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【Mayfly Project】Ayano Tateyama is not a goddess? Here’s a roundup of the girl’s true face as portrayed by each media outlet!

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The “Mayfly Project” draws a different route for each media. Among them is the character Ayano Tateyama, whose various aspects are portrayed in different ways. On the one hand, she’s a goddess-like figure, and on the other hand, she’s terribly human and emotional!

What is Ayano Tateyama?

Ayano is the only daughter of Kenjiro and Ayaka Tateyama, and after they took in Kido, Set, and Kano, she became their sister. While she had a childlike quality to her, such as being happy to be called “big sister”, she was also well liked and adored by everyone for her receptiveness and kindness.
Ayano herself cares about her family and friends, and has a kind heart that wants everyone to be happy, but is also strong enough to fight powerful enemies and fears for their sake.

The first leader of the Mekakushi group

The ‘Mechakushi Gang’, a group of owners of unique red eyes, was created by Ayano for his younger siblings, who were hated and had a complex about them due to their red eyes and mysterious abilities.
It is a game of a secret organization that hides its red eyes to prevent its true identity from being exposed, but when the need arises, it uses the power of its “eyes” to fight against evil. At the time, Ayano didn’t have the ability of the Eye, but he was leading the Mechakushi Clan as the leader of the Clan No. 0. The hooded hoodies common to Kido, Set and Kano were originally made by Ayano and Ayaka to hide their eyes.

Ayano’s ability to “cast an eye”

Ayano’s ability to “cast her eyes” is her ability to communicate her thoughts to others. It was born out of Medusa Thistle’s desire to convey this affection to her daughter, Theon, as soon as possible.
In addition to conveying her own feelings and thoughts, she can also transmit her own memories.

Ayano’s songs about her feelings for her family and friends
The Ayano Theory of Happiness

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The first song posted by Ayano was “Ayano’s Theory of Happiness”. The melody of the song is a gentle ballad, and the lyrics depict Ayano’s feelings as an ‘older sister’ and are heart-wrenching.

It can be said that the song describes ‘Ayano’s thoughts until she commits suicide for her family and seniors’.

“Adjunct Memory.

On the other hand, “Adjunct Memory” captures “the moment when Ayano took his feet off the roof,” a song that draws you in with its violent, convolutional tone and piercing lyrics.

Before jumping off the roof, Ayano had the will to protect her family and seniors, but in the last moments after she jumped off the roof, she cries out her fury and regret for her lover, which shows the life-sized human stench of Ayano, who had been a goddess until then, and a certain grotesqueness.
The melodies of songs such as “Ayano’s Theory of Happiness” and “Lost Time Memory” are interwoven into the song, which is also heart-warming.



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