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【An animation is in the works!】Summary of highlights from the unique radio comedy “The Wave, Listen to Me”

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The latest work by Hiroaki Samura, known for “The Resident of the Infinite”, “The Wave, Listen to Me” will be made into an anime! In this article, we’ll take a look at what “The Wave, Listen to Me” is all about, its appeal and the cast of the anime.

Hiroaki Samura’s slapstick “radio” comedy
“Listen to me, waves”?

The original story of “The Wave, Listen to Me” is a youth manga serialized in the monthly magazine “Afternoon”. The main character is Minare Koda, who works in a soup curry shop in Hokkaido. This is a story about an unconventional man who becomes a radio personality in a strange way.

It takes place at a radio station

The main setting of this story is the Moiwa Mountain Radio Station (MRS) in Minare’s hometown. It is rare for a radio station to be the setting of a story, but thanks to Ms. Samura’s careful research, you can enjoy a “behind-the-scenes look at radio” that we don’t usually get to see.

The highlight of the show is the sharp-edged talk by an old woman

The charm of “The Wave, Listen to Me” is the “unpredictable development”, “fast paced story”, and above all, the main character, Minare’s frank and unapologetic talk. In the original manga, the amount of dialogue and lighthearted talk explodes. The voice actor for the anime version of “The Wave, Listen to Me” is Riho Sugiyama, who is from Hokkaido, just like Minare. You can expect to hear the kind of geared-up talk that only an anime version with an actual voice can deliver!

Synopsis of The Wave, Listen to Me

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Minare Koda is in a relationship with a useless guy ‘Mitsuo’ who has run away with her money. While drinking heavily at a bar, she was complaining about the director of a radio station, ‘Asafuji Kanetsugu’, whom she met by chance.
Then the next morning, she hears her own voice on the radio at work. As a matter of fact, Aafuji, who showed interest in Minare’s ability to talk, had secretly recorded the conversation. Minare gets impatient with Mitsuo’s complaint that keeps playing on the radio and runs out of his office and goes to the radio station.
When asked to stop the broadcast, Asafuji replied, “If you want to stop the broadcast, give me a break so that it doesn’t become an accident. It was his first time in front of the microphone, but just as he expected, he was able to connect with the audience with his ad-libbing skills that you wouldn’t expect from an amateur.
Asato noticed her talent and persuaded her to become a “radio personality” and she was soon in charge of a 20 minute late night show.



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