techniques used by the Pokémon to create your own favorite formation.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team in the Sky

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The protagonist is an amnesiac former “ningen” who suddenly wakes up transformed into a Pokémon, and investigates the cause of his transformation and memory loss in cooperation with Pokémon.

This game is a complete change from the usual Pokémon games, and is a collaboration with the Mystery Dungeon series. Fushigi no Dungeon is one of the subclass of rogue series games where the structure of the dungeon and the arrangement of enemies and items change every time you enter.

Since the main audience for Pokémon is elementary school students and light users, there is no rogue-specific high difficulty specification where the level returns to 1 and you lose all the items you have acquired, there are few penalties, the level can be carried over, and some of the acquired items remain. In addition, each Pokémon’s ability can be raised, so even those who are not good at rogues can clear the game through hard work.

Rock man Exe Operate Shooting Star

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This title is a remake of the 2001 action RPG “Battle Network Mega Man Exe,” a derivative of Capcom’s popular Rock Man series that has been around since the NES era.

In this game, players build their own decks of cards with various attack methods and recovery effects to fight in a new kind of battle that combines a card game with an action game.

The story takes place in the near future, in the year 200X A.D., in Japan’s Den-san City “Akihara Town”, where the Internet is highly developed. A fifth-grade boy named “Koto”, together with his self-made pseudo-personality program Mega Man, solves mysterious cases using the Internet and gets involved in a battle against a global criminal organization.

The Seventh Dragon

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It is a 2D top-view RPG that specializes in combat, and despite the loose character design, it has a gritty battle and a profound storyline. The story is based on a western fantasy world, and depicts the battle between humans and a dragon army that suddenly invaded.

The story is based on a western fantasy world, and the battles are fought between human beings and an army of dragons. This is one of the completed forms of J. PRG.

Labyrinth of the World Tree III: Visitors of the Starry Sea

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This is the third title in the “World Tree Labyrinth” series of 3D dungeon RPGs. The main feature of this series is the use of the DS’s lower screen to create your own mapping of the dungeon.

You can choose up to 5 members from 12 different professions to attack the labyrinth. As the story progresses, you will be able to choose a second profession as a subclass. There is a high degree of freedom in character creation and development, and you can develop your favorite character through a process of thought and error.

The dungeons you can conquer are not only inside the dungeons of the previous titles, but you can also take a ship from the base city to explore the sea.

The world revolves around me

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As the title suggests, Angela is a selfish and wealthy young lady who can be as selfish as she wants.

In this game, there are special “selfish commands” that can be used by using WP (selfish points) to interfere with various events in the game. In battle, you can stop enemies with “You don’t move! to stop enemies from moving, and “I hate bimbos” to increase the amount of gold you can get.

If you don’t like the terrain, you can intervene in the world map and make a destination appear next to you.

This is an ambitious game that incorporates a lot of ideas that are different from existing RPGs.



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