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【After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong】 Are Hikiya Komachi and her brother Yawata similar? Thorough examination

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From the third season of Oregail, which will be broadcast in the summer of 2020, “After all, my youth romantic comedy is wrong”, we are featuring Yawata’s younger sister,Komachi Hikiya! From “Kan”, Yawata’s younger sister Komachi Hikiya is featured in this episode!
She has a reputation among anime fans as the ideal little sister character, but we’re going to thoroughly examine whether she really has the same DNA as her twisted brother!

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Komachi Hikiya Character Overview

出典 :

She is a female character in “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected” She is the younger sister of the main character, Hachiman Hikigaya, and was a junior high school student when she first appeared in the first volume of the original light novel.
She was in junior high school when she first appeared, but in the 12th volume of the original light novel, she successfully passed Soubu High School, where her brother also attends, and is now a high school student.
She is a beautiful young girl with short black hair, long hair and double teeth.

She started appearing in the first volume of the original story.
She is very sociable and has the mental fortitude to be able to hold a conversation even with older people she has never met before.

She is an older brother and self-proclaimed “big brother”, and can be said to be Yawata’s most understanding presence.
He is always ready to discuss anything and everything with her, and is always considerate of others.
Her own comments about being a good sister are met with “high points from a Komachi perspective! Then when Yawata replies “It’s a high point from Yawata’s point of view” with a siscon-ish comment, they exchange a bitter comeback.

She is doted on by her brother, but her father dotes on her more than that, and it seems that he has made it clear that he will kill any man who comes near her, even her brother.

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Similarities with my brother 1: Atmosphere

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Komachi and Yawata are brother and sister, but when it comes to appearance, they don’t look much alike, except for the commonality of their stupid hair.
Yahata has basically rotten eyes, and his smile is usually awkward, and for better or worse, he has a look of mastery on his face.
Komachi, on the other hand, always has shining eyes and smiles with a sincere smile.

Yahata himself seems to recognize that he doesn’t look like her from his statement, “I’m just glad Komachi doesn’t look like me.
He says that he himself looks like his father and Komachi looks like his mother.

However, he seems to be aware of the fact that they look alike when they are distracted or when they look uncomfortable.
Saki Kawasaki’s younger sister, Keika, who is in preschool, judges them to be “Niino”.

In fact, this is quite significant.
This is because young children tend to judge other people’s faces based on their personalities and expressions rather than on their facial features.
Because their cognitive functions have not yet developed, they may find more in common with atmosphere and facial features than with visual rationality.

From all of this, it can be concluded that Komachi and Yawata are similar in personality and mood.
She seems to be childlike, but at moments she is a little more mature, and Yawata himself feels that they are similar in that respect.

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Commonality with my brother 2: He cares too much about his surroundings

出典 :

At first glance, the Hikiya siblings are the complete opposite of each other on the inside.
On the other hand, Komachi is a bundle of positive thinking, while Yawata, who has an unconventional interpretation of the world, has a negative mindset by default and is constantly muttering sarcasm in his heart.
However, she’s not very smart, so she’s a bit cerebral, in contrast to Yawata, who is cautious and has a tendency to trivialize things.

Despite their differences, they have several things in common when it comes to their inner lives.
The most obvious one is that both of them care too much about their surroundings.

Yahata swears in his heart without hesitation to others.
And it’s not uncommon for him to actually say offensive words… but most of the time, he does so when he feels that someone has wronged him or trampled on his dignity, and when he decides that doing so is the best way to keep the situation in check.
He often uses the technique of indulging himself in collecting hate and temporarily settling the trouble.

Not only in this case, but Yawata always pays attention to the intentions of those around him and reads the other side of his actions.
It can be said that he cares too much about his surroundings, or, in the words of Yukinoshita Haruno, he is “frightened of malice”.

On the other hand, Komachi is also quite concerned mainly about her family.
During her high school exams, she tried to push down her anxiety and nervousness and acted calmly, trying not to worry her brother and parents.
She tries her best to help her parents with their busy schedules, refining her housekeeping skills and venting her troublesome older brother, and her caring has reached the level of an angel.

The one thing they have in common is that they are all schemers.
You could call him a black-hearted person.
He’s a caring person, but he doesn’t show it, which is also very similar.



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