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Grimgal of Ashes and Illusion: An in-depth look at the possibility of a second season! How popular is it now?

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We’ve put together a summary of the possibility of a second season of the 2016 anime based on the lantern novel, Ashes and Illusions of Grimgal, being produced!
We’ve done a thorough review of the show, based on its rating at the time of its airing, the current status and popularity of the original story, and the past second season lines of the rano anime!

Realistic portrayal and tension made it popular

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Ashes and Illusions of Grimgal is a light novel work published by Overlap Bunko since June 2013.
The genre is an inter-world transition/transfiguration fantasy, but it is not a work of the novelist-to-be.

The author is Ao Jumonji-sensei.
He became famous for his debut “Rose Maria series”, and after that the “Black Striker” series was well received, and he made his first anime for Grimgal.
The illustrations were done by Shirai Eiri-sensei.

Although there was no experience in adapting it into an anime at the time, his descriptive skills were acknowledged, and the new work by Jumonji-sensei had already gained a certain level of fame among romance fans, so Grimgar was attracting a lot of attention from the beginning of its release.
On the other hand, Jumonji-sensei, who is known as a fast writer, was releasing new works one after another at the time, so fans may have recognized it as one of the many new works.

However, Grimgal stood head and shoulders above the others in terms of popularity and name recognition, and continued to attract new fans.
At the time, SAO, which was based on a VR MMORPG, was an explosive hit, and Hataraku Majo-sama! and ‘I hear the troublemakers are coming from another world? This work, set in a different world like a video game, must have been easy to get into, especially among the younger generation, because works that dealt with other worlds, such as
Many readers who picked up this work because they liked otherworldly fantasy and video games were surprised and shocked by the realistic feeling of life, the careful psychological description, and the severe world in which even the main characters die, and they became immersed in it.

Grimgal was steadily gaining praise, ranking fourth in the 2014 Ranobe-Loving Bookseller’s Award, and in 2015, Grimgal began a media mix.
It began to be comicalized in Monthly Gan Gan Gan JOKER, and in October, a TV anime adaptation was announced.
After that, the social game “Ashes and Gensokyo no Grimgal -New Order-” was distributed (the service is currently closed), and it quickly spread and became one of the most popular works.

The first season of the anime has completed the first two volumes of the original work.
It seems that the anime was made up to volume 2 as a result of focusing on the careful portrayal of the original work rather than rushing through it.

Is it in the shadow of Bless this wonderful world and Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World?

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Sales of the first volume of the anime Ashes and Illusions of Grimgal on Blu-ray and DVD were strong, with about 6,000 copies sold.
However, after the second volume, it only sold 3000-4000 copies, with an average of 4000 copies sold.

4,000 copies is not a bad number, in fact, it’s more of a good fight.
In fact, it’s one of the top 5 numbers in the winter of 2016 when the Grimgal anime aired, which is a good result.
However, it fell one step short of the 5,000 copies that are believed to be in the works for the second season.

One more thing happened to Grimgal that could be considered as bad luck.
Bless This Wonderful World! was a huge hit.
Even though the style is opposite of comedy and serious, Grimgal was somewhat overshadowed by Kono-Suba, a fantasy series based on the same light novel, which dominated the conversation.

More bad luck followed, and the inter-world transfer fantasy “Re:Zero to Hajime no Isekai Seikatsu” became a big hit in the next cool.
Whether it was “Re:Zero” or “Resero”, the content itself was not similar to “Grimgal”, but the genre of “Re:Zero” may have been overshadowed by the hit series, but Grimgal’s success did not receive much attention from anime fans, and the series did not rank high in the rankings that summarized 2016.

Also, with the success of these novelist-narrowing inter-world transfer/transfiguration fantasies, the light novel market experienced a tremendous boom in popularity, and the presence of other light novels waned.
Not only in the anime, but also in the original works, Grimgal may have been the victim of this “Suva-Rizero” trend.



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