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[Dead by Daylight] A killer that pulls survivors into a nightmare! Fredy Summary # Dead by Daylight # DeadbyDaylight

出展 : 公式PlayStation™Store 日本 | PlayStationゲーム、PS4、PS3、PSVitaのゲーム

The killer Freddy added in the October 26, 2017 update “A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET”. There are killers with various abilities in the game, but among them, they have the ability to show off a distinctive color. This time, we have compiled information on such features and recommendations in the original neta game, recommended park and add-ons, survivors’ side about such Fredy.

Original story is horror movie

出展 : 公式PlayStation™Store 日本 | PlayStationゲーム、PS4、PS3、PSVitaのゲーム

Freddie is not afraid of leather hats with red and green border patterns just looking at the clothes. However, when looking at other parts, the skin was burnt to a vicious face, with a nail on the right hand and a fresh appearance. Although the form is the same as human beings, it has a feature that is suitable for being called a monster.
Freddie’s first appearance is a horror movie called Nightmare on Elm Street. The fact is that he is originally human and his real name is Fred Kruger. It was a murderer who had killed more than 20 children even when he was human.
As a result of psychiatric examination of what was arrested, he is innocent and released. After that, to be burned and killed by the bereaved who is not convinced by the judgment.
Although once dead, the brutal and evil souls are revived as homicides by the three demons. A person who sleeps appears in a dream, and in the dream he gets the ability to be immortal. A human being killed in a dream dies in the real world.
There is no one to kill with a blow, and the target is deliberately cut down, and the brutality, such as killing after being beaten up, is better than when human being.
Due to its character nature, it is highly popular among murderers of horror films, and the appearing works are in series. He also struggled with the famous Jason in “Friday the 13th”.

Feature in the game

出展 : 公式PlayStation™Store 日本 | PlayStationゲーム、PS4、PS3、PSVitaのゲーム

The features of Freddie appearing in the game are just like movies. Equipped with two main gloves: claw gloves and sub: dream demon.
Normal conditions are completely transparent, so it is impossible for survivors to find them, but at the same time it is impossible for Freddie to attack them or hang them on hooks.
This is not a game, as you can not do anything with each other. Therefore, it is a dream daemon equipped as a sub that exerts an effect.
When used, survivors will remain stagnant for 7 seconds and then drag the survivors into a dreamy state. It is an even more maneuverable killer that can be attacked by survivors becoming dreamy.

Unique park

In Dead by Daylight, survivors and killers have their own special abilities called parks, and Freddie has the following three parks as parks.

Fire up

Carrying the survivor, lowering the survivor, destroying the board, crossing the window frame, the speed of the four movements increases.

Remember Me

The gate open time is increased by 5 seconds each time you attack an obsession survivor.

Blood keeper

Close the exit gate for a fixed period of time so that you can find out the location of the survivors around the exit gate. The effect is powerful, but can only be used once per game.

Recommended park

The number of parks that can be equipped increases depending on the level of the character, and up to four can be equipped. The recommended parks that are compatible with Freddie’s ability and have strong effects are as follows.

Magic: Ruin

Set one of the five totems on the map to the curse totem. As long as there is a curse totem on the map, survivors are less efficient at repairing the generator. Let’s make it a sluggish while taking time to repair the generator.

Death phobia

As long as there are injured survivors, all survivors’ generator repairs, hook disassembly, and treatment speed are reduced. As the speed to repair the generator decreases, the point is to earn as much time as possible and not open the exit gate.

Remember Me

As introduced above, attacking specific survivors extends the time to the escape gate by 5 seconds. As it is the point that the effect is triggered multiple times instead of once, please attack as much as possible and prevent the opening of the exit gate.

Magic: No one can escape from death

As in “Magic: Doom”, one of the five totems on the map is changed to a curse totem. As long as there is a curse totem, the killer’s attack speed and movement speed increase. If you attack in this state, it is possible to go to death in one blow. It is a park that you want to use as a means of recovery when the escape gate is opened.

Light that goes out

Make one survivor out of session. If that survivor dies, it slows down the work of all the remaining survivors. It has a great effect when it is killed, but the survivors have the disadvantage of increasing the speed of cooperation work as long as they live, so I would like to avoid using the wrong place.



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