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【I told you that ability is based on averages! 】Is Mile (Adele) the draughtsman in the party?

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Fall 2019 Anime: “I told you I’m average in my abilities! Pick up the main character, Mile!
I’ve put together a summary of her characteristics, why I didn’t ask for a powerful bonus but an average, and her role in the party, despite being reincarnated from another world!

Mile (Adele von Askham (Misato Kurihara)) Character Overview

出典 : ©FUNA・亜方逸樹/アース・スター エンターテイメント/のうきん製作委員会 : TVアニメ「私、能力は平均値でって言ったよね!」公式サイト

‘I told you I’m an average ability! She is the main character of the film.

She was originally Japanese and was “a little bit more able than others”, but when she was 18 years old, she was hit by a runaway truck and killed while defending a girl.
She is reincarnated in another world and starts a new life as Adele von Askham ……, but there she gets into a dispute and escapes.
In another place, she took the name Mile and started a third life.

When he was Misato Kurihara, he had a long black hair (shaggy) appearance and was a “bloke” with no friends.
Immediately after her reincarnation, she was born as the eldest daughter of the Viscount Ascum family, and for the first 10 years or so, she grew up normally with no memories of her previous life.
After becoming Mile, she wore her long hair in a large ribbon and carried a sword relatively lightly.

In addition to the 18 years of her life as Misato Kurihara, she has had a very hard and rugged life as Adele, but she doesn’t seem very mature and her personality is cheerful and friendly.
She tries not to show her powers as much as possible for a reason, but when her underdeveloped body is pointed out to her, she gets so angry that she loses her temper and flies into a rage and knocks him off his feet, which is rather childish.

In his former world, his parents were the first generation of otaku, so he was educated as a gifted otaku, and he has grown into a great otaku.
His knowledge is everywhere in the other world, but there is no way he can understand it and it is spinning out of control.

Twelve years after arriving in the other world, he met a sorceress named Raina, aka Raina, a swordsman named Mavis who was born into a family of knights, and a merchant’s daughter named Pauline who had big tits, and they roomed together at a hunter training school.
From then on, he spent his days as a mediocre C-rank hunter with the girls.

She is voiced by Azumi Waki, aka Waki Azumi.

That’s why I said abilities are averages

出典 : ©FUNA・亜方逸樹/アース・スター エンターテイメント/のうきん製作委員会 : TVアニメ「私、能力は平均値でって言ったよね!」公式サイト

The title of this film, “I told you I’m an average ability! is exactly what Mile wanted when she was reincarnated.

When she was Kurihara Kairi before her reincarnation, she seemed to float around a lot from her surroundings.
This is due to the fact that she was better than the others, and that she was a severe otaku.
Fortunately, her family seemed to be close, but there was always a desire within her to live a very normal life, spending time with her friends.

So when she was told by her creator after her death that she would be able to reincarnate and be reborn as a new person, the thought that passed through her mind was that it was good to be normal.
So, Mile begged, “Please be average in your abilities,” she begged.

But her wish was not fulfilled.
This wasn’t because the Creator was mean to her.
It was a difference in the interpretation of “average.

Mile wished for “the ability to be mediocre among humans on that world.
That’s natural.
We want to live a life that doesn’t have any outstanding abilities and doesn’t float around in life with the same humans, and we want to be happy …….

But to the Creator, humans and other species are all on the same level.
Therefore, he added gods and ancient dragon species that have much more powerful magic power than humans in the other world to the data.

Even so, the races with extremely high magic power are extremely few in the entire other world, so it wouldn’t have been a problem if it was the median or most frequent value.

While the average is ‘the total of all data divided by the number of numbers’, the median is ‘the number in the middle of all data’, and the mode is ‘the number that appears most frequently in the data’.
For example, if there are seven numbers, “10”, “12”, “12”, “12”, “14”, “15”, “17”, and “47520”, the median value is “14”, the fourth largest of the seven numbers, and the mode value is “12”, the only one that appears twice in the data.

However, for the mean, the number is (10 + 12 + 12 + 14 + 15 + 17 + 47520) / 7 = “6800”.
In other words, the average value doesn’t exclude the outlier “47520”, which is much higher than the other values by a long shot.

This logic makes Mile a substandard human with a magical power about 6,800 times higher than the average human value.



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