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【My Hero Academia】5 Reasons Why All Might Death Theories Are Being Spread and the Possibility of Not Dying

As the No. 1 hero in the play, All Might is very active in the play, but fans wondered if he was going to die. It is expected to be a great success.We have compiled the following information to verify the predictions of the fans.

・Five reasons for the death rumors
・About the situation to die
・Two grounds to avoid death

If you’re curious about the future of Hiroka and the future of All Might, please take a look at it.

Five reasons to expect the All Might death theory

Do fans think Almighty will die? I expect that for the following five reasons The development of the play and the author’s interviews suggest that he will die.

Being a hero is reaching its limits

Although All Might fights in his muscular “Muscle Form”, he usually lives in his skeletal “True Form”, which is a skinny, skeletal form that he is unable to maintain after being fatally wounded in battle with his enemies. This is because he was fatally wounded in a battle with an enemy and was unable to maintain his muscle form.
Initially, the muscle form was limited to three hours of activity per day, but as the story progresses, its activity limit is reduced. Wouldn’t he die as a result of reaching his limit as a hero? It is considered to be

No power left because you have used up your personality

Having handed over his “One for All” personality to Izuku Midoriya, All Might has a very small amount of personality left in his body. He has saved many lives with his few remaining personalities, but he finally reaches his limit in a fierce battle with his enemies.
After the battle, he bids farewell to his personality and says, “You’re next! He pointed to Izuku Midoriya and entrusted him with the future. It is no wonder that the lack of individuality can lead to the development of a one-sided attack and death by the enemy.

The result of Sir Night Eye’s prediction of the future

One of the heroes, “Sir Night-Eye”, has the ability to predict the future. The future of All Might, predicted by Sir Night-Eye, is “to die a horrible death”. It is assured that he will meet a pretty terrible end.
If it’s a prediction of the future, isn’t it possible to miss it? It may seem like a good idea, but the outcome of the future prediction has never been changed. It is believed that a horrible death awaits All Might, as predicted in the future.

Ready to die

When Izuku Midoriya said, “I’ll be fine as long as All Might is here,” All Might’s thought was, “I can’t be around you anymore. It’s not that he might not be able to stay, but because he declares that he can’t stay, it’s possible that he realizes that he doesn’t have long to live.
Since he is prepared to die, it is not surprising that his death would come.

The future of All Might is discussed in an author interview

The author, Kohei Horikoshi, also has a certain amount of ideas about All Might’s future. In the official fan book, he said, “The future of All Might will be quite sad. Although it is a difficult future to accept, he said, “I will draw it well because it is the theme of the work”.
Since the author himself says it is a sad one, it is hard to believe that the future of All Might will have a happy ending, and it is also possible that he will die protecting someone else.



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