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[Zombie land saga] Seven reasons why Ai Mizuno feels like an idol of Heisei # Zombie land saga

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」

“Mobiland Land Saga” A member of Franschshut, I have compiled about Mizuno Ai, formerly the center of the top idol group!
We thoroughly examine her characteristics and attractiveness, and the elements that make you feel like “Heisei’s idol”!

Mizuno Ai Character Outline

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

One of the main characters of “zombie land saga”, zombie No. 3 of the idol group “Franchsh”.
Birth day of March 7, 1992, sunset on August 4, 2008.
Height 160 cm, weight 42 kg, three sizes 81 (B) / 56/80.

The hairstyle is short, with multiple yellow flower-shaped haircuts scattered, and the number will increase significantly when live.
The usual clothes are blazer-type uniforms, and when I go to bed I wear blue striped pajamas.

A idol unit “Iron frill” proud of the national popularity before birth is a top idol of Heisei who played an active part as an immobile center.
While we had an outdoor live at the Tosu Stadium in Saga, we were struck by the end of our shocking life of being struck by a lightning strike and burned and dying.

Her death has become a legend, and Iron Frill continues to hold the top group position as an “idle group that has overcome sadness.”
On the other hand, love will become a zombie and will act as a member of the zombie idol group “Franchsh” formed by Kotaro Tatsumi.

It is a tempting personality, a type that makes things clear.
It is so strong that it is counterattacked without any reaction to anecdotal remarks by the brute force of a bribery, and it is counterattacked without being fooled by a violent tsukkomi.
However, there was a fearful side, and it showed a very sensitive reaction to lightning, which is the cause of death, and the flash of the camera that recalls it. (Overcome with Episode 7 “But Zombie Mental SAGA”)

The experience of having been active as an idol before life, I have grasped the severity and difficulties of the idol, and at first it was sloppy against the franzi franchisch, a group of zombies, but the idol There is a persuasion from the source Sakura (Minamoto Sakura) who is motivated by the activity, and I change my mind to become a top idol again, and I take tough lessons every day.

Basically the position of common sense person in Franschshu.
There were many opportunities to share actions with former Showa Idol’s Junko Konno who was skeptical as well as self-made group, and in the 6 episodes “Why Sentimental SAGA”, I was violently confronted by the difference between Showa and Heisei’s view of the idol Although it was settled later.

Risa Taneda is the voice actor in charge of anime.

Holding as a group center

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

The big difference between Heisei Idol and Showa Idol lies in their organization.

The Showa era idol is basically a small group, with at most three.
Especially in the first half of the 1980s, solo idols flourished and idols who were active alone accounted for the overwhelming majority.

On the other hand, the idol of Heisei mainly has a large number of groups.
The iron frills to which love belonged were also a five-piece organization.

In addition, how to see the center position is also slightly different in Showa and Heisei.

The concept of the center existed in the Showa era.
The role of centering in the center as a face of the group and the existence itself directly linked to the popularity of the group is the same.
However, in the Showa era, the center was “the most popular position”, while the center in Heisei became a “chairman who bundles a large number of people” and became a presence that attracted attention both inside and outside the country.

Ai is the person who served as the center of the highest idol group in Japan.
From fans, non-fans, and members of the group, you should be staring at the same time with envy.
Her winning character may have been created to resist such an environment.

Pull everyone with effort

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

In Heisei and Showa, the ways of capturing efforts are also quite different.

Just as the weekly Shonen Jump once put “friendship, effort, and victory” in the three principles, in the Showa era, it was established among ordinary people as something worthwhile and worthwhile.
It can be praised if you make an effort, it will be evaluated if you show the figure you are making an effort … It was such a time.

Therefore, it has become a kind of advertisement to show the figure to strive, but it is a general case to the end.
In the case of the top idol, it is considered taboo because it leads to being identified with ordinary people, and it has been considered as virtue not to show anyone who makes an effort.

On the other hand, in Heisei, there will be a reaction of praise of the Showa era, and people who are not good at the word of effort will turn around and increase in number.
It is no longer an era when it is natural to make efforts, for example, the cynical wording “to be able to make efforts is also one of the talents” was born.
Therefore, it changed from the times when it was made taboo to show effort, and the image of a leader who pulled members by effort was established.

Naturally, love, the top idol of Heisei, also has no idea of concealing his efforts.
In Franschsch, the height of professionalism and idol severity was shown by showing other members the appearance of taking a lesson that the neck is so severe.

Sense of responsibility as an idol experienced person

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

With the spread of the Internet and smartphones, there are many people whose use of video sharing services such as YouTube and video sharing applications such as TikTok have become part of their lives.
Under these circumstances, it is the dance and the choreography that become the best weapon for the idol.

People watch their dancing through television and online videos, and videos of fans and ordinary people who imitate them are transmitted and spread around the world.
That’s how idol’s ideal break in modern times.
Therefore, how important it is to be close to the fans is regarded as important, and love has strongly appealed that to Junko.

However, it is after 2010 that such a modern idol image was established in the real world in the late 2000s that love played an active role as an idol.
If the times in the work and the times in the real world are in line, it is possible that “life” was not the best weapon yet, even when she was alive.
Even in the film, he says, “I think the situation is quite different from when I was alive,” and that possibility is not low.

If so, love may not have been at first too much confused by the current idol circumstances.
It was exposed that it was the third time that I did research using a personal computer of 巽 in episode 6, but in the first two times it was obvious that I was examining the idol of the present for myself only at this point You probably understood and understood the current situation.

At first I was skeptical about Franschsch’s activities, but after I decided to do it, I will pull everyone as an idol-experienced person — The strength of sense of responsibility of such love is transmitted.



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