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Trenta personaggi femminili sexy! Abbiamo compilato una lista di donne con un grande stile e un’atmosfera adulta

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We’ve picked out 30 of the sexiest female characters in anime!
Who is the most stylish anime character?
This is a collection of 30 of the sexiest female characters in anime, based on their height, three sizes, personality, and atmosphere.

Suzumiya Haruhi

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The main heroine of “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”.
She is the leader of the SOS group, who is self-righteous, unruly, and reckless, is emotionally unstable, hates boredom, and is selfish.
I’m not interested in mere humans. I’m not interested in mere humans. If there are any aliens, futurists, otherworlders, or psychics in this group, come to me. That’s all! This line is so famous.

She is only 158cm tall, and while she has a great figure, her breasts are larger than Mikuru Asahina, who is also a member of the SOS group, so she is not considered a sexy character.
However, she is regularly talked about as a character with a sexy body, probably because she wears a bunny-girl outfit in her works and shows off her bold figure in copyright illustrations.

Her voice actress is Aya Hirano.


Mifune Miyu

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An idol from the first “Starry Christmas” event in “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”.
She is a 26 year old adult woman with a melancholy side that is popular, but she also has a pure side.
In the anime, she appeared in the last episode.

She is relatively tall (165cm) and has a good figure, and since she is an adult idol, the cloth area of her costume is small, so although she is not as sexy as the others, she is one of the sexiest idols in IMAS.

Her voice actress is Sayaka Harada.



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One of the Seven Deadly Sins.
One of the Seven Deadly Sins, Diane is also known as the Serpent Sin.
She is a girl of the giant race, but Merlin’s potion has enabled her to become smaller and smaller to human size.

Although she is a boxy girl, her three sizes are B91, W58, and H90, and her style is outstanding.
However, she has a baby face and is not overly revealing, so she is not as sexy as she could be.

Her voice actress is Aoi Yuuki.


Kawakami Mai

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The main heroine of “The Phantom World of Limitless Color”.
She is a second-year student at Hosea Academy, one year older than the main character, Haruhiko Ichijyo.
She is one year older than the protagonist, Haruhiko Ichijo, and has the ability to eliminate ghosts and monsters called “Phantoms” and is the leader of Team E, the brain function error task force.

In addition to the basic specs of being 168cm tall and having overwhelmingly large breasts, she has a sexy crying mole and a mole near the base of her left thigh.
However, her personality is quite crass, so she has a healthy sex appeal.

Her voice actress is Sumire Uesaka.


Kiyawazaki Sena

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One of the main heroines of “Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends”.
She is the only daughter of the chancellor of St. Chronica Academy, and is a beautiful woman who has no friends due to her high-handed personality, despite her good looks, excellent grades, athletic ability, and excellent style.
She is a pitiful girl who is so starved for friends that she secretly rejoices when Mikazuki Yozora gives her the nickname “Meat”.

She has a good amount of flesh and is often depicted in daring ways in copyright illustrations, making her the sexy one of Haganai.
However, because of her cute appearance and narcissistic personality, she does not have the sex appeal of an adult.

Her voice actress is Kanae Ito.


Elsa Scarlett

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A main character in FAIRY TAIL.
A member of the guild “Fairy Tail,” she is an S-class mage known as the Fairy Queen (Titania).
She is a stern and serious woman with a knight-like personality, but she also has a natural blunt side.

She wears armor all the time, so you can’t usually see her figure, but she has a great style.
Because of the style of FAIRY TAIL, there are many sexy pictures of her, and she has secretly purchased a highly revealing armor called “Temptation Armor”, so she has the makings of a sexy character.

Her voice actress is Sayaka Ohara.


Kanzaki Kaori

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One of the heroines of A Certain Magical Index.
She is a female sorceress who belongs to the Church of Necessary Evil (Necessarius) in the Zero Cathedral District of the Puritan Church of England, and is also one of the saints.
She is a martial artist who uses a Japanese sword called “Shichiten Shichito” as her weapon of choice, and although she is a serious and polite person, she seems to be scary when she gets angry.

She is one of the strongest characters in the series, but she doesn’t get many appearances, and she is more in charge of sexuality than fighting.
In the Toaru series, the female characters often get into terrible situations, but in her case, she takes on the role of a sexy character that has nothing to do with the main story.

Her voice actress is Shizuka Ito.


Sanjo no Haruhime

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A Lunar girl who appears in “Is It Wrong to Seek a Dungeon?”
Although she was hired as a prostitute, she remains a raw girl because she faints when she sees a naked man.
After being rescued by the protagonist, Bel, she adores him and works as a supporter and sorceress at Hestia Familia.

In addition to her title as a former prostitute, she is a naturally sexy character who wears very revealing clothes.
Her character is pure-hearted and mild-mannered, so she is far from being sexy, but the atmosphere she creates is quite beautiful.

Her voice actress is Haruka Chisuga.


Hino Hitomi

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Herd! “Flock! Seaton Academy”.
She is the only human female in Seaton Academy, and she belongs to the same cooking club as the human protagonist, Jin.
Her character is kind, serious, and reserved, and she is a cooperative and caring girl with impeccable character.

At first glance, she seems innocent and far from sexy, but because she has a tendency to get caught up in things, she often shows her naughty side and has been given the nickname “estrus-chan.
She is a naturally sexy character.

Her voice actress is Yume Miyamoto.


Asaka Karin

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One of the main school idols in “Love Live! One of the main school idols in “Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doujinsha”.
She is a member of the Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club, and is the first idol in the series to have a mature and sexy appearance.

With a height of 167cm and three sizes of B88, W57, and H89, she has a unique figure among school idols, and she likes to wear bold outfits.
She is stoic, but at the same time, she is a mature girl who enjoys her idol activities.
However, inside she is rather clumsy.

She is voiced by Miyu Kubota.




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