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[Eromanga teacher] What is the real name of Senju Muramasa? Why is the bandage on the right handed through in anime? Close to the attractiveness and mystery of the popular writer! # Erotic manga teacher

出展 : ©2016 伏見つかさ/KADOKAWA アスキー・メディアワークス/EMP : エロマンガ先生 | アニメ公式サイト

One of the main characters of “Eromanga Teacher”, I summarized the best selling light novelist Muramasa Senju !
You will find her basic information and charm, and the secret of the bandage wrapped around the finger of the right hand that was not told in the first phase of the anime!

Muramasa Senju Character Outline

出展 :

One of the sub-heroines appearing in “Eromanga Teacher”, a light novelist who attends a girls’ school “private flower garden.”
Black hair with an opus black hair, talking in an old-fashioned tone and wearing a kimono as everyday wear.
While 14 years of age, the growth of the body is quite good.

He lives a long time ago, does not have a mobile phone, and writes in manuscript style not on a personal computer but on manuscript paper.
I live in Chiba Prefecture, not Tokyo, which is the main stage of this work.

Muramasa Senju is a pseudonym and her real name is Hana Umeno.
When I am in contact with Masamune as a Ranobe writer, it is a ghastly character, but otherwise it is a pattern of an ordinary junior high school student.
The parent-child relationship is also good.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Saori Oonishi.

Aesthetics of ball breaking

出展 : ©2016 伏見つかさ/KADOKAWA アスキー・メディアワークス/EMP : エロマンガ先生 | アニメ公式サイト

Muramasa began to write novels when he read a Web novel written by the protagonist Izumi Masamune during his amateur days and became an avid fan of his battle novel.
Because of this, the style is very similar to that of Masamune, and because Muramasa has been sold explosively, readers will be said to be “Masamune’s upper compatible”.
The area of specialty is the battle that Masamune was also good at, and it seems that I have never felt that it was interesting about love rice.

It is in front of the publisher that she was to meet with Masamune for the first time.
He visited his editorial team with the same Ranobe author Yamada Elf and came across a direct talk to show the new work to the world.

Muramasa, who was urged to accompany him by Elf teacher, is to move to the place of editor in charge of Masamune with them.
Therefore, because Masamune has announced participation in the “Ranobe Tenkaiichi Fighting Club” in order to obtain the right to publish the new love comeme, Muramasa, who wants him to write the battle thing instead of the love comedy, decides to disturb.
They also express their participation and reveal their stance on confronting Masamune.

Although there is a bad feeling from the Masamune day-to-day relating to the above-mentioned “upper compatible,” he holds hostility, but … For Muramasa, Masamune is an important writer who makes himself satisfied only.
There was no way I really wanted to be hostile, and the provocative attitude was also an act with all my heart wanting him to write a battle fiction, in order to bring up the Masamune.

After that he visits the home of Masamune, expresses his feelings, deepens mutual understanding through Ranobe World Martial Arts Tournament, and reconciles safely.
Muramasa, who was attracted not only to his work but also to himself, confessed to him, but he was crushed because he had a love for his sister-in-law,Sagiri Izumi.

.With the episode depicted in this original volume 2 (6-7 anime episodes), the role of Muramasa’s sub-heroine is usually ended.
In love come confession is one goal, and it can be said that the role as a love come true heroine played as long as it reached there.
It is in the state of so-called “advance”

However, Muramasa does not leave here, but rather exerts his true sense from here.
Despite being clearly hula, I accompany him in the summer coverage & writing camp organized by Elf teacher under the condition that “I will be sitting next to Masamune on a go-and-go ride”.
Among other participating members looking at it, “I love Masamune-kun!” Such as proclaiming the daytime doctrine, appeals to Masamune in the state of Derre Dere from beginning to end.

After that, she rushed to Izumi’s house and treated her to a runaway feeling, and in the original volume 10 she wrote a naughty novel based on Masamune and myself … and so on.
Ponkotsu attribute is also unveiled to the full and its charm is fully demonstrated.

It may be pros and cons about Muramasa’s behavior that continues to seek Masamune so as not to give up even if it is fragrant.
Some readers and viewers may think, “I hope I’ll stop doing it again.”

However, this bad feeling of resignation is the characteristic of the heroine named Muramasa, and is also the feature of “Eromanga Teacher”.

The so-called Harlem love comedy is a royal road where a hero with indecision, insensitivity, deafness and deceptive demeanor is equally at home with each heroine, but Masamune, who is the hero of “Eromanga Teacher” Although it is insensitive, it is a single line.
It is not an interesting place of this work that is attractively drawing the sub-heroines who approach it positively to Masamune while it understands so.

Muramasa is a heroine whose features are particularly prominent in the foreground, and her work can not be described without her existence.
There is no one heroine who is twice frustrated with one work, and because of the extravagance hero Muramasa, Masamune’s unrelentingness, the elegance of Elf teacher’s exquisiteness is becoming clearer.



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