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I’ve compiled a list of all the heroines of the Pokémon anime! Who is the most popular?

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There have been many heroines in the “Pocket Monsters” anime, and we’ve rounded up all of them!
From the first Pokémon’s heroine Kasumi to the latest heroine Koharu, we bring you all the different types of heroines in one fell swoop!


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She is probably the most famous Pokémon heroine.
She appeared from the first episode of Pocket Monsters (Heisei version) and was the first heroine from Hanada City to travel with Satoshi & Takeshi.
Her appearance is quite distinctive, with a navel-baring t-shirt, denim hot pants with suspenders, and a side tail.

She is somewhat emotionally unstable and short-tempered, probably due to her age of 10 years old.
He has a strong sense of self-respect and is quite active in Pokémon battles.
He has a deep love for Pokémon and is a pretty good Pokémon trainer, but he is still inexperienced.

His relationship with Satoshi is basically that of a good friend and a good rival.
They often argue and fight a lot, but their trust in each other has been strengthened through their travels.
He has never stated his romantic feelings for Satoshi, but he does show some jealousy at times.
He ends his journey with Satoshi there by becoming the gym leader of Hanada Gym.

She is voiced by Iizuka Mayumi.


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She is the second heroine from Touka City, who first appeared in the first episode of “Pocket Monsters: Advance Generation”.
She has semi-long brown hair with a red bandana and black spats.
When she appeared in “Diamond & Pearl”, she wore a green bandana.

She is a caring and good-natured character, and like a 10-year-old girl, she’s very open and honest, trusting people easily for better or worse, and gets into her stride when she is coaxed.
She is not as short-tempered as Kasumi, but they have a lot of emotional ups and downs in common, and she has a strong competitive streak.
While she has a voracious appetite and curiosity, there are also glimpses of her girlish side.
She also has quite a deep love for Pokémon, and although she was initially a novice trainer, she has grown into a pretty good one through a lot of experience.

He has a good relationship with Satoshi, and they have only had one fight, and are basically good friends.
He looks up to Satoshi, his senior trainer, and his trust in him seems to be unwavering.
There is no depiction of romantic feelings between them, they are just good partners.
Eventually, she ended her journey with Satoshi for the contest challenge.

The voice actor in charge of the series is Kaori Suzuki.


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She is the third heroine from Futaba Town, who has appeared since the first episode of Pocket Monsters: Diamond and Pearl.
She loves to dress up like a 10-year-old girl and shows off her various outfits such as a white knit hat, black sleeveless hat and pink miniskirt, as well as dresses and maid outfits.

While she is the heroine, she is also portrayed as the other main character, and her personality is similar to Satoshi’s, being cheerful, active, and a dweeb.
She has a lot of ups and downs in her emotions, and when she panics, she is distraught.
He is bossy and rough around the edges, but he is polite to his superiors and seems to have at least a modicum of common sense.
He always says, “Daijobu! And there are rare times when we are not very good at each other.

He and Satoshi are close to each other because they are similar in nature and they get along well.
They often cooperate with each other and their relationship is often described as equal.
Since they are not romantically inclined, there are no signs of any romantic feelings developing, and “buddy” is the most fitting term for their relationship.
He has finished his journey with Satoshi for a contest challenge.

Her voice actor is Toyoguchi Megumi.


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She is the fourth heroine from the village of dragon, who first appeared in the first episode of Pokémon Best Wishes.
She is a brown-skinned girl with an overwhelmingly large volume of hair tied at her waist on both sides.
Her age is in her teens, but she is petite compared to the past heroines.

However, she seems to have a tendency to be a big sister and treats Satoshi like a child, saying things like, “Satoshi is a child, isn’t she?
She is a wild child raised in the village of the dragon, surrounded by nature, and is an active girl with extraordinary physical abilities.
Her innocent nature and her desire to appear older are both present in her personality, and this is her greatest charm.
Her abilities and leadership skills as a Pokémon trainer are relatively high, and there are times when she gives precise advice to a new trainer.

She has a lot of respect for her trainer, Satoshi, and feels empathy for his attitude towards Pokémon.
At first, they had some differences in their relationship, but they gradually open up to each other and build a trusting relationship as rivals and friends.
It seems that she doesn’t know much about love, so much so that “talking about love makes me hungry”, and she doesn’t seem to have any romantic feelings for Satoshi.


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She is the fifth heroine from Asametown, who first appeared in the first episode of Pocket Monsters XY.
Initially, she wore a red hat, a black top, and a long haircut with a red skirt, but in episode 60, she cut her hair and changed it into a new look.
She changed her hair to a bob-short style and started wearing a hat, a broken hat, a dress and a long cardigan.

Although her personality is bright, she’s not very forward, and is a bit quiet.
She’s quite stylish, has a lot of girl power, can bake and sew.
Initially, she wanted to become a Pokémon trainer, but couldn’t find her goal, but after watching Elle’s Pokémon performance in Larguntown, she developed a crush on her and started to pursue her dream of becoming a Pokémon performer.

She is the first heroine to have a clear romantic interest in Satoshi.
Satoshi has helped her in the past, and her feelings for him have grown even stronger since they met again.
Although the insensitive Satoshi is unaware of her fondness for him, he trusts her as a person and as a companion, and they have a strong relationship that cares for each other.
The scene where she kisses Satoshi during their farewell in the last episode was the talk of the town.

She is voiced by Makiguchi Masayuki Makiguchi.



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