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【Detective Conan: The Shipwreck in the Sky】The Phantom Thief Kid and Ran’s romance! A rare viral case! [Spoiler]

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As of May 2019, 23 films in the long-running Detective Conan film series have been made into movies.
The fourteenth film in the series is The Lost Ship in the Sky.
The main attraction is that the Phantom Thief Kid, who appears in the movie version as a main character once every few films, plays a leading role in this one as well.
The main feature of “The Lost Ship in the Sky” is the romance between the Phantom Thief Kid and Ran Mouri. and the fact that it’s “a rare virus in ‘Detective Conan'”.
I will explain the highlights of “Shipwreck in the Sky”, including the synopsis.

Highlight 1: A virus murder, a rarity in Detective Conan?

The beginning of Shipwreck in the Sky opens with “Is this really a Conan movie? It starts in an unexpected setting. It’s the National Microbiology Laboratory in Tokyo. A staff member of the institute opens the door to the laboratory, which requires authentication, at gunpoint by terrorists who hide their faces. The laboratory is then blown up, and the terrorists who attacked the institute post a statement on the internet saying that they have obtained a deadly bacteria with an 80% lethality rate and will take action within 7 days. It is.

For a moment, I thought to myself, “Is this really a Conan movie? The reason why I am suspicious of “Detective Conan” is because it has never dealt with terrorist or virus stuff.
Also, since “Detective Conan” is aimed at children, it tends to have many incidents of “people stabbing people” and “poisoning people with a grudge”, which are easy to understand.
Therefore, it can be said that this work is a very rare subject among the “Detective Conan” works that have been running for more than 20 years.

Highlight 2: Pretty early on, the Kid’s disguise is revealed to Ran! Ran mistakenly believes the identity of the Phantom Thief Kid is Shinichi!

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While the terrorists are foreshadowed, the stage shifts to the airship.
This is an airship built by Jirokichi Suzuki, who has been eyeing the Phantom Thief Kid as an enemy, and it carries Lady Sky, the jewel that Kid is aiming at as a challenge to the Phantom Thief Kid. The Phantom Thief Kid has already sent a notice to Jirokichi Suzuki saying that he will give it to him after the airship enters Osaka, and the usual suspects such as Conan, Ran Mouri, Kogoro Mouri, Sonoko Suzuki, the Boy Detectives and Dr. Agasa are on their way to Osaka in the airship together.
At first, the flight was calm and uneventful, but Ran happened to see through the disguise of the Phantom Thief Kid. Then Ran hunted down the Phantom Thief Kid, but the face of the Phantom Thief Kid is the main character and Ran’s childhood friend, Kudo Shinichi!
Ran mistakenly believes that the Phantom Thief Kid’s identity is Shinichi Kudo, and they part ways without being able to report it to Captain Nakamori, who approaches her. However, the Kaito Kid and Kudo Shinichi’s faces are so similar to each other that there was no need for a disguise to begin with, so it’s the real Kaito Kid that Ran mistakenly believes is Shinichi. Ran remains misunderstood until the very end of the movie! This leads to a discrepancy between the viewer and Ran’s perceptions, which is a very interesting element of contrast.
The mood of the viewer is as if they are watching a comedian-Anjash’s comedy, “Ran, you don’t have to look so sad! And there are often times when I have to laugh.

Highlight 3: Killer bacteria spread on airships! Kid catches Conan as he’s thrown overboard!

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At the beginning of the story Kid says “I’ll give you the jewels when I get into Osaka”, so the beginning of the story was a very calm airship trip. Suddenly, however, that peaceful atmosphere changes drastically. Jirokichi Suzuki’s cell phone rang from the terrorists who attacked the airship’s laboratory at the time of the attack, and when he answered it, he received a disturbing message that they had released a murderous bacteria into the airship’s smoking room. The terrorist was a terrorist who had attacked the airship. The attackers were the same terrorists who had attacked the airship.
The airship’s peaceful atmosphere took a turn for the worse when someone actually became infected. Meanwhile, terrorists with weapons enter the airship from a helicopter, and almost all the passengers are overwhelmed and unable to move and are occupied.
However, the Shonen Detective Agency and Conan, who were out exploring the ship, are safe. They learn from Aya Haihara’s detective badge that the ship has been occupied and that a number of bombs have been placed on it, and they go to disarm the bombs.

However, despite being able to disarm all the bombs, the Detective Boys and Conan are caught by the terrorists. Conan confronts the leader of the terrorists, but the alarmed terrorists, to their surprise, throw Conan overboard without hesitation!
The airship screams as Conan falls from several thousand meters, but the Phantom Thief Kid breaks free of his disguise and gets out!
They grab Conan safely in midair and fly with ease in a hang glider.
However, he is unable to return to the airship, which is far up in the sky, and crash-lands on Sakushima Island in Aichi Prefecture, against the wind.
It is a scene that will make your hands sweat when he throws a child out of the airship. This is a performance made possible by the fact that the Phantom Thief Kid is the only one in “Detective Conan” who can fly.

Highlight 4: Kid with a strong comical side is rare! A heartwarming fight between Kid and Conan

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Conan and Kid form a joint front on Sakushima Island in Aichi Prefecture, where they crash-landed. Since they are a detective and a thief, they are enemies in nature, but when they team up to get back to the airship, it was a shocking scene that broke down the “pursuers and pursued” structure of the film. Then Conan spots a Metropolitan Police helicopter in the sky and asks the Kid to disguise himself as Shinichi Kudo in order to get back to the airship.
Even if it’s to get back to the airship, he didn’t expect the detective to ask the thief to disguise himself!
The Kid agrees to this suggestion and the two of them take a ride in the Metropolitan Police Department’s helicopter and successfully jump back to the airship in a hang glider.
The way Kid is portrayed in this sequence is quite comical. In the past movie version, he was portrayed as a pretty cool character, so the comical Kid is refreshing.
After this film, the movie version will show the Kid and Conan fighting together and the comical Kid, so it is a milestone work for the relationship between Kid and Conan to change.



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